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Best Smokers on the Market: Guaranteed 2024 Winners


Traeger all new Ironwood
Traeger Ironwood


Z Grills Multitasker 7052B
Z Grills Multitasker


Kamado Joe Classic III
Kamado Joe Classic III


Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Grill and Smoker
Masterbuilt Gravity


Oklahoma Joe's Bronco Drum Smoker
Oklahoma Joe's Bronco


East Oak 30 inch electric smoker with glass door
East Oak 30 Glass

There’s a LOT of different smokers out there. Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned barbecue enthusiast, finding the right smoker can make a significant difference in your outdoor cooking experience and the results you get. 

Our comprehensive review of the best smokers on the market cuts to the chase of what’s really good.

Here you’ll find our top choice of smokers based on their type. Feel free to read down the list and see which one suits your needs best. Or, if you want more information about each type of smoker, check out our guide on what’s the best type of smoker?

These top smokers have been all been chosen to be featured on this list based on their performance, affordability, quality, and durability. We’ve used each of them so you’re getting hands on feedback from an industry expert.

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How We Tested the Best Smokers on the Market

This article is updated frequently as new products are released and are tested and approved.

But, to make the cut as one of the best smokers on the market, each of these barbecues is used by us over a minimum of ten cooks. There are a lot of factors that we assess them for before recommending them to you. But, here are a selection of the most important to make this list:

Any smoker that makes this list is assessed carefully for it’s build quality.

And, while better is always best, sometimes a great quality model that performs well at a good price isn’t available. In this case, you’ll see us note that the quality isn’t the best so that you’re fully aware before making a decision to buy.

How good the food is that each barbecue makes is the most critical factor for us in selecting the best smokers on the market. After all, how can it be one of the best if it can’t cook delicious food?

To test this, we cook the same cuts of meat with the same technique and seasonings to test how well it went on different models of smokers.

For us it’s not one and done. We check for you that it wasn’t just a fluke and you can actually cook a good brisket each and every single time you use these recommended barbecues. Because, finicky isn’t fun.

As well as looking at each smoker itself, we also test out how good the app is to use if there is one.

First, we use WiFi smokers without the app to get the basics down in a more hands on way. Then, we download the app to our smartphone and run through the same trial cooks using the app.

Notes are made on how easy it is to use and how basic or advanced the functionality is.

While the barbecues that we selected to make the best smokers on the market aren’t completely chosen for price, we always do a little bit of a cost, benefit analysis before they make the cut.

We personally like to get good value and we don’t like to recommend a product that we just don’t think is worth it’s price tag.

Pit Barrel Cooker vs Oklahoma Joe's Bronco

We’ve made sure there’s at least one smoker recommended as the best in each barbecue type. For other top rated smokers in each category, you’ll find a link to our review of the best X smokers down below each review.

Table of Contents

Best Smokers on the Market: Our Top Choices

This year, these are our selection of the best best smokers on the market. We’ve picked something for everyone with all smoker types covered.


Traeger All-New Ironwood


BBQ type: Pellet

Material: Powder-coated

Grates: Porcelain-coated

Grilling: Indirect heat

Capacity: 616 or 924 sq inch

Hopper capacity: 22 lbs

Heat range: 165 – 500°F

Dimensions: 25″D x 70″W x 48″H for XL

WiFi: Yes

Price guide: $$$$

Model: TFB61RLG

Warranty: 10 years

Traeger have been at it again, innovating and elevating the pellet smoking experience with our new favorite, the updated Ironwood Series.

This smoker has ALL the features and is the easiest way to cook the best food all year round.

Traeger’s new controller with Smart Combustion™ technology coupled with the Ironwood’s built-in insulation mean that the temperature is rarely more than a few degrees fahrenheit out from wherever you’ve set it.

And, because of the EvenFlow heat shield, the temperature is remarkably even from one side of the grill to the other, even in the larger XL model. 

Traeger Ironwood full color touchscreen

The quality of the smoke this thing puts out is right on up there thanks to Traeger’s new Smart Combustion technology combined with the older Downdraft Exhaust system. It’s clean, clear, and as healthy as you can get.

If you like a stronger smoke profile, there’s Super Smoke mode that you can use to bump up the smokiness. Just be aware that how Super Smoke works is by burning pellets at a lower temperature where they produce more smoke so you can only use it up to 225°F.

