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ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Review: A Better MEATER?

10-Seconds on the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike

A solidly performing wireless meat thermometer with all the basics to work well.

When it comes to smoking meat, cooking it to the right internal temperature makes ALL the difference between a fall apart, moist piece of meat and a tough, burnt brisket.

And, on of the biggest names in meat thermometers, ThermoPro, has introduced its latest innovation – the Twin TempSpike.

This dual-probe thermometer set is completely wire-free, connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and is a possible alternative to the more expensive MEATER Block.

In this comprehensive ThermoPro TempSpike review, we share our experience using this thermometer for grilling and smoking. We’ll address some of the most commonly asked questions giving you true insights into its performance, functionality, and overall usability.

But, most importantly, we’ll help you decide if the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike is the right meat thermometer to add to your kit, and give you some alternatives if it’s not.

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The Quick Version of Our ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Review

To monitor the internal temperature of our meat, we think that completely wireless is the way to go. It’s just so much easier and cleaner to handle.

And, before the release of this model, there was really nothing that rivalled the market’s original wireless multi-probed thermometer, MEATER Block.

MEATER Block and ThermoPro Twin TempSpike

And, using the Twin TempSpike, we’re pleased to say that this thermometer is really pretty good.

At a significantly cheaper and usually on sale price, the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike does give you accurate temperature readings.

The 500 foot Bluetooth range is strong and reliable. It’s easy to connect to and we haven’t had any issues with the connection dropping out.

The battery life is more than good enough to do really long smokes without running out of juice. And, unlike the MEATER Block, it’s actually rechargeable so you never have to buy batteries or scramble to find some when they flash low during a cook.

The area that’s definitely not as good as the more expensive MEATER Block is it’s app.

ThermoPro have a separate app for the TempSpike single and twin models. And, while it works and is fairly easy to use, there aren’t many preset meat types, a graph of your cook progress isn’t instantly available, and the estimated remaining cook times are pretty unreliable.

Screenshot of the ThermoPro Twin TempSpoike app smoking pulled pork

If you know what you’re doing or are happy to Google what temperature it’s best to cook that pulled pork to, you can definitely work with the app. It’s not horrendous. But, you’re not getting a reliable, fool-proof guide to smoking your meat.

Overall though, we do like the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike and do think that it’s a viable alternative to the MEATER Block. So, if you’re looking for something cheaper or that’s rechargeable, go for it.

You don’t have the unlimited range of WiFi connectivity. But, if you’re after an accurate temperature measurement with a connection that doesn’t drop out and a device that won’t keep costing you in batteries to run, the ThermoPro TempSpike is a solidly performing product that we do recommend.

About ThermoPro

ThermoPro has been around since 2014, and has quickly grown into a leading brand in digital meat thermometers.

Focusing on offering people top-quality products at remarkably competitive prices without compromising functionality or quality, ThermoPro has an incredibly extensive range of products that are uber popular.

From the cheapest instant read thermometers to lightening fast 1 second readers, wired probes, and this, a completely wire-free option, ThermoPro have an affordable option for every situation.

But, great products aren’t born by themselves.

ThermoPro is constantly looking at customer feedback to incorporate your experiences and wishes for improvement into their next product. Their customer service is great and has helped to make ThermoPro a trusted choice for anyone looking for precision and choice in temperature measurement.

Overview of the Twin TempSpike

The ThermoPro Twin TempSpike is one of the latest and most advanced products in ThermoPro’s lineup of digital meat thermometers.

Created in response to customer requests for a two-probed version of ThermoPro’s single TempSpike thermometer, the Twin features two color coded meat probes so that you can monitor two different cuts of meat at a time.

There’s no more having to unreliably smoke that brisket to time or sight. You won’t have to cut your steak in half to see if it’s cooked just right. And, that barbecue lid can stay closed because you can see exactly what’s going on without even having to walk outside.

The continuous and wireless temperature monitoring the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike gives you takes the guesswork out of cooking just about anything so you’ll never over or under do it again.

It’s more information in your hands so you can be a better chef and pitmaster. And, no, it isn’t cheating!

Features of the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Meat Thermometer

The 5.2 Bluetooth connection gives you a generous 500 foot range for reliable connectivity.

If you don’t want to use your phone, you can check on your meat with the standalone booster with backlit display.

There’s no wires to feed through probe ports, untangle or clean.

Each probe gives two readings – The internal meat temperature and the external ambient temperature.

