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Best Wireless Smoker Thermometer? Accurate + Easy

10-Seconds on the Wireless Smoker Thermometer

A quality wireless meat thermometer is the single best way to smoke better food.

Our Favorite Wireless Meat Thermometer - MEATER 2 Plus
MEATER 2 Plus probe, dock and smartphone app

Having a reliable and accurate thermometer goes a long way to making barbecue that much easier. One, you know it’s safe to eat. Two, you know it’s not overdone. And, three, because you’re using a device to help, you can confidently recreate the same results time and time again.

These days they’re not even that expensive. So, adding one to your kit is definitely a no-brainer. Plus, they’re the perfect gift for your barbecue-loving family member.

But, when it comes to buying a meat thermometer for smoking, there’s a LOT of choice these days.

Bluetooth, WiFi, wireless, presets, alarms and different numbers of probes can make it seem a bit overwhelming.

So, instead of shooting in the dark, we’ve made it easy by reviewing and compiling a list of the best wireless smoker thermometer options on the market.

Note – These are NOT instant read thermometers that just give you a reading when you insert the probe. This is where you’ll find our favorite instant read thermometers if that’s what you’re after.

These wireless meat thermometers are designed to stay in whatever you’re cooking to give you a continuous reading. They’re also not ALL absolutely wire-free.

What these units do is either link up to your smartphone, or, work with a handheld device that you can use to read and check on the progress of your meat without having to go out to and open your barbecue.

They take the guesswork out of smoking and are the single best thing you can do or use to smoke better food.

And, yes, the pros use them too!

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Table of Contents

Full Reviews of the Best Wireless Smoker Thermometers

There’s a lot of good smoker thermometers out there.

The one that’s best for you will depend on your budget, how many probes you need, range needed and preference for smartphone or standalone setup.

So, instead of just naming and reviewing a whole heap and making you read them all, we’ve given them quick and easy titles so you can jump to the one’s you think might fit your needs the best.

So, if you want just the best there is, don’t go past our best overall wireless smoker thermometer, the MEATER 2 Plus. The technology in this thing blows the competition out of the water! And, the price is very reasonable too!!

But, if you need even more probes, are just looking for a single probe, want rechargeable batteries, or, are after really great value for money, scroll down our list (or skip using the table of contents above) to find our recommended meat thermometer to match your needs.

MEATER 2 Plus - Best Overall

MEATER were the original to the market and their latest update, the MEATER 2 Plus is absolutely show-stopping.

MEATER have taken every single thing that they could improve upon and they’ve improved it.

The latest and without a doubt, greatest, MEATER 2 Plus has not just 2 sensors but 5 in each probe! This gives you the true lowest temperature of your meat all the way through. But, they’ve also upped the accuracy to 0.5°F. You even get a calibration certificate for each probe because they’re serious about making sure they’re thermometers are spot on.

The probe itself is 100% waterproof so you can clean it in the dishwasher. But, you can also use it for deep-frying and sous vide too.

And, the biggest improvement, in my books, is that they’ve increased the maximum ambient temperature to a very high 932°F. This means that there’s finally a fully wireless meat thermometer that’s safe to grill with too.

No more having to reverse sear or add your probe later. You can even put this thing in an uber hot Ooni pizza oven without having to worry about ruining the probe.

There’s no more limiting Bluetooth connectivity either. MEATER haven’t just improved the range, they’ve blown it out of the water with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology for a huge 2,500 foot line-of-sight range. It’s not WiFi. But, you should really stay home to barbecue anyway and the massive range just means you shouldn’t have any issues, even with a huge house.

Although the charging situation of the original MEATER Plus was good, they’ve made that even better too. Now, the dock takes only 15 minutes to give your probe enough charge to cook for 12 hours.

And, a single AAA battery will last up to 2 years of average use. So, though the MEATER 2 Plus isn’t rechargeable, you really aren’t busting through batteries either.

And, yes, the MEATER 2 Plus works every bit as well as it says.

If you want the best wireless meat thermometer out there for smoking or grilling, set yourself up with a MEATER 2 Plus.

At the moment, the multi-probed MEATER Block doesn’t have the same technology. But, if you want to monitor the temperature of more than one cut of meat, you can run multiple MEATER 2 Plus’s at the same time on the app.

This thing is streets ahead of the competition at the moment. And, using multiple MEATER 2 Plus’s is what I’ll be doing at the moment.

Pros of the MEATER 2 Plus:

  • Very High Max Temp: The newly increased 932°F gives you the hottest maximum ambient temperature on the market and makes the 2 Plus suitable for grilling oven an open flame. 
  • 5 Sensors Per Probe: This gives you the ambient temperature of your grill and 4 internal temperatures to make sure you’ve really hit the coolest point with a single probe.
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.2  Connection: Say goodbye to connectivity issues with the huge 2,500 feet line-of-sight range.
  • 100% Waterproof Probes: Smoke, grill, deep-fry, sous vide, then simply put the stainless steel probes in the dishwasher.
  • The Best App: Extensive preset temperature targets are suitable for both grilling and smoking that can easily be overridden if you want to. The algorithm also impressively accurately predicts how much longer it’ll take to reach your internal temperature based on the ambient temperature, type of meat and your target. Customize your alarms. See your cook graph. And, view a full history so you can see what went well last time.

Cons of the MEATER 2 Plus:

  • Single Probe Only: Currently you can only get this probe version with this great technology. But, the app lets you sync up to 5 probes at a time. So, there’s no stopping you from buying multiple MEATER 2 Plus’s to monitor more than one cut.

MEATER Block - Best WiFi and Multi-Probe

This is in no way the cheapest option out there. But, the cheapest option is probably not the best. And, if it’s the best you want, then the MEATER Block is out go to for each and every smoke.

The MEATER is the original when it comes to completely wire-free meat monitoring.

Instead of feeding wires through probe ports, you simply insert a probe into your meat, connect your app to the probe and you’ll have continuous monitoring of exactly what’s going on inside your smoker at all times.