If you’re not using the well-developed Traeger app to run the grill via WiFire, there’s a full color touchscreen. It’s very nice and easy to use.

Traeger Ironwood Pellet Grill set up with PAL accessory system

You even get two wired meat probes included that plug straight into the control panel so you can monitor the internal temperature of your meat without needing to buy or run a separate thermometer.

The all-new Ironwood is one of the more expensive pellet smokers out there. But, I would buy it again and again.

Traeger have thought of absolutely everything and the butchers paper holder roll is the icing on the cake for us. Well, that and the 10 year warranty… With the pop and lock accessory rail, you can set this smoker up with absolutely everything you need and use all in one. The all- new Ironwood is a true workhorse.


Want to compare this to other top rated pellet smokers? Check out our best pellet smokers review.


Z Grills Multitasker


BBQ type: Pellet

Material: Powder-coated

Grates: Porcelain-coated

Grilling: Indirect heat

Capacity: 709 or 1,068 sq in

Hopper capacity: 22 lbs

Heat range: 160 – 500°F

Dimensions: 32″D x 45″W x 47″H

WiFi: Yes

Price guide: $$$

Model: 7052B

Warranty: 3 years

If you don’t have the money or don’t want to spend that much on the all-new Traeger Ironwood, the Z Grills Multitasker is a very similar knock-off that performs almost as well but costs significantly less.

We love Z Grills because, while they’re not the best quality, these smokers perform really well, especially when you consider the price. And, the Multitasker is their very best, most feature-filled model.

Either size you go for, you get slightly more cooking space than you do on the Traeger. The hopper’s are huge too.

Z Grills 11002B Multitasker Loaded Up

The upgraded PID temperature controller plus the full body insulation keeps the heat super steady. Like, we’re talking within 8°F of your target. Like the Traeger, there’s Super Smoke mode for a stronger, woody flavor as well.

And, although you don’t have Traeger’s Smart Combustion and Downdraft Exhaust system, the quality of the smoke is still really good. We don’t notice the difference unless we’re really looking for it.

The Multitasker is the only Z Grills smoker that’s got WiFi. The app isn’t as well developed as some but is still quite intuitive to use. You do get two temperature probes to plug into the control panel as well. Watch the internal meat temperature increase on the control panel or in the app.

Z Grills Multitasker 7052B Loaded and Cooking

With a temperature range to match the Ironwood as well, the Z Grills Multitasker is unbeatable value. The included bamboo cutting board is very convenient as well. We don’t so much use it for prep but do whip out a cooked piece of meat and carry it straight inside for resting and slicing.


Want to compare this to other top rated pellet smokers? Check out our best value pellet smokers review.


Kamado Joe Classic III


BBQ type: Kamado

Material: Enameled ceramic

Grates: Stainless steel

Capacity: 510 sq in

Heat range: Smoke & grill

Dimensions: 30″D x 46.5″W x 50.5″H

Price guide: $$$$

Model: Classic III

Warranty: Ceramic lifetime, 5 yrs metals, 1 yr other

If you don’t need a heap of space, kamados are an awesome type of barbecue because they’re so good at both grilling and smoking. There’s no compromising on high or low heat performance.

And, the Kamado Joe Classic III is our absoute favorite.

This thing is packed full of innovative features that don’t just make your food taste better, they make your time cooking it easier and more fun too.

It may not seem that important right now, but we love the six piece AMP firebox. Because it’s already broken into pieces that allow the creamic to expand and contract as it heats and cools, it’s less likely to break which does happen with a single piece design.

The Air Lift hinge reduces the dome weight by an impressive 96% to make what’s an awefully heavy lid easy to open, even for the kids (with you there to supervise of course).

Kamado Joe Classic III Review

But, what sets the Classic III apart from the cheaper models in Kamado Joe’s range is the 3-tier Divide and Conquer cooking system. While the Classic II and I have a 2-tier design, the taller height of the Classic III’s cooking chamber means you can fit more food, overcoming possibly the biggest objection of kamado cooking, the limited capacity.

While you’ll still want to go for the Big Joe III to cook for a very large family or if you entertain, you can fit an impressive amount of food on here.

Another feature worth mentioning here is the SlōRoller hyperbolic insert that comes with the Classic III.