View the temperature of your barbecue and your meat on your smartphone within the 500 foot wireless range. Check the estimated remaining cook time. And, set an alarm to warn you when it’s almost done.

The stainless steel probes with ceramic handles are waterproof and safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Simply plug the booster in to charge with the included USB cable. There’s also a low battery indicator and a 5 minute auto-off to minimize unnecessary charging.

How Do the Twin TempSpike Thermometers Work?

With two sensors in each probe, one Twin TempSpike thermometer gives you the ambient temperature reading (the temperature inside your grill or smoker), and an internal meat temperature which tells you how cooked your meat is.

The 5.2 wireless Bluetooth means you can connect your smartphone or other device to your thermometer via the TempSpike app.

On the app you can see each probe’s real-time temperature reading, set temperature targets based on what type of meat you’re cooking and how well-done you’d like it, set alerts to warn you before the meat’s almost done or if your grill gets too hot or cold, and see approximately how long you’ve got left until that piece of meat is cooked to perfection.

But, if you don’t like using apps, the booster dock also works as a standalone display unit as well.

Maximum Temperature Tolerance

Because there’s two sensors in the TempSpike thermometers, there are two max temperatures to be aware of before you buy.

Firstly, the hottest ambient barbecue temperature it can handle is 572°F (300°C). So, while that’s perfect for low and slow smoking, baking, roasting, braising, etc, it’s not hot enough to handle grilling over high heat, especially with an open flame.

So, if you want to use the TempSpike for grilling, you can either use it like an instant read thermometer or reverse sear your meat.

It only takes 3 seconds to get a reading on a TempSpike probe. So, if you think your steak is done, it is practical to just pop the probe in there to check. But, if you do want that continuous monitoring, sear your steak with the probe out first, then finish it off at a lower temperature with your probe in.

Grilling a steak on with the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike probes

The other max temperature is the internal meat temperature, topping at 212°F (100°C).

For most meats, like steak, chicken, or salmon, this is well beyond their desired doneness temperatures. Even a brisket maxes out at 205°F so you’re comfortably within limits.

If you do accidentally go over either of these maximum temperatures, the TempSpike’s alarm will continuously sound warning you before any damage is done.

It’s loud and you shouldn’t miss it.

Pros and Cons of the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike



Specs for the Twin TempSpike

Product type: Wireless meat thermometer

Brand: ThermoPro

Model: Twin TempSpike

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Power source: Rechargeable battery

Minimum temp: 14°F 

Maximum internal temp: 212°F 

Maximum ambient temp: 572°F 

Comparison With Similar ThermoPro Models

Under the same product name, ThermoPro also sell the TempSpike and the TempSpike Plus.

Both of these models are single probed versions of the Twin TempSpike and most of the function. Our experience discussed in this ThermoPro Twin TempSpike review is the same for these other variations of this product.

The table below highlights any differences.

Our Experience Using the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike

In this section we discuss what the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike is like to use.

Before writing this review, we trialled the Twin TempSpike in a range of different types of barbecues and in a regular kitchen oven to check it’s versatility. It has been tested for smoking at low and slow temperatures, roasting, baking, grilling over indirect heat, and for reverse searing to respect the maximum ambient temperature of the probes.

To test for accuracy, we measured the TempSpike against other industry-leading wireless meat thermometers and standard, wired probes.

Unboxing and Setting Up the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike

The ThermoPro Twin TempSpike comes nicely packaged and is great for gifting as is if you’re buying it for someone else.

Inside you’ll find the TempSpike’s booster block with the probes inserted and lid on the case.

There’s also some short instructions, a cleaning brush and the charging cable.

Unboxing the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike

To get the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike going, take the plastic warning tags off the probes, pop them back in and use the included charging cable to charge both the booster and the probes.

The thermometer will be ready to use in a few hours. I left it charging overnight.

If you want to use the ThermoPro with your smartphone, after it’s charged, download the TempSpike app.

Just be aware that there’s two different ThermoPro apps and the regular ThermoPro BBQ app does not work with the fully wireless TempSpike single or twin thermometers. It’s the TempSpike app that you need.

Once you’ve got the app installed, follow the prompts to pair it to the app.

Then, you’re ready to get cooking, inserting your probes and following the prompts to set up your cook.

Quality of the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike

After using the MEATER and other more expensive meat thermometers, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike but I was pleasantly surprised.

