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Best Pellet Smokers: 10 Detailed 2020 Reviews

by Burning Brisket
Best Pellet Smokers

Gone are the days of sweating over the flames, painstakingly trying to maintain your temperature every fifteen minutes in rain, hail or shine. When pellet smokers burst onto the scene, barbecue fans thought it was just a flash in the pan, if you’ll pardon the pun. But, with the most respectable manufacturers in the market offering up their version of this set and forget, wood-fired smoker, the world is finally cottoning on to the fact that the pellet grill is here to stay.

And, if you ask us, we couldn’t be happier about it! Mastering the art of barbecuing on an offset smoker may earn you serious browning points with traditionalists. But, there’s a good reason that pellet smokers are becoming so popular, even on the competitive barbecue circuit.

In this article, we review the 10 best pellet smokers 2020 has to offer. You’ll also find pros and cons,and stats for each model recommended.

All of our picks have been selected for their versatility, ease of use, end results, and overall value for money.

Best All-Round Pellet Grill and Smoker:

Camp Chef WiFi Woodwind 36 with Sidekick

The WiFi Woodwind 36″ is Camp Chef’s most feature-packed smoker. It’s solid, versatile, reliable, and has all the extra features that make it a winner for anyone who wants a pellet grill that does everything.

Starting with it’s all-important temperature control, the WiFi Woodwind is powered by their unique PID controller. Not only is the PID one of the most precise temperature controllers on the market, it also allows you to choose exactly how much smoke you’d like without having to change the heat level.

WiFi connectivity lets you control the PID direct from your phone. The Camp Chef Connect app is basic at the moment but works well and has the potential to be expanded in the future.

Also included with this all-round best pellet smoker, are not just 1, but 4 meat probes giving you precise, hands-off progress of what’s going on under the lid without having to spend more money on additional probes.

But what we really love about Camp Chef is their Slide & Grill technology. Simply pull a knob and the Woodwind will switch between indirect and direct flame mode to flame grill up to 500°F.

If that’s still not hot enough for you, this version of the Camp Chef Woodwind comes with the Sidekick attachment. Using a propane tank (not included with grill), the sidekick works as an additional hot plate that can cook at up to 650°F to sear, boil, braise or grill anything you want alongside your smoker.

Along with it’s well-liked Ash Cleanout feature, the 2020 updates also give you a taller cooking chamber with two-level grates creating more usable space. Available in 3 different sizes to match your needs, the Camp Chef WiFi Woodwind is an unbeatable, feature-filled pellet smoker that retails for a very reasonable price.

Stats for the Camp Chef WiFi Woodwind 36 with Sidekick

Barbecue material: Stainless steel and powder-coated steel

Grate material: Enamel-coated steel lower rack, nickel plated upper rack, enamel-coated cast iron sear rack

Cooking capacity: 1236 sq. in. total (583 sq. in. lower rack, 663 sq. in. upper rack), 231 sq. in. sidekick

Pellet hopper capacity: 22 lbs

Heat Range: 160°F – 500°F in smoking box, up to 650°F in sidekick

Fuel type: Electric and wood pellet, propane in sidekick

Model: PG36CLSK

Assembled size (in): 30(D) x 69(W) x 43.5(H)

Weight: 177 lbs

Warranty: 3 years

Pros of the Camp Chef WiFi Woodwind:

  • Smoke, sear, grill, barbecue, braise, roast and bake on one unit
  • Ideal for reverse searing
  • Sturdy construction with lockable castors for easy moving
  • PID temperature controller keeps temperature at +/-5°F of target
  • Suitable for cold weather smoking
  • Separate heat and smoke settings for the ultimate control
  • WiFi connectivity gives remote access
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Extra large hopper allows for longer cook times
  • Includes 4 meat probes for accurate monitoring
  • Ash clean-out system is great
  • Long 3 year warranty

Cons of the Camp Chef WiFi Woodwind with Sidekick:

Best Value for Money Pellet Smoker

Z Grills ZPG-1000D

If you like the Traeger but don’t want to spend that much, Z Grills have a bit of a reputation as Traeger clones. They’re not THE same. But, their top of the line ZPG-1000D is a solid, effective and reliable alternative to the ever-so-popular Traeger. And, it comes in at about half the cost!

Previously, Z Grills had a few problems with their temperature regulation. But, they’ve listened to user problems and met us with their 2020 updated digital control board. The new Z Grills with Advanced Wood Fire Technology now do a great job at sticking within about 10°F of the target temperature, even in colder weather

Built to last, the ZPG-1000D is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and comes with either a bronze or stainless finish.