Because, get this, the MEATER probes don’t just have one thermometer on them…

Each probe gives you two readings at any one time. One is the internal temperature of your meat and the other is the ambient temperature inside your smoker.

So, while you can definitely see exactly where your meat is at, you can also see where the hottest spots are inside your barbecue and move your meat around to match that, and, use the probes to check that the temperature your smoker is reading is actually what’s going on in there.

The MEATER app is by far our favorite app out there. It’s got an extensive choice of cook types and has never not had the cut we’re cooking. It gives pretty accurate estimates of your remaining cook time, there’s all sorts of alerts you can set. And, it even tells you how long to rest your meat based on it’s internal temperature too.

Nothing is left to chance with the MEATER.

The block itself also connects to your home’s WiFi system, eliminating any range issues you might have. You can literally monitor what’s going on from the golf course, your mates place or out in the back paddock.

And while the single probed MEATER Plus is every bit as good (minus the WiFi), the MEATER Block is the best value out there for a 4 probe, completely wireless thermometer for smoking.

The only issue we have with the MEATER Block is that it’s quite power hungry. With 4 probes to charge, WiFi to run and a screen too, you don’t get a lot of uses out of one set of batteries and they’re not rechargeable. We use ours plugged in most of the time, saving the batteries for when we really need it.

Despite that, we’ve been using the MEATER probes for years now.

They and the app work so well. There’s nothing wireless that beats them. And, nothing with dirty messy wires ever could!

Pros of the MEATER Block:

  • Absolutely No Wires: Easy to set up and easy to clean. Also does rotisserie chicken!
  • Dual sensor probes: Each probe has 2 sensors to give you the internal meat temperature and ambient temperature of your smoker.
  • WiFi: Use your WiFi network to give unlimited range with an internet connection.
  • Standalone Mode: You don’t have to use the MEATER Block with WiFi or even with your smartphone. Simply set and view your cook on the Block’s screen.
  • Huge Range of Cook Presets: There’s all sorts of meat types and levels of doneness already programmed into the app with USDA safe temperature targets. But, you can set your own too.
  • Good Cook-Time Estimates: Estimates remaining cook time based on ambient temperature and how fast the internal temperature has been rising. For long smokes, the estimate gets more accurate as you go.
  • Various Customizable Alerts: Alerts warn you when your bbq is too hot or cool, when your meat is almost cooked, how long to rest for or set a timer.
  • Dishwasher-Friendly: Simply put the stainless steel probes in the dishwasher after you’re done.

Cons of the MEATER Block:

  • Limited Battery Life: The batteries don’t last that long in the juice-hungry MEATER Block. You can use it with the the charging cord (not included). But, you’ll need to plug it into power near your grill because the cord doesn’t charge the batteries, just lets it work off mains power.
  • Not Weather Proof: The Block itself isn’t weather proof. But, needs to be kept close to your smoker while you’re cooking

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike - Best MEATER Block Alternative

The MEATER Block’s limited battery life does have me looking to see if there’s a better alternative. And, as of yet, I haven’t found one, the MEATER Block is still our number one most used smoker thermometer and favorite smoking accessory.

But, the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike comes in at a very close second.

The Twin TempSpike still has the completely wire-free dual tipped meat probes. A single probe gives you two readings, the ambient and the internal temperature of whatever it’s in. And, according to my testing, they give virtually the same reading throughout all cooks (like 1 or 2°F off of each other).

The main difference other than the fact the Twin TempSpike has 2 probes and the MEATER Block has 4 is that the TempSpike is Bluetooth while the MEATER Block gives you WiFi.

This means that you’ve got a limited, but still very decent 500-foot range.

We haven’t had any connectivity issues using this thermometer. But, you can’t see what your brisket is up to while you play golf (not that it’s really safe to leave your smoker on when you’re not home anyway).

But, the main reason we like the ThermoPro TempSpike, other than it’s top-notch accuracy is that it’s rechargeable!

Simply plug the included USB cable into the side of the dock and charge your probes, unplug and put the dock near your smoker. We’ve never ran out of battery mid-cook and it’s great not having to spend money on batteries.

The ThermoPro Twin TempSpike’s app isn’t as good as MEATER’s.

There are hardly any preset temperature targets that we actually use. Instead, we end up labeling and setting our target temperature ourselves. And, the estimated remaining cook time hasn’t been very accurate for us.

Overall, the Twin TempSpike’s simple functionality does the job, it’s much cheaper than the MEATER and, still gives you the same great accuracy and wire-free probes without having to fork out for batteries.

Read our full review of the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike.

Screenshot of the ThermoPro Twin TempSpoike app smoking pulled pork

Pros of the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike:

  • Rechargeable Battery: Simply plug the USB cable in to recharge the unit and probes. No batteries required.
  • Dual Tipped Probes: Every probe gives you two readings, the ambient and internal temperature.
  • Accurate Probes: The probes give an accurate temperature reading.
  • Good Range: 500 foot Bluetooth range is large enough that most people shouldn’t have connectivity issues.
  • Good Price: The Twin TempSpike is cheaper than alternative completely wire-free options.

Cons of the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike:

  • Bluetooth Not WiFi: It’s got a limited 500 foot range with a Bluetooth connection. You can’t see your meats progress from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Average App: The Twin TempSpike app has very limited temperature presets, doesn’t give you a graph, and gives quite inaccurate remaining cook time estimates. It gives you a basic reading which does get the job done.

ThermoPro TempSpike Plus - Best MEATER Alternative

One of MEATER’s biggest competitors is this, the ThermoPro TempSpike Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer, and we do like it.

While the app isn’t as easy or as comprehensive to use as the MEATER’s, if you want something that’s rechargeable so you never have to buy a battery, this is a great alternative.

Simply plug it in to a USB charger with the provided cord and it’ll charge the dock and probe. You’re not spending a cent on batteries or running out of charge mid-cook.

The ThermoPro TempSpike Plus has pretty much the same technology inside the probe itself as the MEATER Plus does (this is older version of the MEATER 2 Plus we reviewed above). The single probe with 2 sensors in measures both the internal meat temperature and the ambient temperature of your barbecue.