The probes themselves are great quality. They look and feel like they’ll have no problems with durability, they clean up very well, and the minimum probe depth marking is the clearest we’ve come across yet.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike probes

Compared to other fully wire-free probes on the market, the TempSpikes are a little thicker and longer.

The cereamic tips are the most different size-wise but I quite like that they’re that little bit more chunky to hold onto when pushing into the meat and pulling them out.

Our biggest pet peeve about the TempSpike in general is the white ceramic tip on one of the probes.

It’s nice that you’ve got an easy visual to see which probe is in what and it matches up with the app. But, anything white in a smoker will discolor. And, the white TempSpike’s handle does look not so flash hot after a few hours in there.

That smoke discoloration does come off with a little bit of a scrub. But, it does look a bit cruddy mid-smoke.

Dirty white ThermoPro TempSpike probe mid-cook

The booster charging dock is decent quality too.

It is plastic but decently strong. The probes insert nicely, the magnetic backing is strong enough to stick to the barbecue well, and, the clear case cover is a nice extra touch that just helps to keep the probes and the rest of the booster clean while it’s stored away.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike in the charging booster


After regular use for many months, we have not had a single connectivity issue with the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike meat thermometer.

The probes connect first time every time, we haven’t had the signal drop out on us and it’s been a problem free thermometer to use in terms of connectivity.

Probe Accuracy and Speed

If a meat thermometer isn’t giving a somewhat accurate reading, it’s useless.

So, we tested the accuracy of the TempSpike to see if it lives up to ThermoPro’s 1.8°F claim.

To do this we set up the ThermoPro TempSpike probes in the same piece of meat, close to but not touching another meat thermometer we know to gives a reliable reading.

We tested it in a variety of different types of meats, at a range of temperatures from low and slow up to about 550°F, just shy of the probes maximum temperature tolerance.

Testing the accuracy of the ThermoPro TempSpike vs other wireless meat thermometers

And, we were impressed with the high level of accuracy the Twin TempSpike probes give.

Throughout every cook that we did, the TempSpike’s internal meat reading sat at no more than 4°F different from the control meat thermometer that we were using.

Temperature readings of TempSpike vs MEATER thermometer

And, while it’s a little bit higher than ThermoPro’s stated accuracy, 4°F is, in our opinion, not significant enough to make or break your cook.

This small of a variation could easily be where the meat probe was placed. And, the majority of the time, like the example in the pictures above, there was no variation at all.

As for measuring the ambient temperature of the barbecue, we did find more variance with the ThermoPro TempSpike probes versus other wireless meat thermometers and the grill’s own built-in thermometer.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike tested against the MEATER probe

Because of airflow and hot spots, there is naturally more variance in the ambient temperature across a barbecue, some more than others. But, in our tests, the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike probes were up to 25°F out from our control probes.

The difference is significant and if you like total precision, this might be a deal-breaker for you.

In the screenshots below, the TempSpike probe was in the same piece of meat as is shown on the MEATER.

You can see that the internal temperature is almost the same but the ambient temperature is 21°F out from each other. The pellet grill these were smoked on was reading 221°F.

Because of airflow and hot spots, there is naturally more variance in the ambient temperature across a barbecue, some more than others. But, in our tests, the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike probes were up to 25°F out from our control probes.

The variance doesn’t really bother me personally. I don’t rely on any single temperature measurement across my grill anyway because it will naturally vary. To me, I’m cooking to the internal temperature so that’s what I want to measure first and foremost.

If I’m smoking on a pellet smoker, I’ll rely on the control panel to regulate to the temperature I’ve set it to. It’s the same for an electric smoker or any other set and forget model.

As for more manual smokers like a kamado or charcoal grill, they’re more hands on so you’re out there seeing the temperature on the dome as well. I feel like the ThermoPro’s ambient temperature gives you a useful bit of extra feedback on where hot or cooler spots in your grill are. But, it’s not a make or break it flaw to me.

The TempSpike App

The TempSpike app isn’t bad. But, it is basic.

It’s not as ‘pretty’ and easy to read as some other apps, and there’s more info on a single screen so it can get a little confusing as to what is where.

Adding a new device is easy. You simply follow the prompts on the screen.

Then you can see a simple summary of your devices with the internal, target and ambient temperatures. All is good.

Screenshot of the TempSpike app showing all devices connected

But, when it comes to setting up a cook, there aren’t many preset temperature targets.

You can set up a custom target and call it whatever you want. But, you do need to know what you’re doing.