Inside the ZPG-1000D offers 1,060 square inches of cooking space. But, instead of being one large grate, it’s spread over 3 so the whole unit doesn’t take up quite as much space.

Like the Traeger, the Z Grills ZPG-1000D can be set anywhere between 180-450°F. This means you can smoke, barbecue, bake, roast and braise just about anything. Z Grills do claim that the 1000D can be used for grilling too, and, it can at a stretch. But, at only 450°F , you’re not going to get great grilling results. If great grill results are important to you, we’d recommend checking out the smaller but hotter ZPG-6002B or something similar instead.

Pairing all of that with a large pellet hopper, a sturdy cabinet with plenty of storage, a free cover, and, a 3 year warranty, the ZPG-1000D is hands-down, incredible value for money that rivals the Traeger on so many levels.

Stats for the Z Grills ZPG-1000D Pellet Smoker

Barbecue material: Heavy-duty stainless steel

Grate material: Stainless steel

Cooking capacity:  432 sq. in. on main rack, 374 sq. in. on first warming rack, 255 sq. in. on second

Pellet hopper capacity: 20 lbs

Temperature Range: 180°F – 450°F

Fuel type: Electric / wood pellets

Model: ZPG-1000D

Dimensions: 54″ W x 53″ H x 23″ D

Weight: 143 lbs

Warranty: 3 years

Pros of the Z Grills ZPG-1000D Pellet Smoker:

  • Solid, stainless steel body for durability
  • Large cooking capacity without taking up a heap of room on the ground
  • New and improved temperature controller maintains even heat even in poor weather conditions
  • Wide temperature range gives plenty of flexibility in what you cook
  • Pellet hopper holds a whole 20 pound bag
  • Cabinet-style cart gives plenty of storage space while looking tidy
  • Includes free cover
  • Long 3 year warranty
  • Great value for money

Cons of the Z Grills ZPG-1000D Pellet Smoker:

  • There’s no easy way to remove unused pellets from the hopper. You either have to leave them there (might absorb a bit of moisture) or vacuum them out if you’ve put too many in
  • Not great for grilling as 450°F isn’t really hot enough for a decent sear

Best Traeger Pellet Grill:

Traeger Ironwood 885

When it comes to pellet smokers, Traeger is THE house name. They’re popularity has been driven by their quality, consistency and amazing results, driving a loyal community of enthusiasts who simply won’t go past the original creator of the wood pellet grill.

And, the Ironwood 885 is Traeger’s most innovative pellet grill yet.

Forget basic phone apps that can be a pain to use. The Ironwood 885 can literally hear your commands! That is if you’ve got Alexa of course…

With Traeger’s new WiFIRE, you can change the temperature, set times and check the internal temperature of your meat. If you don’t have Alexa, don’t worry, you can still use your phone too. The app also has a tonne of amazing recipes, as well as tips and tricks to make your barbecue even better.

Controlled by the new D2 Direct Drive drivetrain, you’ve got even more precise temperature control for great results each and every time you cook.

The Ironwood 885 model gives an unsurprising 850 square inches of cooking space while the cheaper Ironwood 650 gives 650 square inches, all on a single cooking grate.

With a sensor to tell you when you’re getting low on pellets, the Ironwood is the next generation of pellet cooking. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier…

Specs for the Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill

Barbecue material: Powder-coated stainless steel

Grate material: Porcelain

Cooking capacity: 885 square inches

Pellet hopper capacity: 20 lbs

Temperature range: 160°F – 500°F

Fuel type: Wood pellets

Model: TFB89BLFC

Dimensions: 54″ W x 47″ H x 27″ D

Weight: 175 lbs

Warranty: 3 years

Pros of the Traeger Ironwood Pellet Smoker:

  • Upgraded D2 Direct Drive gives more power and improved flavor
  • TurboTemp® feature heats up faster and boosts temperature up to 500°F
  • WiFIRE controller allows for remote use via the app or Alexa
  • Comes with a temperature probe for internal meat monitoring
  • Tru Convection fans create a vortex of smoke inside the cooking chamber
  • SuperSmoke mode drops the temperature to create more smoke for more flavor
  • Downdraft exhaust system won’t let smoke exit without passing through the whole cooking chamber
  • Side wall insulation holds heat better in cooler weather conditions
  • High-quality build from industry leader, Traeger
  • Choice of 885 or 650 square inches of cooking space to match your needs
  • Excellent 3 year warranty

Cons of the Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill:

  • The 500°F max is an improvement on the older Traeger’s. But, it’s still not quite hot enough to be ideal for grilling.
  • Doesn’t have the stainless steel grates or grease management system that’s featured on the Timberline series

Best Vertical Pellet Smoker:

Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker

Not only is this vertical-style pellet smoker great for anyone with limited space, it’s also a solid all-round, extra large pellet smoker.