You’ve got a sizeable 600 foot connection thanks to the advanced Bluetooth technology.

The connectivity works well too. We haven’t had any issues with the range dropping out unless you’re really testing out that upper end.

The app doesn’t have a lot of preset temperature targets, particularly for commonly smoked meats like brisket and even pulled pork. You can set your own. But, you might need to Google what temperature you’re aiming for first.

Still, it’s a good wireless smoker thermometer, especially for it’s on sale price.

Pros of the ThermoPro TempSpike Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer:

  • Rechargeable Batteries: Unlike the MEATER thermometers, simply plug the TempSpike Plus in with the provided cord and it’ll charge the dock and probes. There’s no buying batteries.
  • Super Long Range: 600 feet of wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 100% Wire-Free: There’s no messy wires to try to feed through your barbecue or clean.
  • Dual Sensor: The single probe gives you the internal meat temperature and ambient temperature of your grill from the one probe.
  • Remaining Cook Time Estimates: App automatically estimates how much longer you need to cook your meat based on your temperature target, how hot your grill is and what the progress has been like so far
  • Dishwasher Safe: Clean up doesn’t get any easier.

Cons of the ThermoPro TempSpike Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer:

  • Average App: It’s not as easy to use as the MEATER’s and there’s not a lot of preset temperature targets to you need to know that your pork shoulder needs to be over 200 to pull apart, for example.
  • Same Price as Competition: I did expect the price for this ThermoPro to be less than the MEATER Plus but it’s very similar.

ThermoWorks Smoke X™ - Best Professional Quality

To put it simply, ThermoWorks have pretty much taken what everyone else has been doing and have done it better.

Marketed to competitive pitmasters and chefs, the ThermoWorks Smoke X is more expensive than most. But, it also works really well for the at-home enthusiast with an eye for preciseness.

What makes the Smoke X worth the extra cost?

Just holding it you’ll be able to feel the extra quality. It’s rugged, the probes are well-made and durable, and, it’s splashproof to be able to handle a bit of whatever being thrown at it.

The large LCD screen is easy to read, and, the probes are definitely accurate to the 1.8°F they’re advertised as being good for.

With the Smoke X, you can choose between the 4 channel and 2 channel models.

The 4 channel can connect up to 4 probes, and the 2, up to 2. But, keep in mind that one of those probes is dedicated to the ambient temperature.

That means, you can monitor up to 3 meats with the 4 channel and 1 meat with the 2 channel. The included air probe cannot be used in meat! It’s ambient temperature only.

Also just be aware if you go the 2 channel now and want to upgrade later, you can’t just add on more probes. You will have to buy another unit. For the slight extra cost of the 4-channel, we definitely think it’s the only option worth grabbing.

Either way you go, the ThermoWorks Smoke X has the amazingly long range of 6,562 feet line of sight.

Yes, I did write that correctly.

The Smoke X uses 915Mhz radio frequency instead of limiting Bluetooth technology. So, big house, at a competition, this wireless smoker thermometer can handle it.

In terms of the AA battery life, you get a decent 330 hours from the monitor itself and 1,800 hours on the receiver. There’s also the option of plugging the Smoke X in with the USB-C cable but the AC plug isn’t included.

Does the extra quality justify the price?

Definitely. The ThermoWorks Smoke X should well outlast any of the more ‘amateur’ options, saving you money and headaches in the long run.

Pros of the ThermoWorks Smoke X:

  • Professional Quality Device: Commercial grade stainless steel probes and a high-quality, splashproof IP65 rated receiver unit.
  • Very Accurate: Expect accuracy within 1.8°F at lower temperatures.
  • Huge Range: The next generation RF technology gives you a 6,562 foot range.
  • Great Display: The large, backlit screen shows all of your probe channels at the same time, there’s no scrolling between probes.
  • Long Battery Life: Works well on battery but there’s also the option to plug it in with via the USB cable.
  • Compatible with the ThermoWorks Billows Fan Kit: This small fan regulates your smokers airflow for you so you can turn any manual smoker into a temperature regulated, set and forget unit.

Cons of the ThermoWorks Smoke X:

  • One Probe is Ambient Only: The Air Probe can only be used to measure the ambient temperature inside your smoker. It does not double as a meat probe. So, of the 2 probes you get with the 2-channel model, only 1 is a meat thermometer. And, of the 4 probes you get with the 4-channel model, only 3 are meat thermometers.
  • Wired Probes: The quality is right up there but you’ve still got wired to mess around with and clean.
  • No Smartphone Connectivity: This is a standalone unit where you view your temperatures on the wireless unit itself. You cannot use an app to connect this meat thermometer to your smartphone or other device.

ThermoPro TP20 - Best-Seller

Now, this meat thermometer isn’t the most flash out there (or in our list). But, it’s got a lot going for it bundled into an attractive price which is why it’s been a best seller for ThermoPro and in general, for a LONG time.

With 2 meat probes built into a rugged design that can handle a bit of abuse thrown at it, the TP20 claims 1.8°F accuracy, and, it does live up to it’s promise.

It’s easy to use, gives a reliable reading and has built-in USDA presets so you don’t even need to think when setting it up at the start of a cook.

Once you’ve plugged the probes in, the wireless remote has a range of up to about 500 feet. This long range should be far enough for most people to use around home.

If you’re not a fan of preset temperatures, you can change from the default to whatever custom setting you’d like. It does save even when you turn the unit off. And, there’s an alarm to tell you once you’ve reached your target temperature.

Easy and no-fuss with all the basics you need, the ThermoPro TP20 is particularly great for anyone who wants a meat thermometer that DOESN’T need to link to your smartphone.

The receiver device tells you everything you need to know. And, while you don’t have unlimited WiFi range, not everyone wants to be able to check on their meat while they’re at the grocery store.