The SlōRoller is an insert that you can sit on the bottom rack of the Divide and Conquer system. It claims to improve the quality and quantity of the smoke you get while you’re smoking on the Kamado Joe.

Kamado Joe Classic III with SloRoller insert

In our tests of it, we found the the SlōRoller did help to give the meat a deeper smoke ring and more color on the outside. But, the taste difference wasn’t noticable to us. We do recommend using an extra tray or aluminum foil to top the SlōRoller so that the drippings from what you’re cooking don’t drop all over it creating really bad tasting smoke.

Overall though, the Kamado Joe Classic III is an excellent kamado and investment that’ll see you through many, many years of great grilling and smoking.


Want to compare this to other top rated kamados? Check out our best kamados review.


Masterbuilt Gravity Series


BBQ type: Digital charcoal

Material: Powder-coated

Grates: Cast iron & porcelain-coated

Capacity: 550 – 1,050 sq inch

Heat range: 150 – 700°F

Dimensions: 33.5″D x 57″W x 53″H

Price guide: $$$

Model: MB20041220

Warranty: 1 year

Now, this choice isn’t the best quality charcoal smoker out there. But, it’s pretty cheap, perfoms suprisingly well, and there’s nothing else out there that’s got this technology with a better build.

So, we are going to recommend it while we also say, look after it, because it is prone to rust.

Basically, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series Charcoal Grill and Smokers are a hybrid of a charcoal grill and a pellet smoker. It even has WiFi for remote control too.

You fill the hopper to the top with charcoal, light the charcoal (which is the hard part, I’d recommend grabbing a Looftlighter 1 at least), set your target temperature and the control panel and fans will regulate the temperature for you.

You don’t need to add more charcoal or adjust the vents during the cook. The charcoal gravity feeds to the bottom of the hopper and the air intake automatically adjusts as required.

Steak waiting to get grilled on the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill

In our months of testing, everything works as it should. The temperature stays impressively even. Yu can get really great quality smoked meats almost as easily as you get on a pellet smoker. But, there’s that unmistakable charcoal flavor you can’t get any other way.

With a choice of 3 different sizes, you can grill on the Masterbuilt Gravity as well.

The temperature can get up to a claimed 700°F although we struggled to get past the 600°F mark with quality lump charcoal. Regardless, that’s hot enough for great searing. You even get a reversible cast iron smoking and searing grate for strong sear marks.

Steak grilled on Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill

So, for the latest technology wrapped up in an easy to use, legit charcoal smoked or grilled package, we do rate this versatile grill and smoker. It’s a good barbecue, just make sure you get the cover and follow the care instructions to store it well.


Want to compare this to other top rated charcoal smokers? Check out our best charcoal smokers review.


Oklahoma Joe's Bronco


BBQ type: Charcoal drum

Material: Painted steel

Grates: Porcelain-coated

Capacity: 9 hooks

Heat range: Smoke & grill

Dimensions: 30″ W x 43″ H x 25″ D

Price guide: $$

Model: 19202089

Warranty: 2 years

This is another of the best smokers on the market that’s not the best quality. But, we rate it because it’s design and performance is so good, you just need to look after it properly.

Unlike a lot of other drum smokers that are really just dedicated low and slow smokers, the Bronco is built to be versatile. With it you get a very good quality charcoal basket that can be moved up or down to grill or smoke, a standard 18″ grate for smoking and grilling, and 9 hooks you can use to hang and smoke A LOT of meat in one go.

The design of a drum smoker means that while it’s not set and forget, the charcoal basket is made to burn for up to 10 hours with quality charcoal. We used a natural briquette and had no problems getting that sort of low and slow time in good weather.

Oklahoma Joe Bronco Grate Capacity

You will have to check the temperature occasionally though and adjust the vents to keep the temperature on target throughout the cook though.

But, we found that the temperature does stay fairly steady and the food that this smoker can make is really good. For us, it’s the awesome grilling set up that really sets it apart from the competition though.

Grilling on the Oklahoma Joe Bronco

Because you can raise the height of the charcoal basket, you can use the top grate to grill on easily without reaching down in the barrel. It’s open flame cooking so it gets well hot enough, and it’s a bit like you’ve actually bought two barbecues in the one.