Coming standard with 4 cooking racks, 3 jerky racks and a 12 hook hanging rack, all of which are adjustable, the Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Smoker gives you a tonne of flexibility to cook anything ranging from jerky to salmon, sausages and, of course, brisket.

You’ve got digital temperature controls with Smart Smoke Technology for reliable set and forget barbecuing. Plus, Camp Chef have also included two meat temperature probes so you’ll know exactly when that meat is cooked to perfection.

We love the Grease Management System which to us, is worth the price alone! That coupled with the Ash Clean-Out feature make tidying up so quick and easy.

Complete with a high-quality cover, the Camp Chef XXL Pellet Smoker is such good value! We can’t recommend this smoker highly enough!

Stats for the Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Smoker

Fuel type: Pellets

Barbecue material: Dual stainless steel door

Grate material: Unspecified

Cooking capacity: 1,950 sq. in.

Pellet hopper capacity: 18lbs

Temperature range: 150-350°F


Dimensions: 55(H) x 24(W) x 15.5(D)

Weight: 145lbs

Warranty: 3 years

Pros of the Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Smoker:

  • Vertical style takes up less ground in your yard while giving more cooking space
  • Accurate, set and forget temperature control
  • Internal fans reduce hot spots for even cooking
  • HUGE cooking capacity
  • Includes regular racks, jerky racks and hanging hooks for the ultimate flexibility
  • Clear pellet hopper window lets you see exactly how much fuel you’ve got left
  • So easy to clean thanks to the Grease Management and Ash Clean-Out systems
  • Sturdy with locking castor wheels
  • Comes with cover

Cons of the Camp Chef XXL Vertical Pellet Smoker:

  • Can leak a bit of smoke but it’s nothing major

Best Budget Pellet Smoker:

Z Grills ZPG-450A

The fully automated, lots of working parts nature of pellet smokers doesn’t lend itself well to a budget option. But, the ZPG 450-A by Z Grills breaks this mold.

For a very attractive price, you still get a quality stainless steel body with a digital LED panel and advanced wood fired technology to maintain your desired temperature (or about 10°F either side).

The capacity is a little smaller than more expensive models. But, at 450 square inches for smoking or 324 square inches for grilling, you’ll still have more than enough space to invite some friends. The smoking is split over 2 rust-resistant porcelain-coated grates and a drip tray keeps the grease away from the fire to prevent flare-ups from ruining your flavor.

What’s surprising on such an affordable pellet smoker is the generous hopper capacity too. It’s big enough to hold 15-pounds of pellets which will give you about 15 hours of uninterrupted smoking time.

At a maximum heat of 450°F, it’s also possible to grill on the ZPG 450-A. And, it does a pretty good job of it too, especially when it comes to reverse searing that meat you’ve just smoked.

Overall, the ZPG 450-A is amazing value for money when it comes to a budget-friendly pellet smoker. Sturdy, effective and covered by a 3 year warranty, it’s a no-brainer for anyone wanting a true set and forget barbecue without the huge price tag.

Stats for the Z Grills ZPG-450A Pellet Smoker

Barbecue material: Stainless steel

Grate material:  Porcelain-coated iron

Cooking capacity: 450 sq. in.

Pellet hopper capacity: 15 lbs

Heat Range: 180-450°F

Fuel type: Wood pellets

Model: ZPG-450A

Assembled size (in): 49”H x 45”W x 28”D

Weight: 84 lbs

Warranty: 3 years

Pros of the Z Grills ZPG-450A

  • Quality stainless steel body
  • Auto-start ignition
  • Digital pellet feeding system gives precise temperature control
  • Large pellet hopper lets you smoke for about 15 hours without lifting a finger
  • Easy to clean, rust-resistant, porcelain-coated cooking racks
  • Wide temperature range gives you the versatility to smoke, bake, roast, braise and grill
  • Drip tray prevents flare-ups
  • Waste oil collector makes clean up faster
  • Sturdy feel to the whole design
  • Includes a free waterproof cover

Cons of the Z Grills ZPG-450A

  • Limited capacity compared to most other pellet smokers

Best Portable Pellet Grill:

Green Mountain Davy Crockett WiFi Pellet Grill

For power and flexibility you can take on the road, look no further than the Davy Crockett WiFi enabled pellet smoker. Weighing in at only 68 pounds, this is a cheaper and more portable model that is ideal for small families or those who like to barbecue on the go. Worry not though, this grill still has plenty of space, housing two racks of ribs or six steaks at a time.