Pros of the ThermoPro TP20:

  • Independent Unit: You don’t need to download an app and link to your smartphone.
  • Accurate: Probes give reliable readings.
  • Decent Cook Type Range: Option of using USDA preset target temperatures or setting your own manually.
  • Long Range: Good range of up to 500 feet.
  • Alerts: Wireless monitor beeps when your target temperature is reached so you don’t need to keep checking the unit.
  • Low Price: The ThermoPro TP20 is a very affordable option, especially when it’s on sale.

Cons of the ThermoPro TP20:

  • Wired Probes: You will need to feed probe wires through your barbecue’s ports, or fine another safe way to get them through the lid.
  • Harder to Clean: The wired probes are a bit annoying to clean.
  • Average Quality: The probes aren’t the best quality, so, while they should last longer than the warranty, I wouldn’t expect to get years and years from this unit. Still not bad for the price.

ThermoPro TP25 - Value for Money

The TP25 has a lot bundled into a very good price. You’ve got 4 accurate color-coded probes with probe winders and a rechargeable Bluetooth unit with a 500 foot range. So, if you’re after value, this is it.

The backlit control unit only takes 3 hours to charge with the included cord, and gives you up to 8 months of regular use before you need to plug it in again. There’s absolutely no buying batteries.

Just be aware that while you can see temperature readings on the display unit, you do need to connect your smartphone or other device up with the ThermoPro app to get the full use (and wireless viewing) of this product.

The app is basic but alright. As a barbecue enthusiast, my biggest complaint is that there’s a limited range of preset smoking meat targets. So, you really need to know how hot you’re trying to cook that brisket. But, setting your own targets is easy to do.

If you’re looking to snap up a good, solidly performing meat thermometer at a great price, there’s no beating the 4-probe TP25.

Pros of the ThermoPro TP25:

  • Long Wireless Range: With the latest and longest Bluetooth built-in, you’ve got 500 feet of range.
  • Smartphone App Integration: Connect your smartphone or other device to the TP25 to monitor your cooking via the dedicated app.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: The TP25 has a rechargeable battery and comes with the charging cable.
  • Probe Winders: Neatly store those oily wires away with the included probe winders. It’s the next best thing to having no wires at all.
  • Great price: It’s one of the cheapest 4-probe meat thermometers out there but it also works well and looks great.

Cons of the ThermoPro TP25:

  • Basic App: There aren’t a lot of preset temperature targets in the ThermoPro app. But, it’s easy to set your own.
  • Quality Issues: Some people have had issues with wild temperature readings. But, we and others have found ThermoPro’s customer service to be good and had probes replaced if needed

NutriChef WiFi Barbecue Thermometer - Best WiFi Alternative

If you’re on a bit of a budget but still want a WiFi meat thermometer so you don’t have any range issues whatsoever, the Nutrichef WiFi Meat Thermometer is a great buy.

In the neat little carry case, you get a WiFi receiver, 2 wired meat probes and an ambient probe. These plug into the control unit which you connect to your home WiFi network, download the Nutrichef app and away you go.

The probes do measure fairly accurately. They’re color coded so it’s easy to remember which is in which meat and they come with probe winders to better storage of those wires too.

As with all of the cheaper meat thermometers, the Nutrichef App is more basic than the gold standard, MEATER’s. There just aren’t enough temperature target presets in there for us smoking enthusiasts. But, it’s easy to set your own targets, you just need to check exactly what that is and you’re good to go.

The other thing we love about this budget-friendly WiFi meat thermometer is that you can add another 3 probes, taking the total up to 5! Chuck the add-on 4 probe pack to your cart and the NutriChef WiFi only costs around the same as a a single probe of a more expensive WiFi option. It’s a great deal.

Oh, and it’s rechargeable too.

Pros of the NutriChef WiFi Meat Thermometer:

  • WiFi Connectivity: Don’t mess around with range issues, simply connect the control unit to your wireless internet network and you can view your cooking progress from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Accurate Temperature Measurement: The stainless steel probes do give an accurate temperature read out.
  • Can Connect Up to 6 Probes: Grab the extra 4-pack of probes and monitor up to 5 cuts of meat plus your ambient temperature at one time.
  • Rechargeable Unit: Charge the control unit with a USB-C cable.

Cons of the NutriChef WiFi Meat Thermometer:

  • Average App: It’s easy to sync and easy to use. But, there’s not a lot of preset temperature targets. You’ll need to set your own.
  • Flimsy Control Unit: The control unit and the stand is a bit flimsy. It’s 

ThermoPro TP829 - Best Extra Long Range

Another ThermoPro recommendation, the TP829, has the longest range on the market if you want a thermometer that doesn’t use WiFi. Instead, you’ve got the strongest radio frequency technology to give you up to 1000 feet of signal.

Just like any other smoker thermometer, the range will be reduced if you’re using it throughout your house with multiple walls, etc, in the way. But, for anyone with a really large property, the TP829 is your best bet.

With a wireless display unit, the TP829 is a completely independent smoker thermometer system. You don’t need to, and can’t, link it to your smartphone (a plus or a minus depending on what you’re after).

Instead, you’ll be carrying around the small unit while you do anything other than checking on your meat.

In terms of other performance aspects, you’ve still got the reliable and accurate temperature measurement you’d expect from the industry leader ThermoPro.

The probes are color coded for ease.

There’s 10 USDA preset temperature targets and an alarm that tells you when you’re approaching your level of doneness. But, although fully functional, the TP829 doesn’t have the fancier graphs and choice of more expensive options like the MEATER Block.

Overall, the TP829 works well and is a great, affordable solution for anyone who needs that super long range and doesn’t want to chance it with connectivity issues.

Pros of the ThermoPro TP829:

  • Huge Range: Longest 1000 foot range of any non-WiFi smoker thermometer model out there.
  • Accurate: Gives you a precise temperature reading you can rely on.
  • Color Coded Meat Probes: Includes 4 color coded meat probes so you can monitor a lot on the one unit.
  • Large Display: The device features a large, easy-to-read display for quick temperature checks.
  • Customizable Alarms: You can set custom temperature alarms, ensuring your meat is cooked to perfection.
  • Value for Money: It provides great features at a reasonable price point.