A simple Google of what temperature do I smoke a brisket to will do the job. And, from there, the app will store your labelled temperature target in there so you can simply select it next time.

Setting a temperature target meat profile on the TempSpike app

Once you’ve selected a meat profile for your tempertaure target you’ll then see a screen like this.

Screenshot of TempSpike app showing current temperature of brisket smoking

There’s no graph showing the internal and ambient temperatures tracking along your cook. But, you do have a progress bar, the temperature readings, estimated time remaining and alarm controls right there.

If you do want to see how your cook is tracking on a graph, you can do it, you just need to hit the record button to store the information first. Then you’ll get something like this stored in your history.

Screenshot of TempSpike app showing cook history graph for steak

We would like it if the graph was automatically displayed all the time. But, because you have to go to the hassle of having to hit record and go back and look at the cook after, we don’t normally bother to use this feature.

It is useful to save the history to look back and see what worked or didn’t if you don’t mind hitting the record button though.

Unlike the more intuitive MEATER thermometer’s app, the TempSpike doesn’t automatically calculator your resting time either.

You can get it to warn you 5, 10, or 15°F before your meat hits it’s set, internal target temperature. But, look in the general settings to do this. It’s not an option that comes up on the probe display itself.

ThermoPro TempSpike app settings screen showing the temp pre-alarm

I use the 5°F pre-warning alarm to tell me it’s time to take the meat off of the barbecue as it’s temperature usually rises that little bit more while it’s resting.


Theoretically the ThermoPro Twin TempSpikes 5.2 Bluetooth technology will give you a connection anywhere within a 500 feet (152 meter) line of sight.

My barbecues are set up in a big, open space so I’m able to test exactly how far the connection reaches. I can take my phone about 482 feet away from the booster dock before I get a disconnection error. Take it back in range and the TempSpike connects again quickly which I feel like is adequate for a meat thermometer with this claim.

But, with any Bluetooth technology, just be aware that you won’t get the same, long range if the connection has to go through walls and furniture.

I haven’t had any issues getting a connection from inside of my house but it’s within a much smaller range.

If you did have a really large house where your barbecue is a long way away from where you’re spending your time, you might run out of range. Unfortunately there’s no option to connect to the internet with WiFi or extend the range with a separate device.

So, while the 500 feet range will be more than fine for most people, just be aware that there is that limit.

You also do need to keep the booster dock close to your barbecue.

Twin TempSpike booster dock sitting on smoker front table

So, if you’re using the Twin TempSpike in standalone mode you can’t just walk around with the booster. You’ll have to keep it close to the ‘cue and check on it by walking out there.


What can you actually use the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike meat thermometer for?

Pretty much any sort of cooking you’d do in your kitchen or outside. It’s perfect for smoking meats, baking, roasting, barbecuing, and using on a rotisserie (there’s no wires to get tangled up).

You can use it on your grill, smoker, oven, or stovetop but there’s also nothing stopping you from popping it in the air fryer as long as you stick below the maximum ambient temperature of 572°F.

Baking Salmon in the oven with the ThermoPro TempSpike

Keeping the maximum temperatures in mind, the only thing you’ve got to be a bit careful with when using the TempSpike is grilling, especially if it’s over an open flame.

Safe for use in a barbecue up to 572°F, you can grill over indirect heat on your pellet smoker up to this temperature. And, if you’ve got a kamado or charcoal grill like the Masterbuilt Gravity Series that you can set up with indirect heat, it’s fine to use to.

But, the TempSpike probes can get damaged if you were to grill over an open flame which will get hotter than the safe maximum limit.

So, it’s pretty much good for anything except open flame grilling and deep frying. It will warn you very loudly if you go over a safe ambient temperature though!

Can I sear with a MEATER probe?

The maximum safe ambient temperature of 572°F/300°C​ means that the ThermoPro TempSpike isn’t suitable for high-heat or open-flame searing.

Going over this safe allowance can damage the probe so it’s out as a care-free grilling thermometer.

But, you can reverse sear to get the same high-heat results without risking your probes.

Tomahawk Steak on the Pit Boss K22

If you’re not familiar with the idea of reverse searing, it’s simply using a lower heat to cook your meat close to your target internal tempearture. Then, you can take the probe out, turn up the heat and sear the outside for a couple of minutes to get that nicely grilled surface.

Reverse searing my favorite way to grill almost anything but it’s particularly good for a thick cut of steak that’s hard to get cooked perfectly, even if you do like it rare.

Check out our reverse searing guide for more on how to follow this easy and guaranteed technique.