But, the coolest thing about this baby is that it’s got WiFi so you can control the temperature from your cell phone (Apple or Android). Impress the lads as you lean back in your deckchair and turn the heat up for the final blast of your brisket without lifting a finger. With a meat probe included, utensil tray and exclusive Sense-Mate for temperature monitoring, the folk at Green Mountain really have thought of everything.

When you’re at home, simply plug the Davy Crockett into regular power. But, if you want to take this pellet smoker on the road, plug the 12 volt cord into your car or hook it up direct to the battery with alligator clips.

Add a disposable grease tray to your purchase for easy cleaning, and you’ll be packed up and ready to go whilst everyone is still in a food coma. Ideal for camping holidays, beach days out or road trips, just fold down the legs, which double up as handles to chuck him in the trunk. Enjoy your favorite barbecue foods more often for way less effort with this little gem.

Stats for the Green Mountain Davy Crockett WiFi Pellet Grill

Barbecue material: Stainless steel

Grate material: Stainless steel

Cooking capacity: 219 sq in

Pellet hopper capacity: 9 lbs

Heat range: 150°F – 550°F

Fuel type: Wood pellets

Model: Davy Crockett

Assembled size (in): 31.75 (H) x 34 (W) x 23 (D)

Weight: 68 lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Pros of the Green Mountain Davy Crockett Portable Pellet Smoker:

  • Top rated smoker
  • Great price
  • Folding legs let you take set and forget smoking on the go
  • Accurately regulates the temperature so you can keep having fun
  • WiFi controls let you operate from your phone
  • Includes a meat probe to tell you exactly when your meat is done
  • Strong enough to use at home
  • Suitable for grilling too
  • Stainless steel construction for maximum rust protection
  • Comes with waterproof cover
  • Decent 2 year warranty

Cons of the Green Mountain Davy Crockett Portable Pellet Smoker:

  • Steel is thinner than non-portable alternatives so it will use more fuel in cooler weather conditions
  • Smaller cooking capacity
  • Smaller pellet hopper

Best Tailgating Pellet Grill:

Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill and Smoker

If you’re a sports fan who’s always planning their next tailgate, this is the best wood pellet smoker for you. With almost 50% more space than the portable Davy Crockett, plus Traeger’s Digital Elite Controller, you’ll have nothing to worry about beyond your team’s performance.

With fold-away legs, a stainless-steel unit, and compact size, this baby is designed to be easily transported. And there’ll still be plenty of room in your trunk for a few extra beers. Traeger’s inverter is needed to get you locked into the power source, but when you can use it to charge your phone and hook up a mini sound system for some pre-game power tunes, it’s hardly an inconvenience.

The range of pellets on offer from Traeger won’t get boring any time soon either. And, their Signature Blend is sure to have all your neighbors and friends marveling at your sensational skills. Combining maple, hickory and cherry, it’ll add a sweet, smoky flavor to your favorite cut of meat. Take this bad boy on your next tailgate and prepare to be the envy of parking lot.

Stats for the Traeger Tailgater Pellet Smoker

Barbecue material: Stainless steel

Grate material: Porcelain-coated steel

Cooking capacity: 300 sq in

Pellet hopper capacity: 8lbs

Heat range: 160°F – 400°F

Fuel type: Wood pellets

Model: TFB30KLF

Assembled size (in): 36(H) x 37(W) x 18(D)

Weight: 62lbs

Warranty: 3 years

Pros of the Traeger Tailgater Pellet Smoker:

  • Quality US-made pellet grill
  • Large capacity for a portable grill
  • Combination of lightweight and folding legs make it possible to fit  in the back of lots of different vehicle types
  • Set and forget technology so you can focus on your friends and the game
  • Good enough construction to use at home as well as on the go
  • Easy to clean porcelain-coated racks
  • 3 year warranty from industry leader
  • Good-looking design

Cons of the Traeger Tailgater Pellet Smoker:

  • Even with folding legs, this pellet grill takes up quite a bit of room in the back of a smaller car
  • Smaller hopper size means you might need to top up the pellets while you’re cooking. But, that might not be a problem if you’re just sitting around with mates

Best Semi-Professional Pellet Smoker:

Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack PG500 Pellet Smoker

Competition grade and versatility are the names of the game with Fast Eddy’s. Not only will this wood pellet barbecue smoke AND grill for you, it offers the ultimate flexibility with a Four-Zone cook capacity. This means that you can use direct or indirect heat, heat and keep food warm in the holding area AND even cold smoke too.