Cons of the ThermoPro TP829:

  • Basic Functionality: There’s no progress graphs, just the current temperature

Inkbird IBT-6XS - Best LOTS of Probes

Got a big smoker? Like to smoke A LOT of different stuff?

There are times when even 4 probes just won’t cut it.

And, while buying 2 x MEATER Blocks would be the best solution (we do love our MEATER), the Inkbird IBT-6XS is a heap cheaper and comes with 5 meat probes and 1 ambient probe so that you can monitor up to 5 different cuts at a time.

But, other than just having lots of probes, this neat little device works really well.

You’ve got good 1.8°F probe accuracy, preset temperatures, alarms, and, a rechargeable battery that lasts for about 40 hours of use.

In terms of negatives, just be aware that the maximum temperature tolerance of 572°F is for short-term monitoring only! When you’re using the Inkbird IBT-6XS continually, as it’s designed to be used, you shouldn’t go over 482°F.

This is lower than most smoking meat thermometers. It shouldn’t be too mch of a problem if you’re smoking. But, is just something to be mindful of if you’re planning on using these probes for grilling as well.

With basic Bluetooth connectivity, you’ve only got 150 feet (50 meters) of range. The app is also one of the more average ones out there. But, it’s still workable and you’ve got to have some negatives to warrant the much lower than competitors price.

Overall, the Inkbird IBT-6XS is an awesome, reliable product.

Pros of the Inkbird IBT-6XS:

  • 5 Meat Probes and 1 Ambient Included: Monitor up to 5 pieces of meat at once plus the ambient temperature of your grill.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Gives you about 40 hours of use without needing to be charged again.
  • Accurate: Stainless steel probes give fairly accurate temperature readings.

Cons of the Inkbird IBT-6XS:

  • Lower Max Temp Range: Compared to the competition, the Inkbird IBT-6XS can’t handle as high of a range continuously. But, it’s okay for low and slow smoking and can handle a higher temperature for a little while.
  • Limited Range: Basic Bluetooth technology gives you a 150 foot range.
  • Average App: The app isn’t as good as some of the more expensive brands. But, it is still functional.

Why Should I Use A Meat Thermometer for Smoking?

If you’re on the fence about whether you actually need to buy a meat thermometer for smoking, I will confidently tell you, it’s THE best money you’ll spend on your smoker setup.

In fact, it’s the only smoking accessory I ever say that you actually need (apart from some way to clean your grill grates I guess…).

But, using a smoker thermometer takes all the guesswork out of perfecting that brisket, nailing those ribs, and reliably getting that falling apart pulled pork.

And I honestly don’t think you’re a better pitmaster if you don’t use one!

The pros use them in restaurants, competitions and at home. It’s not cheating in any way, shape or form. All it is is getting more information and more feedback so that you can hone in your cook, tell exactly when it’s best to wrap, unwrap, bump your temp up, add more woodchips, and, when dinner will be ready.

So, you absolutely should use a meat thermometer for smoking because you’ll:

  1. Never overcook your meat again – No more dried out brisket!
  2. Never undercook your meat again – No more “I really should have left that in for a little bit longer” regret!
  3. Have better feedback on what your smoker’s ambient temperature is – Having a probe that measures you grill temperature on the grate is a more reliable indicator than your built-in dome gauge
  4. Be able to see and use your cook history to easily repeat a smoke when you’ve had great results, or, improve on your last one when you could still do it better – Some meat thermometers like the MEATER save your cook history for you to look back on
  5. Grill safely – Meat thermometers for smoking can also be used when you’re grilling to make sure that the blue steak that you oh so love is actually cooked to a safe to eat temperature
  6. Use it for other things too – Wife wants to bake bread, chuck it in there. Doing a roast in the oven, it’ll work there too. A meat thermometer can actually be used for a lot more than just meat.
  7. It’s an accessory that works with any smoker and might even outlast the one you have right now – A quality smoking thermometer should see you through years and years of smoking. You can use it on a charcoal grill, a pellet smoker, in your kamado, on a wood-fired pit, it’s a versatile and pretty cheap when you think about it, piece of kit that’s not tied to what barbecue you currently have.

Different Uses for a Meat Thermometer

Instant read thermometers are more well-known for their multi-purpose nature although they won’t continuously monitor your progress in a smoker.

But, a smoker thermometer can actually be used for a few more helpful things in the kitchen as well.

Most can be used in your regular kitchen oven to monitor and check when it’s safe to eat your roast chicken, make sure your beef roast is cooked just to your liking, or, even check that your bread is cooked all the way through.

You could use it a frying pan to make sure you don’t overcook your salmon fillet or that your steak is still soft enough to cut with a butter knife.

If you use an air-fryer, you can put your smoker thermometer in there too.

Some, like the MEATER can even be used for sous-vide.

Smoker thermometers without wires will be easier to use outside of the barbecue. But, you can still sit your probe wires through the oven seal or find a way out of your air fryer.

As you would outside, just take note of the maximum temperatures that your probes can handle so you don’t damage them by exposing them to too much heat.

Different Types of Meat Thermometers You Can Use for Smoking

When you’re first shopping for a meat thermometer for smoking, the amount of choice and different types there are out there can be completely overwhelming.

So, we’ll break it down into the main types to help it all make a little more sense…

Instant Read Thermometers

A single probe instant read thermometers is just that, a probe that you can insert into your meat to see it’s internal temperature at any one point in time.

They can be used when you’re smoking. But, there’s one big disadvantage to using this type of meat thermometer when you’re smoking, you need to open your smoker, insert the probe and wait until you’ve got a reading.

That’s quite a bit of heat to let out.

But, they’re not designed to be left inside your smoker or inside the meat. So, while better than nothing, we don’t recommend using an instant read thermometer for smoking.

They’re best suited to grilling and other uses around the kitchen.

If you are looking for an instant read thermometer though, check out our top picks here.

Wired Meat Thermometer

A simple wired meat thermometer has a meat probe with a wire sticking out of one end that needs to be plugged into a receiver unit or a smoker control panel itself.

The data about what’s going on inside the smoker is then transferred to the receiver unit through those wires.

