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Best Grill Brush? 5 Safe, Effective +Damage-Free Options

Best Grill Brush

Cleaning sure ain’t the most fun part of barbecuing. But, it can be a lot faster and easier with the right tools.

We’re not here to say you need all the fancy sprays and cloths to do it. A simple but quality grill brush goes a long way to looking after your investment.

So, what is the best grill brush for your bbq?

Well… we are going to say the best grill brush for any smoker or grill isn’t a brush at all.

You might have heard a thing or two about the safety warnings issued against your standard wire grill brush.

Are wire grill brushes safe to use?

With time and use, the bristles do bend, break and fall off onto the grate, which, if you’re not actually washing, just sit there waiting to be transfered onto your steak next time the barbecue’s fired up.

A significant number of people actually end up in the ED every year with internal damage from ingesting small pieces of wire from grill brushes.

So, when it comes to our list of the best cleaning brushes for your grill, we’re putting safety first.

You won’t see a standard wire bristle barbecue brush in this list. What you will find is the best bristless tools to clean your barbecue. Yes, they’re still effective but they won’t damage your grates or risk your health.

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Easy Function Wood Grill Scraper

We’re going to open this list with an option that’s not technically a grill brush. What it is, in our opinion, the safest, easiest and most effective option on this list – a wood scraper.

Natural wood has the advantage of having absolutely nothing nasty in it. So, if safe and healthy is your priority, this is it.

But, this Easy Function Wood Scraper is also super effective.

Suitable for any type of grill or smoker grate, this A grade pine will, over time, start to mold to the size of whatever grate you’re cleaning to create the perfect fit.

Best used on a warm grate, the Easy Function Scraper won’t scratch your grate, is super-effecitve, and, doesn’t leave any residue.

Once you go wood, you won’t go back.

What We Like About the Easy Function Grill Scraper

What We Don't Like About the Easy Function Grill Scraper

Traeger Grills Wooden Grill Scraper

Another timber alternative (because wood is our preferred option any day of the week), is the Traeger Grills Wooden Grill Scraper.

It’s a bit more expensive than the Easy Function. And, some people won’t like the fact it’s got no handle. But, the paddle is pretty large so I don’t find the heat off the grill to be an issue. And, the solid Rosewood is a little nicer than your typical pine.

Has plenty of strength and is wide enough to clean a good strip of your grill at a time.

The groves are spaced to fit Traeger Grills. But, the wood will mold to any grate distance quite quickly with use.

What We Like About the Traeger Wooden Grill Scraper

What We Don't Like About the Traeger Wooden Grill Scraper

GrillArt Bristle Free Grill Brush

For a grill brush without the dangerous bristles, our go to is this one from GrillArt.

6 inches wide, it’s got 3 stainless steel scouring pads that effectively clean a lot of grate in one movement. The long handle keeps your hand away from the still-warm barbecue. You can angle it to get down the sides. And, there’s a scraper on the back to help you get off any really stuck on bits.

Overall, this grill brush is pretty heavy-duty and lasts well without rusting.

Just keep in mind that it is still metal. Over time it will degrade and once it does, you’ve got the same danger of leaving small metal shards on your grill grates.

So, expect to replace it when it starts to wear. Exactly how long will depend on how much you use it, expect at least a couple of months.

But, if you like a traditional grill brush, want a safer option and don’t mind replacing it every so often, GrillArt is a great choice.

What We Like About the GrillArt Bristle-Free Grill Brush

What We Don't Like About the GrillArt Bristle-Free Grill Brush

Char-Broil Nylon Bristle Grill Brush

If you really like the idea of a grill brush with bristles, make it safer by going nylon.

Now, before we say any more, note that this grill brush can ONLY be used on a COLD grill. The nylon plastic will melt if you use it on a still-warm grate like you would other grill brushes.

But, if you are okay with cold, the Char-Broil Nylon Bristle Grill Brush is extremely durable, very effective and easy to use.

Scraper on one side, bristles on the other, you’ll use it like your regular grill brush. There’s no wire to break off. And, the head is actually replaceable so, when it’s time for a new brush, it’ll save you a bit of cash.

What We Like About the Char-Broil Nylon Bristle Grill Brush

What We Don't Like About the Char-Broil Nylon Bristle Grill Brush

Char-Broil Cool-Clean Handheld Brush

Since you’re using it on a COLD grill, you don’t really need the long handle. So, the handheld brush version from Char-Broil’s Cool-Clean range lets you put that extra bit of muscle into it.

The bristles are angled in to help you clean the sides of the grates as well.

Overall, the Char-Broil Cool-Clean Handheld Brush is really heavy duty and great for anyone who likes to give their grill a really good scrub.

Once again, don’t use this on a hot grate! The nylon bristles will melt.

What We Like About the Char-Broil Cool-Clean Handheld Brush

What We Don't Like About the Char-Broil Cool-Clean Handheld Brush