We love it and we do use it regularly.


Want to compare this to other top rated drum smokers? Check out our best drum smokers review.


Oklahoma Joe's Highland


BBQ type: Offset

Material: Powder-coated

Grates: Porcelain-coated

Capacity: 619 sq inch

Heat range: Low and high

Dimensions: 33.5″D x 57″W x 53″H

Price guide: $$

Model: Highland

Warranty: 2 years

The Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker has been around for a long time. And, it’s consistently performed as one of our favorites simply because it’s unbeatable value for money.

Some offset smokers can literally set you back thousands for a pretty basicly functioning barbecue. But, the Highland gives you decent quality, good size, and the ability to make some really good barbecue wrapped up with a suprisingly decent price tag.

In it you’ll have a decent 619 square inches of low and slow smoking space that’s heated via the 281 square inch side firebox.

Smoking on the Oklahoma Joes Highland offset smoker

The steel isn’t as thick as some of the $3k+ models. It can be hard to regulate the temperature in very cold weather. But, for most of the year and in more temperate climates, the Highland is a good setup for creating a clean-burning wood or charocal fire to smoke in the old school, satisfying way.

As with all offsets, you will need to tend to the fire fairly frequently. It’s not hands off.

We found that the cooking grate closest to the firebox naturally runs about 80°F hotter than the side furthest away. Because of this, we do like to strategically place and/or move our meat throughout our cook. But, cook smartly and you can use that to your advantage.

Smoking on the Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker

This offset is our favorite setup for reverse searing because it comes with a firebox grate to grill over the fire as well. So, you can smoke in the main chamber and then literally just pick up your meat and move it over to the firebox to finish it off, grilling over the already hot coals.

And remember, you can set up the main smoking chamber as a giant charcoal grill if you ever need to as well.

Versatile and capable, the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland is all you need to smoke really great food the old school way.


Want to compare this to other top rated offset smokers? Check out our best offset smokers review.


East Oak 30" Glass Door


BBQ type: Electric smoker

Material: Insulated steel

Grates: Chromed wire

Capacity: 725 sq in.

Wattage: 800

Dimensions: 17.56″ D x 18.97″ W x 32.44″ H

Price guide: $

Model: PES23001

Warranty: 3 years

This is one of the most recently released electric smokers, and it’s also the cheapest of this best smokers on the market line-up.

Competiting with the uber-popular Masterbuilt electric smokers, East Oak have tried to take the basics and be better than the competition in every way possible.

Full glass door for better visibility, check. Bumped up three-layer insulation for better cold weather performance, check. Light on the door, check. A wired meat probe that plugs into the control panel, check. A larger wood chip tray that only needs refilling every 2-3 hours, check. And, a remote so you can operate it from inside, check.

It’s got a lot going for it and in our testing, it does perform as well as expected.

Meat probe on East Oak Electric smoker with glass door

Personally, we love them for fish but we’re not really fans of electric smokers for cooking heavier cuts of meat. Generally they struggle, particularly in colder climates like where we live. But, we were pleasantly surprised with how well the East Oak smoker handled ribs, chicken, and pork shoulders.

It’s really a pretty decent all round performing electric smoker. Like all other electrics, you can’t grill. But, for a dedicated smoker that’s easy to use, and actually more hands off than most because of the larger wood chip tray, this is a solid option and our favorite for this year.

It’s also a really great price.

Enter BURNINGBRISKET at East Oak’s checkout for 5% off all items, even if they’re on sale.


Want to compare this to other great electric smokers? Check out our best electric smokers review.


Masterbuilt ThermoTemp Propane


BBQ type: Propane gas

Material: Powder-coated steel

Grates: Chromed wire

Capacity: 960 sq in.

Heat range: Up to 375°F

Dimensions: 22.8″D x 28.7″W x 53″H

Price guide: $$

Model: MB20051316

Warranty: 1 year

If propane is your fuel of choice, you’ve got to grab this temperature regulating gas smoker from the industry leaders, Masterbuilt. And, yes, you read that right, it’s a self-temperature regulating propane smoker where you don’t need to touch your supply at all during your cook.

Thanks to Masterbuilt’s patent-pending ThermoTemp technology, this baby has a sensor that controls the burner to turn the heat up or down as is needed to keep the internal temperature steady. 