Because of that, it’s vital that the wires don’t get squashed when going from inside the smoker to outside of it. Some smokers will have ports specifically designed for you to feed those probe wires through. Others don’t and connecting it all can be a bit of a hard task.

With their simple design and lack of technology, wired meat thermometers are cheaper than wireless versions and are the most affordable option.

Another plus is that you shouldn’t have any connectivity issues!

Wireless Meat Thermometer

A truly wireless meat thermometer has exactly that, absolutely no wires.

Instead, they use technology like Bluetooth to transfer the data from the probe to the receiver unit tirelessly.

There’s no wires to try to feed through probe ports or other awkward spots. And, there’s no messy wire to try to clean up afterwards. So, they’re a lot easier to use. But, are more expensive because there’s much more technology to them.

Some, like the MEATER Block can show you the probe readings on the receiver unit. Others, like the MEATER Plus, need to be connected to your smartphone before you can see any data. The receiver unit is just that and doesn’t double as a display unit.

Meat Thermometer With Display Unit

This type of meat thermometer comes with a little receiver unit that also displays the current temperatures that your probes are reading.

These do not need to connect to a smartphone, although some like the ThermoPro TP25 give you a phone connectivity option as well.

Getting a meat thermometer with a display unit is ideal if you don’t usually keep your phone on you when you’re at home or you don’t want to mess around with downloading an app and syncing it to your meat thermometer.

Meat Thermometer with Simple Receiver

This type of meat thermometer has a receiver unit that collects the readings from your probes but needs to be connected to your smartphone to get that information and see what’s going on.

An example of a meat thermometer like this is the MEATER Plus and the ThermoPro TempSpike.

These are best for people who like being able to see the data on their phone and carry around one unit that they can use for everything.

Infrared Thermometer

You might have also seen infrared thermometers pop up in your search for the best wireless smoker thermometer.

These units are truly wireless. They’re a small device that you just point at whatever you want to know the heat of and it’ll give you a reading within a few seconds without having to touch it.

But, what they don’t do is give you the internal temperature of something. So, you can’t actually use an infrared thermometer to get a reading of how well cooked your meat is.

If you point and shoot at your meat, the temperature reading it will give you is the external surface temperature which doesn’t accurately let you know if it’s safely cooked or cooked to that pull apart level.

What are infrared thermometers good for?

They’re best used to check the temperature of your grate, griddle or pizza stone. As for the best wireless meat thermometer, skip on this type.

How to Choose the Best Thermometer for Smoking

With so much choice and so many types on the market, finding the best wireless smoker thermometer for you can be pretty overwhelming. Some of them aren’t cheap either so it makes sense that you don’t want to get your decision wrong.

If you’ve read through our reviews above and you’re still not sure, ask yourself these simple questions.

How Many Probes Do You Need?

Do you have a small smoker and tend to only cook one meat or one type of meat at a time? If so, a single probe might be enough.

But, if you cook more than one type of meat at a time, or, have multiple pieces of meat spread around your barbecue in different heat zones, a multiple probe unit is best.

Most people will outgrow a single probe meat thermometer quite quickly.

And, although you can always get a second, third, or fourth unit, you’ll be spending a lot more money doing it this way (and have a more confusing setup), than if you’d just gone with a meat thermometer with more probes to start with.

Where Do You Want to See Your Internal Meat Temperature?

Do you like having all the information on your phone? Or, do you want a separate unit that you don’t need to sync with and is completely separate from your smartphone?

Whether you go for a wireless meat thermometer with a display unit or that’s designed to be used with your phone or tablet is a personal preference. Both will work just fine.

How Much Range Do You Need?

What’s your house and barbecue setup like?

Is you smoker right outside your lounge so you won’t need a long range? Or, are things really spread out and you think you might be struggling with a thermometer with one of the more standard 165 foot ranges?

Meat thermometer ranges are tested in the most ideal condition. That is, outside in clear open air with direct line of sight.

Walls and anything that’s in between your smoker and where you’ll be using the receiver unit will shorten the total range.

If you think connectivity might be an issue, I’d always recommend getting a longer range than you think you’ll need. Or, something with WiFi so that you can use your home internet to see your meat temperature from anywhere with an internet connection, including wireless.

But, you don’t want to spend money only to find that the unit isn’t going to work in your setup.

Do You Want to See Your Meat Temp From Outside Your House?

If you want to be able to check your barbecue from work or the golf course, you’ll need a wireless meat thermometer that connects to the internet.

The MEATER Block does let you use WiFi for an unlimited range. Or, the single probed MEATER Plus as long as you’ve got another device that you can leave at home as a booster.

What's Your Budget?

We might get paid on commission. But, we never recommend spending more money on a barbecue or an accessory than you can comfortably afford.

That’s why we’ve given you a range of different options when it comes to this best wireless smoker thermometer list.

If you don’t want to spend as much as the MEATER Block but want lots of probes, check out the Inkbird IBT-6XS or the ThermoPro TP27 with it’s really long range.

There’s a lot of good choices out there at different price points so hopefully you’ve found something here that matches what you were hoping to spend!

Our Thoughts on Temperature Accuracy

Obviously you don’t want a meat thermometer that measures the temperature 20°F under or over where it’s actually sitting. That would a pretty useless device.

But, unless you need scientific preciseness for some reason, a meat thermometer that measures a few degrees out isn’t going to ruin your barbecue game. In fact, you’ll probably never notice any difference.

By choosing any of these wireless smoker thermometers we’ve recommended in this article, you shouldn’t experience huge variances in the actual and read temperatures. They’ve all been tested for reliability.

So, if you do test yours and notice it’s accuracy is way out, contact the manufacturer, there might be something wrong with your unit and they can advise what’s best to do.

How do I know if my smoker thermometer is accurate?

If you think your meat thermometer is giving an incorrect reading. Or, just like to check exactly how well it works, the best way to test it’s accuracy is with an ice bath.

But, that doesn’t just mean throwing the probe in some water with a couple of pieces of ice. To do it properly, you need the water to be really cold. Freezing cold.