Exceeding the maximum suggested temperature would risk damaging or breaking the probe.

Instead, try reverse searing where you use the probe to cook your meat first at a lower temperature. Then, once an ideal internal temperature has been reached, take the probe out and sear the outside for a minute or two to get that nicely grilled crust.


One of the best things about the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike is that it’s rechargeable. And, it comes with the USB-C cable as well.

There’s two things that need to have power for the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike to work – the booster dock and the probes.

To charge the booster dock, you simply plug the USB-C cable in and it’ll charge. And, the probes charge from the booster any time they’re in their dock. It’s really simple.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike with charging cable

And, unlike the MEATER thermometers, you don’t have the additional cost of buying batteries. As long as you charge the thing, you should never run out of juice mid-cook either.

As for how long the battery lasts, we haven’t had a probe die on us yet, even when using if for 12+ hour smokes.

ThermoPro say you should get at least 36 hours out of one fully-charged meat probe. And, the dock should give you 3 months of once a week use before you need to plug it in again.

I’m not sure if the 3 months of use is based on a short grill, long smoke or mix of the two. But, after a couple of long smokes, our battery indicator has lost a bar or two.

I don’t think we’d make it to the 12 stated uses when smoking. But, we tend to charge it every one or two uses just so we don’t have any dead battery issues anyway.

There’s a battery indicator for each individual probe and for the the booster itself on the display.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike booster with backlit display showing battery level indicators

One annoying thing about the TempSpike is that any time a probe is out, you can’t turn the booster off.

Makes sense when you’ve got it out to use it. But, it’s a bit wasteful in terms of battery life when you’ve got the probe in the dishwasher overnight.

Still not a huge deal because you’re not wasting single use batteries. But, it’s worth mentioning so you know before you’re searching for an off button after your smoke is done.

Other Issues With ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Thermometers

Probes Disconnecting When Wraping in Aluminum

With any fully wireless meat thermometer including the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike, just be aware that wrapping your meat in aluminum foil will interfere with the signal sent from the probe to the booster dock, causing connectivity issues.

So, if you like to wrap with foil, leave your probe sticking out or insert it through the foil once you’re done wrapping.

Pork shoulder wrapped in aluminum foil with TempSpike probe sticking out

Alternatively, if you wrap your meat in pink butchers paper you can leave your probe fully inside the wrap.

Because paper isn’t metal it won’t interfere with the signal and lets you keep all of those juices in. That’s what we do for everything bar pork shoulder which we do prefer to use aluminum foil on.

Minimum Probe Depth

Another thing that’s good to be aware of before buying the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike or any other fully wireless meat thermometer is that there’s a minimum probe depth.

It’s marked on each probe with a line. But, when you insert the probe into the meat, you need to make sure it’s at least up to and covering this line.

Warning sticker showing minimum probe depth on ThermoPro TempSpike probes

This makes sure that the more sensitive internal part of the thermometer that can’t handle such high heat is protected and shouldn’t get damaged from the higher ambient heat from your barbecue.

When you’re smoking or roasting large cuts of meat like a brisket, pork shoulder, or lamb leg, it’s no issue at all.

But, if you’re inserting it into a steak, fillet of fish, or something else that’s smaller, you do need to be careful about which way to go.

Inserting TempSpike probe into a steak showing the minimum probe depth mark

I do like that the TempSpike probes have a thicker and more obvious probe depth marking than the competition. It makes it easier to check that you’ve inserted it properly to prevent damage.

Number of Probes

For a lot of people, the two probes that the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike comes with isn’t going to be enough to monitor all that they’re cooking in one go.

But, you can actually pair up to three Twin TempSpike boosters to the app for a total of six usable probes.

This makes the TempSpike more comparable to the large MEATER Block. And, two TempSpikes for a total of four probes is a similar price at the time of writing this.

Cleaning the TempSpike Probes

Well this section is going to be short because cleaning the ThermoPro TempSpike probes is as easy as putting them in the dishwasher.

The probes themselves are waterproof so it’s safe to throw them in with the cutlery.

Ours usually come out pretty clean. But, if there’s any small, stuck on bits of meat, it scrapes off easily. And, any discoloration from the smoke wipes off too.

To clean the charging dock, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Warranty and Customer Service

The ThermoPro Twin TempSpike meat thermometer comes with a 1 year warranty that you can get extended to 3 years by simply registering online.