In our testing, the 40″ keeps the temperature within about 10°F if you leave it alone during the cook. Having a water pan in helps the temperature stay more steady. If you open the main door, the temperature will still drop dramatically and the burner will bump up causing a temporary spike in the heat while it stabilizes again.

Masterbuilt ThermoTemp Propane 330G

But, there is a separate, smaller door you open to add wood chips and fill up the water pan when required. We find we usually need to add more wood chips every hour or so and opening that up does drop the temperature a little but nowhere near as much as opening the cooking chambers door.

As with all Masterbuilts, this is a cheaper smoker and the quality isn’t top notch. Still, it’s decent for the price. Keep it out of the rain, clean the inside regularly, and store it properly and you should get a fair life out of it.

One other thing we like about the ThermoTemp is that there’s a little propane level gauage. This lets you keep an eye on how much fuel you’ve got left so you don’t find yourself out mid cook. It’s a nice and useful little addition that works well. We were impressed with how efficient the fuel usage was as well.


Want to compare this to other top rated gas smokers? Check out our best propane smokers review.


Z Grills Cruiser


BBQ type: Pellet

Material: Powder-coated

Grates: Porcelain-coated

Grilling: Indirect heat

Capacity: 202 sq in

Hopper capacity: 8 lbs

Heat range: 160 – 450°F

Dimensions: 20″D x 25″W x 13″H

WiFi: No

Price guide: $$

Model: 200A

Warranty: 3 years

For a portable smoker, there’s nothing on the market that beats the simplicity, ease, and price of this tabletop model, the Z Grills Cruiser 200A.

We’ve used this smoker for well over 2 years now and actually like it so much it’s one of our go-to’s when we just want to smoke or grill up something small.

Because you’re not heating a huge space, it’s very efficient on the pellets. The 8 pound hopper is big enough to see you through 8 hour + smokes at a low and slow temperature or high-heat grilling with ease.

Z Grills Cruiser 200A Smoking Ribs

There’s nothing fancy about it. There’s no WiFi for remote control. The temperature controller isn’t a more precise PID-style. But, it does keep a steady temperature within no more than 20°F of your target, and it does alright in cold weather too.

You do get one wired probe included that plugs directly into the control panel. That means you can monitor how done your meat is without having to buy a separate unit. The temperature measures accurately. We just stick the probe wire out through the grease funnel at the back so it doesn’t get squashed between the lid and the body.

In terms of smoking performance, we’ve made some great ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and fish on here. The only thing I’d warn you about is that because it’s compact, the firepot is quite close to the cooking grate. So, even though there’s a heat deflector there, we do find that the meat can get a little too charred for our liking. To combat that, we simply flip it over when it’s time to wrap so that it’s not just one side taking the brunt of the heat for the whole cook.

As well as it smokes, we actually use the Cruiser for grilling even more than smoking.

Measuring Temperature on the Z Grills Cruiser 200A

It’s indirect heat so don’t expect anything magical. But, the Cruiser is just so convenient for us to use for a quick mid-week butterflied chicken or some grilled sausages with a beautiful wood fired flavor.

Versatile and easy to move, it’s a great buy and unbeatable value.


Want to compare this to other great on the go smokers? Check out our best portable smokers review.


Pit Boss Navigator Pellet & Gas


BBQ type: Pellet & gas grill

Material: Powder-coated

Grates: Porcelain-coated

Grilling: Direct heat

Capacity: 1,084 sq in

Hopper capacity: 16 lbs

Heat range: 180 – 1,000°F

Dimensions: 34.09″D x 69.25″W x 47.05″H

WiFi: No

Price guide: $$$

Model: PB1230G

Warranty: 5 years

If you can’t quite decide what type of smoker you want to go for, or you don’t want to negotiate on average grilling on a pellet smoker, the Pit Boss Navigator Pellet and Gas Combo Grill and Smoker is our favorite.

Pit Boss live by their bigger, hotter, heavier claim and that they have again met with this quality and versatile barbecue.

On the smoker side, you’ve got about 542 square inches of hardwood fuelled cooking space. The hopper is a very sizeable 16 pound which should see you through about 16 hours of low and slow cook time.


We find that the Pit Boss Navigator is one of the most smokey pellet grills on the market. We do struggle with the rear vented airflow because we live in a wet and windy climate where the weather does whip through there causing the temperature to fluctuate.