So, grab a glass and fill it to the rim with ice. Pack as much as you can in there. Then, add water to 1/2 an inch below the level of the ice. Stir it and let the water sit for about 1 minute to take on the coldness of the ice. Insert your probe, stirring gently and take a reading.

Your thermometer should give a reading of about 32°F. If not, the difference is an indicator of how far out your probe is measuring.

To see how to create an ice bath to test your smoker thermometer accuracy, check out the  ThermoWorks video below.

The best thing about using an ice bath instead of heat to check your thermometer probe accuracy is that the freezing point is always the same, regardless of your altitude.

If you try to use boiling point to check your probe accuracy, the actual temperature of when your water will boil will depend on your altitude, adding a whole different factor into the calculation. So, ice is easier and will give you a more accurate result.

How To Set Up Your Smoker Thermometer

Setting up meat thermometers in a smoker definitely isn’t rocket science.

But, following a few guidelines will help you to get accurate measurements and protect your gear to keep it working for years to come.

Where to Run the Probe Wires

If you’ve gone for a completely wireless smoker thermometer, setting it up will be as simple as following the manufacturers instructions to insert the probe and connect it to the device.

But, if you’ve got a unit with some wires to it, follow these guidelines for the best setup.

First, check if your smoker has a meat probe port.

If so, it will look like this in the picture below, a small hole with rubber in it where you can feed the wires through. And, the best thing to do is use this port. It’ll protect your wires from getting damaged and keep the smoke inside of your smoker.

But, if you smoker doesn’t have a probe port, look for any other natural holes you could feed the wires through.

For example, the rods on the Pit Barrel Cooker sit into holes that are large enough to feed meat thermometer wires through without putting any pressure on them.

Or, on the Z Grills Cruiser 200A, you can feed the probe wires through the drip tray exit point at the rear of the barbecue.

Whatever you do, try to avoid running meat probe wires directly through the smoker lid, particularly if the lid is designed to fit tightly shut.

Probe wires are quite thin and can be damaged easily from a smoker lid sitting on them, crushing them, shortening their lifespan.

Choosing Where to Insert Meat Thermometer Probes

As for where to insert your wireless smoker thermometer probes into the meat itself, you want to get it into the thickest part of the meat.

This part will take the longest to cook and get up to temperature. So, if it’s cooked here, it’ll be cooked well all through.

You also want try to avoid the probe from hitting bone. The bone won’t heat up as much as the surrounding muscle and fat so if the probe is touching bone, you might get a lower reading than your meat is actually sitting at.

When you’re placing your meat thermometer probes, also be aware of any manufacturer guidelines on how far to insert the probe. For example, the MEATER probes all have small indents on them that show how much of the probe needs to be inside of the meat.

This keeps your probe safe because the internal temperature portion of these two sensor probes can’t handle as high a heat as the tip can.

And, lastly, make sure your probe isn’t sticking all the way through your meat and out the other side!

You want to keep your probe inside of your meat, not be accidentally measuring the ambient temperature.

Positioning Ambient Temperature Probes

If your meat thermometer has a specific probe for measuring the ambient temperature, or, you’re using one of your meat probes to do just that, you do need to place them quite carefully within your smoker to make sure you’ll get an accurate measurement.

The most ideal space for an ambient temperature probe is towards the center of your smoker, about an inch above the grate and at least 2 inchs from any meat you’re cooking.


The air towards the center of the barbecue is usually the hottest because it’s closest to the fire.

Then, the temperature drops a little even a short distance above the grate. This is where the bulk of your meat will be sitting.

And, if your probe is too close to your meat, it’ll give a falsely low reading because it’s sitting next to cool or cold from the fridge meat.

If your meat thermometer set has a probe that’s dedicated for ambient temperature measurement, it’ll probably come with a clip that elevates the probe tip to the right height. If not, sit it on a piece of foil to elevate it.

If you can’t hit all of these points, don’t stress too much. Just try your best to position your probe in the optimal position so you’ve got a good idea of what’s going on.

A note about using dual sensor probes like the MEATER – The ambient temperature probe does sit very close to the meat.

So, when you first put your cold meat in, the ambient temperature reading will read low and take a while to get up to accurate figure as your meat heats up.

Just keep this in mind so you’re not thinking something’s wrong if your smoker temperature seems too low at the start of the cook.

Taking Care of Your Meat Thermometer

As with anything, you’re going to have to look after your new smoker thermometer if you want the longest, most accurate life out of it.

And, the steps are simple. But, if not followed, really do lead to thermometer failure and are the cause of many, many unhappy customers.

Here’s what you should be doing:

  • Check the manufacturers maximum temperature ratings and ALWAYS stick to them – Exceeding the maximum ambient or internal temperature for your probes will damage them
  • Keep your receivers out of the rain, and, preferably out of direct sunlight for too much time – weather is harsh and can cause electrical failure or just degrade the housing
  • Wipe your probes with a wet cloth after use – do not submerge them in water or put them in the dishwasher (unless you’ve got a MEATER, their probes are dishwasher safe)
  • Store your probes and wires carefully – Don’t tangle or tightly bend those wires. A damaged wire can’t let data through.
  • Turn off the unit when you’re not using it – This minimizes the battery use, prolonging it’s life

FAQs About the Best Wireless Smoker Thermometer

The questions we most commonly get asked about buying a thermometer for smoking…

Absolutely! A meat thermometer takes all of the guess work out of knowing if and when your meat is perfectly cooked.

Pitmasters use them. Chefs use them. There’s no shame in adding more information to your game and you’ll reliably be able to nail that brisket every single time.

Smoker thermometers also make a good party trick. Just tell your guests you sniffed out the exact moment that pork reached fall apart level instead of letting them see your phone notification.

As for the wires, having absolutely no wires at all makes setting up your probes that much easier.

It also means you don’t need to worry about damaging the wires when feeding them through your smoker, cleaning or storing them. And, less to break means a longer life.

Our go-to smoker thermometer is the MEATER Block.

Yes, it’s more expensive than a lot of options out there and it’s not perfect. But, in our opinion, it’s the best that’s currently out there.