Made by Cookshack, a US company that specializes in commercial grade smokers, Fast Eddy’s PG500 is the most popular pellet smoker in their residential line. And, while it’s not the best-looking smoker on the market, it’s 100% unpainted stainless steel, riveted construction gives unparalleled durability for a smoker that’s designed for home use.

So, while your friends might not be commenting on its prettiness, you’re not going to tire of the compliments you receive on your cooking, that’s for sure.

The Cookshack Fast Eddy’s PG500 Pellet Grill gives you a total of 784 square inches of space to fill with your barbecue favorites. Plus, if you’re a smoked salmon fan, why not try cold smoking some of your own? Or, experiment with smoking cheese, nuts, eggs and vegetables too.

And, once you’ve mastered the art (it won’t take long on this baby), you could even enter a barbecue competition too. This model has been approved by all major cooking competition sanctioning bodies so why not take a shot at a pitmaster title?

With all the usual temperature control and easy clean features, this electric pellet smoker is an awesome bit of kit for both the experienced and experimental barbecuer.

Stats for the Fast Eddy's PG500 Pellet Grill and Smoker

Barbecue material: 100% unpainted stainless steel

Grate material: Stainless steel rod grate in direct cooking areas, nickel plated grill in indirect

Cooking capacity: 180 sq. in. direct cooking, 324 sq. in. indirect cooking, 280 sq. in. top rack, 247 sq. in. warming draw

Pellet hopper capacity: 22lbs

Heat Range: Up to 600°F

Fuel type: Wood pellet

Model: PG500

Assembled size (in): 52.5(H) x 56.5(W) x 23.5(D)

Weight: 330lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Pros of the Cookshack Fast Eddy’s PG500:

  • 100% unpainted stainless-steel means that you won’t have problems with rust or flaking paint, ever
  • Riveted construction is stronger than the standard screws and is more resistant to warping
  • Highly versatile wood pellet barbecue that smokes, grills, braises, roasts, bakes and barbecues
  • Also works as a cold smoker for even more flexibility with your cook
  • Includes a handy warming draw so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t quite timed the meat with your sides
  • Very large hopper capacity means that you’re able to smoke for many hours without adding more pellets
  • Produced by a commercial smoker company which means you get a bit of the same expertise and design in a residential pellet grill
  • Approved for use by all major cooking competition sanctioning bodies in case you want to try your hand at competing
  • Comes with 40lbs of Cookshack pellets to get you started

Cons of the Cookshack Fast Eddy’s PG500:

  • We don’t think it looks the nicest, but, it does look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to barbecue
  • Doesn’t come with meat probes, but, they’re not expensive
  • 2 year warranty is a bit shorter than industry leaders

Best High End Pellet Grill:

Memphis Grills Pro (Smoke and Grill)

If you’re in the market for a premium pellet grill that’s got the quality, power and versatility to do justice to everything you cook for years to come, it’s got to be a Memphis Grill. Every feature, every corner and every finish of this top of the line pellet barbecue has been perfectly designed for maximum ease of use, durability and unparalleled results.

Made from the highest-grade stainless-steel, in a doubled walled design, the Memphis Grills Pro takes the basic wood fire and combines it with a high-tech kitchen oven. Not only can it smoke for up to 62 hours without needing to touch a thing, it also has a perforated insert that allows you to grill directly over the pellet fire giving you the ease of gas cooking with that added smokiness.

The doubled walled construction combined with an oven-grade gasket means that the Memphis Pro is superbly sealed. This maximizes heat and smoke retention so that it costs less to run while keeping the temperature more even. But, there’s also a set of dual four-inch fans that circulate heat inside the barbecue for incredibly even cooking environment that’s ideal for creating competition-worthy results without needing to rotate the goods.

And, to make precision smoking easy, the intelligent WiFi-enabled app lets you control the temperature with a swipe of your smart phone. There are even two pellet hoppers so that you can experiment with a cocktail of smoky-sweet flavors.