Set up in a more shelted location though, the temperature stays within about 25°F of your target. It’s not as tightly regulated as some, but that’s also how it manages to get thicker smoke rings and more flavor into your meat.

But, that’s not all the pellet smoker side can do. There’s also a Flame Broiler Lever that you can slide to open up the heat deflector and grill over the hardwood pellet fire.

Having this opens you up to a lot of extra heat and is really handy when you’re reverse searing. But, we do think the gas grill side does perform better when it comes to just grilling up some sausages or burgers.

Pit Boss Navigator Combo loaded up on both sides

With three gas-burners heating 542 square inches of cooking space, it’s more than enough power to cook really well. With the Navigator, you’ve got options and a lot of them.


How to Choose One of the Best Smokers on the Market

If you’ve had a read down the list of the best smokers on the market but don’t have your heart and head set on any single one yet, consider the following questions:

Hardwood pellets give you natural wood smoked flavor easily, while logs mean mastering the art of temperature control yourself.

Charcoal has a stronger, distinctive flavor than some woods and can be easy to use once it’s lit.

And, wood chips, depending on their type, have the lightest flavor.

There’s no right or wrong, it’s just up to you and how you like your barbecue to taste.

Pellet smokers are true set and forget smokers. Once you’ve got the meat on, you can literally just go back to wrap your meat part way. Some people just throw it on there and wait until their smoker thermometer alarm goes off to say it’s done.

Other types of smokers, like an offset, require frequent adjustments to be made to the dampers and/or fuel to be added to keep the fire burning at the consistency required to stabilise the temperature.

And, some types of smokers, like charcoal and even electric because you need to keep adding wood chips, require a time input somewhere in between.

Do you want to be at the barbecue all day? Or, have the time to play with the kids, get some chores done, or watch a game without accidentally forgetting to check the smoker?

Some types of smokers, like kamados, are just more expensive so you’ll need to spend more money to get a good one.

Others, like pellet smokers, have a huge price range and you can pick up a good one for a lot, or a lot less. Check out our best value pellet smokers if you want a bargain that still performs well.

And, smokers like electric are generally cheaper so you can pick up one of the best for very little. Even these top electric picks under $300 are pretty decent.

For a longer discussion on what each type of barbecue is like to use, read our guide on what’s the best type of smoker.

FAQs About the Best Smokers on the Market

Just like anything, there’s no single one brand of smoker that’s the best on the market.

Instead, what’s best for you will depend on what type of smoker you’re looking for, what budget you’re working with, and what features are imporatnt to you.

Some of the best smoker brands are Traeger, Kamado Joe, Z Grills, and Pit Boss.

There’s no single best number one grill and smoker on the market. If someone claims there is, it’s only their favorite barbecue and doesn’t have to be yours.

Check out our favorited, tried and tested best smokers on the market in each category in this review.

The easiest type of smoker to use is a pellet smoker. They use hardwood pellets that simply get emptied into the hopper, you just press a button to turn it on, and the temperature is automatically regulated for you to stay within a pretty close range of your set target.

But, other automatic temperature regulating smokers are fairly easy to use to. This includes some newer, digital charcoal models like the Masterbuilt Gravity Series, electric smokers (you still have to manually add wood chips frequently), and some propane smokers.

Check out our guide to the best type of smoker for more info on what each type is like to use.

Some people do use pellet smokers to compete in barbecue while others don’t. They believe and/or enjoy mastering all the variables of barbecue is important in earning a winning title.

Pitmaster Diva Q stated that, “Every world championship that I have accomplished has been done on a Traeger grill, and that’s really important to note that that consistency, along with skill set, has facilitated that.”

The choice is yours but pellet smokers do make some mighty good barbecue and do it easily.

Kate Brown, the founder and voice behind Burning Brisket, is not your typical pitmaster or restaurateur. Her expertise in barbecue grew from a humble desire to cook exceptional meals for her family. From overcoming burnt brisket mishaps to establishing her boutique cattle ranch, Kate shares her passion to help 'ordinary' individuals cook extraordinary barbecue, believing that simplicity often yields the best flavors. Kate is commited to making great barbecue accessible to all with the right resources and some tasty practice.

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