Absolutely no wires to ever have to feed through, try to clean and store. Accurate. Easy to use. No connectivity issues. Unlimited range via WiFi. Dishwasher safe probes. Lots of probes. Can be synced with your smartphone or used in standalone mode.

The MEATER Block has a lot going for it. The only complaint we have is that the batteries don’t last that long. But, it’s a great product.

Scroll or skip to the top of this article for our quick review. Or, check out our full review of the MEATER range.

Without a doubt, the best Bluetooth smoker thermometer is the latest MEATER 2 Plus.

This thermometer is so much better than the competition in pretty much every way.

Each probe has 5 sensors (4 for internal and 1 ambient), they’re 100% waterproof and have a very high temperature range. This means you can use them for pretty much anything. Smoking, grilling, in your regular oven, air-fryer, deep-fryer, sous vide, and even in your ultra-hot Ooni pizza oven.

Then, throw the probe in the dishwasher and you’re good to go.

With the 5.2 Bluetooth, you’ve got a huge 2,500 foot range. The charger is super fast with 15 minutes of charge-time giving you 12 hours of use. And, one single AAA battery can give you up to 2 years of charging.

The MEATER 2 Plus is absolutely unbeatable. And, if you want more than 1 probe, just buy more units. You can link up to 5 in the MEATER app to monitor multiple cuts of meat with the best technology there is.

Since you’ve been shopping around for the best wireless smoker thermometer, you might have come across the MEATER’s competitor, the MeatStick.

We have hands on tested both of these products and always recommend the MEATER over the MeatStick for two reasons. One, the MeatStick isn’t as accurate. And, two, the MEATER’s app is much more intuitive and so much easier to use.

If you want the full details on how the MeatStick compares to the MEATER, we talk about our full experience comparing these two wireless smoker thermometers. Click the link to read about it.

Or, check out our full MeatStick X review.

The MEATER is the original in terms of completely wireless meat temperature monitoring. And, because they were the beginning, they’ve had plenty of time to iron out any connectivity, app or probe issues.

After having used the MEATER for years, and testing it against the competition, we truly believe that the MEATER is currently the best wireless smoker thermometer on the market.

It by far has the best features, looks great and most importantly works perfectly.

But, read our full review of the MEATER range including the Plus and Block models for all the details.

Instant read thermometers can’t be left in meat while smoking.

But, a proper meat smoking thermometer, like the one’s recommended in this review are designed for leaving in the meat throughout your entire cook.

You can place your smoking meat thermometer in the meat when cold, put it in your smoker, close it up and be able to see exactly how hot your meat is getting, and how fast, without having to open the lid. Or, depending on your meat thermometer model, without having to even go outside and look at your barbecue.

They’re convenient, and give you all the information you need to perfect your cook each and every time.

When you’re choosing where to place the meat probe in a brisket, you want to aim for the thickest part of the brisket flat. You should find that the fattest part is near the point end.

But, the point end with it’s higher fat content tends to reach temperature a little faster than the flat. So, inserting your probe near where these two muscles meat, and, in the thickest part of the flat, ensures you get the most even cook throughout your whole brisket.

Smoker thermometers and instant read thermometers are designed to essentially do different jobs.

While instant read thermometers do just that, give you the temperature reading at any one point in time, smoker thermometers are designed to monitor temperature over time to give a more complete picture.

So, while you can use an instant read thermometer to check if your smoked meat is cooked, you’ll have to open the lid, letting out heat, and physically check it regularly to hopefully hit your target spot on.

Smoker thermometers do the job for you and all you need to do is check your phone or the receiver to see exactly where your meat is at. Most will go as far as notifying you 5 minutes or so before it’s time to eat.

They’re so easy and definitely the best option for smoking.

But, when I’m grilling, I do prefer to use an instant read thermometer.

A lot of smoker thermometers can’t handle the high ambient heat of open flame grilling. So, using them for that means risking damaging them.

An instant read thermometer is perfect for just inserting and quickly checking if your steak is sitting at a rare, medium or well-done temperature. And, you’re generally standing around flipping what you’re grilling anyway so it’s not such a pain to physically check how it’s all going.

For more information on instant read thermometers and the rop rated one’s out there, read our best instant read thermometer review.

Depends what you’re planning on using them for.

Because smoker thermometers are designed to be left in the meat for hours, giving you a complete picture of what’s going on inside your smoker without opening the lid and letting heat out, they are without a doubt the best option for smoking.

But, smoking thermometers aren’t so great for grilling because you’ll need to watch to make sure that you’re not exceeding the maximum allowed ambient temperature which would damage your probes.

So, as with most tools, unfortunately you’re better off with both if you are wanting something for smoking and something for grilling. But, you could make do with just one.

It’s your call.

You could always do a cheaper smoker thermometer from this list and a cheaper instant read thermometer from our best instant read thermometer article if budget is putting you off buying both.

Summing Up the Best Wireless Smoker Thermometer Review

If you own a smoker, you should definitely invest in a good quality smoker thermometer.

It’s simply not worth wasting 12 hours of smoking and a whole heap of meat to find that you’ve accidentally burned that brisket, the ribs are chewy or the pulled pork just won’t pull.

A smoker thermometer takes the guesswork out of whether your meat is cooked or not and lets you focus your skills on getting your flavors just how you like them.

And, these days, why wouldn’t you go wireless!

There’s actually no need to be tied to your smoker any more! Your thermometer can even tell you when you need to add more fuel because the ambient temperature has dropped.

So, if you want the best and it fits within your budget, definitely go with the MEATER 2 Plus. It’s an incredible tool you can use anywhere in your kitchen.

The Best Wireless Smoker Thermometer - The MEATER 2 Plus

I’ve never known someone to buy a MEATER and regret it.

But, if the MEATER isn’t in your budget or doesn’t seem quite right for you, we hope you’ve found a great alternative on this best of list. All of the wireless smoker thermometers we’ve recommended here are great purchases and once you start using one, you’ll never go back!

Don’t smoke in the dark again 🙂


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