With the extension, it’s actually one of the best warranty’s out there for a wireless meat thermometer. And, ThermoPro have a good customer service reputation for really listening and caring about the customer’s experience.

They’ve also got a page on their site dedicated to support for this very model.

Our Verdict on the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike Wireless Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro Twin TempSpike wireless meat thermometer is a good performing, yet pretty basic wireless meat thermometer.

With a very accurate internal temperature measurement, the TempSpike performs it’s most important task very well.

But, the ambient temperature reading on the dual sensored probes is a little off. We personally don’t rely solely on a meat thermometer to tell us how hot our grill is. So, to us, it’s not a deal-breaker. But, if you grill doesn’t have a built-in temperature gauge or really value that extra preciseness, this might not be the right product for you.

The thermometer can either be operated via the booster dock which has a backlit screen, or you can sync it up to the TempSpike app on your smartphone so that you can monitor your meat up to 500 feet away.

Screenshot of the TempSpike app once meat has hit temp target

And, although the app is quite simplistic (there’s not many preset temperature targets and it doesn’t automatically give you a graph of your cook so far), it works well and we haven’t had any connectivity issues.

But, the biggest thing we love about the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike is that it’s rechargeable.

Unlike it’s biggest competitors, the TempSpike comes with a USB-C cable that you simply plug in to charge both the booster dock and the probes themselves.

One charge lasts more than long enough to do multiple, extended smoking sessions and it’s really great to never have to buy batteries or worry about your thermometer dying mid-cook.

Overall, we do really like the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike. The quality is great and it works well although the app isn’t as user-friendly as some. We even tend to reach for this over the MEATER Block simply because the batteries are rechargeable.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike in chicken grilling on pellet smoker

Because the TempSpike is Bluetooth only, you don’t have that unlimited range via your WiFi internet. But, you shouldn’t really be leaving the house while the smoker’s on so we’re happy with the generous 500 foot range instead.

To sum the ThermoPro TempSpike up in a sentence we’d say it’s a reliably performing wireless meat thermometer that’s got all the essentials to get you good results.

Who Should Buy the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike?

We recommend it to anyone who:

  • Wants a rechargeable wireless meat thermometer
  • Is looking for something a little cheaper than the competition
  • Is okay with the amibent temperature readings being a little out
  • Can program their own custom cook settings into the app

We will be using this product beyond this review.

Other Alternatives to the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike

If the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike isn’t quite right for you, check out these alternatives.

The MEATER Block

  • Unlimited WiFi range
  • More accurate ambient temperature reading
  • Better app
  • Runs on 4 x AA batteries


  • Suitable for open flame grilling as well
  • The most accurate
  • Single probe with 5 sensors
  • Shorter 250 ft range

FAQs About the MEATER Wireless Meat Thermometer Range

The ambient probe can handle temperatures up to 572°F (300°C), making it suitable for pretty much any cooking application except open-flame grilling.

While grilling over an open flame would exceed the safe ambient temperature for the TempSpike probe, you can leave the probe out and insert it as a final check, or reverse sear it if you want that continuous temperature monitoring.

The meat probe can handle temperatures up to 212°F (100°C), which should be suitable to grill, bake, or smoke any cut of meat.

The thermometer has an alarm that will sound on your phone if the temperature is too high. It’s really loud. You won’t be able to miss it and can remove the probe or open the barbecue lid to cool it down.

Yes. You can sync up to 3 TempSpike products with the app at a time. This could be 3 x Twin TempSpikes for a total of 6 probes, 3 x single TempSpikes for a total of 3 probes, or a mix of both.

It takes about 2 hours for a TempSpike probe to fully charge.

You should get up to 36 hours from one, fully charged TempSpike probe. The booster should see you through 12 average length cooks before it needs to be recharged. Long smokes use more battery as it’s on for longer so will discharge the battery faster.

Yes, the ThermoPro TempSpike probes can go in the oven as long as the safe maximum temperatures are still respected.

Yes, ThermoPro state that the TempSpike meat probes are waterproof IP67 rated. This means that the probes are dishwasher safe.

The electronic booster dock, however, is not waterproof and should not be left out in the rain. 

The ThermoPro TempSpike thermometer probes are waterproof so you can simply put them in with your cutlery to wash. Alternatively, you can also wash them by hand with regular dishwashing liquid.

The ThermoPro Twin and single TempSpike thermometers have a 500 foot Bluetooth range which we have found to be true. The ThermoPro TempSpike Plus thermometer has an extended 600 foot range.

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