With exceptional craftsmanship and unrivaled technology and design, the Memphis Pro Pellet Grill and Smoker is without a doubt worth every cent spent on this top of the line model.

Stats for the Memphis Pro 24" Freestanding Pellet Grill and Smoker

Barbecue material: Double walled stainless steel (#430 model available or #340 upgrade for coastal areas)

Grate material: #340 stainless steel

Cooking capacity: 4,230 cubic inches

Pellet hopper capacity: 18lbs

Heat Range: Up to 600°F

Fuel type: Wood pellet

Model: VG0001S4 (#430 stainless steel) and VG000S2 (#340 stainless steel)

Assembled size (in): 47(H) x 57(W) x 29(D)

Weight: 213lbs

Warranty: 30 days on meat probe, 3 years on electronics, 7 years on remaining parts

Pros of the Memphis Pro Pellet Grill and Smoker:

  • 100% high-quality stainless steel design means no rust and no flaking paint
  • Doubled walled construction with an oven-quality gasket equals exceptional heat control and retention for precise control and more efficient fuel usage
  • Dual fans create even heat convection within
  • The perforated insert means you can use the high heat of the pellet fire to grill directly over
  • One of the lowest cost pellet grills to run
  • Dual pellet hopper makes it easy to create unique smoky flavor mixes
  • Great warranty that you’d expect for a grill of this quality
  • Available in regular #430 stainless steel for general use or #340 upgrade for coastal
  • WiFi pellet smoker that can be controlled via app
  • Includes one meat probe but has room for two more
  • Plenty of storage space in cart
  • Also available in a built-in model for outdoor kitchens

Cons of the Memphis Pro Pellet Grill and Smoker:

  • A few upgrades could be made to the WiFi app to make it easier to use

Best Supersized Pellet Smoker:

Louisiana Country Smokers Super Hog (Smoke and Grill)

No list of the best pellet smokers would be complete without a supersize offering. This premium pellet smoker from Louisiana Grills is designed to smoke a medium to large sized whole hog. You’ve heard the phrase ‘kill the fatted calf’, well, when you’ve got something to celebrate, this behemoth is your new best friend.

Perfect for commercial use or the backyard pit master with lots of mouths to feed, the Louisiana Country Super Hog Pellet Smoker actually has two over sized pellet hoppers and two digital control panels. These, along with the dual convection fans, work together to ensure there’s enough power to give an even cook throughout the impressive 3,105 square inches of cooking space.

And, if going the whole hog seems like a bit of a stretch, simply insert the divider and suddenly you’ve got two ovens to play with. Why not bake a dessert on one side while you low-and-slow a hickory brisket on the other?

But, the great thing about the LG Super Hog is that it’s not only suitable for those special occasion cookouts. With two separate Digital Control Centers and two hoppers, you can simply fire up one side at a time for smaller parties or home use.

Also, as comes standard with Louisiana Grills, the Super Hog also has a section that can slide out of the way so that you can sear over the open flame. While some people do find this LG feature great, we’ve found that it’s not really hot enough to do some serious searing.

But, when it comes to a crowd, nothing beats this Super Hog!

Stats for the LG Country Smokers Super Hog Pellet Grill

Barbecue material: Powder-coated steel

Grate material: Stainless steel

Cooking capacity: 1,671 sq. in. primary, 1,434 sq. in. with included expansion racks

Pellet hopper capacity: 2 x 20lbs

Heat Range: 180°F to 600°F

Fuel type: Wood pellet

Model: 51900

Assembled size (in): 52.5(H) x 90.5(W) x 36.5(D)

Weight: 626lbs

Warranty: 3 years on electronics, 5 years on remaining parts excluding grates

Pros of the LG Country Super Hog Pellet Grill:

  • Huge pellet smoker which makes it possible to smoke a whole hog in your backyard
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Dual fans, hoppers and control systems make it powerful enough to effectively heat the size
  • Cooking chamber separator means that you can use one half when cooking smaller quantities
  • Divided systems can be used to cook different meals with different pellets and at different temperatures at the same time
  • Stainless steel racks are less suceptible to rusting
  • You can sear and grill on this pellet smoker
  • Strong cart with heavy duty wheels is sturdy enough to handle the weight of massive cook ups
  • Good warranty to back your purchase

Cons of the LG Country Super Hog Pellet Grill:

  • Very large and heavy to move around but could be built into your commercial configuration or made into a backyard feature

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