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Ooni Volt 12 Review: Electric pizza better than oven?

10-Seconds on the Ooni Volt 12

Easy and fast way to make restaurant quality pizza indoors or outdoors.

Ooni are, in my opinion, hands-down the best pizza oven manufacturers in the world. Their products are innovative, incredibly well built, so easy to use, and are a darn good price considering what you’re getting.

Once you taste an Ooni pizza, you’ll probably never buy takeout again!

The Ooni Volt 12 is a revolutionary electric pizza oven that brings the authentic taste of Neapolitan-style pizza to your home. And, it’s good for both indoor and outdoor use!

With its sleek design and impressive features, this oven is flying off the shelves. But, is it the right one for you?

In our Ooni Volt 12 review, we share our experience using this all-electric pizza oven.

We dive deep into the nitty gritty to answer every question you might have about what this oven is like to use, what the pizza tastes like, and if it’s 12 inch size is big enough for your backyard and kitchen.

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Table of Contents

The Quick Version of the Ooni Volt 12 Review

For anyone looking for an indoor pizza oven, to eliminate their emissions, or the absolute easiest way to create restaurant quality pizza at home, the Ooni Volt 12 is without a doubt, the best product on the market.

With a regular power plug, a digital temperature dial, timer, interior light, and glass door, cooking the pizza itself is pretty similar to popping one in your regular kitchen oven. But, the pizza this thing makes is SO MUCH better.

Pizza made in the Ooni Volt 12

The adjustable dual heating elements are able to heat the Volt up to a maximum temperature of 850 °F (450 °C) in just 20 minutes.

It’s not as hot as Ooni’s other ovens so it takes 90 seconds to cook instead of 60. But, the higher heat than a normal oven is what you need to transform an ordinary pizza into a something that’s truly memorable, Instagramable, worthy of writing home, or at least hosting a pizza party or two.

Yes, the Ooni Volt 12 does fit on a standard kitchen countertop but it’s still pretty bulky overall and wouldn’t work the best in very small kitchen. If you’ve got the space, cooking on the Volt won’t smoke up your kitchen though.

Although the Volt 12 does have a circular heating element up the top, we have found that like Ooni recommend, you still need to turn the pizza mid-cook to get even browning.

Nevertheless, we really like the Ooni Volt 12.

It’s not wood-fired but the results are pretty similar and the pizza it cooks is way better than any other indoor method. It’s probably even a heap better (and cheaper) than anything you can get delivered to your door as well.

If you’re after really great pizza cooked indoors, the Ooni Volt 12 is the only pizza oven I’d consider.

And, if you’re looking for the very easiest way to make really great pizza outside, the Volt 12 is the simplest oven in Ooni’s range to operate. It won’t do you wrong!

About Ooni

Ooni is the leading pizza oven company globally.

Initially started by a husband and wife team, Ooni are dedicated to bringing affordable and good quality pizza ovens that make AMAZING pizza to everyone’s backyards. And that they have been doing!

From a single pizza oven, Ooni have listened to customer feedback and innovated to develop an impressive lineup of pizza ovens for every single fuel type (the electric Volt 12 was their last fuel type to tick off).

Ooni Range of Pizza Ovens

They’ve won numerous, prestigious awards along the way and expanded their offerings to include an extensive range of accessories. More recently, they also started selling their own premade dough balls and other pizza-related groceries that can be delivered right to your door.

With a commitment to ethical business practices including aiming for zero waste, minimizing their carbon footprint, and donating 1% of their turnover (not profit) to various social and environmental causes, Ooni are a great company to support.

And, once you taste an Ooni pizza, you’ll be sold! All of their ovens turn out pizzas that rival or knock the socks off restaurant quality pizzas. I even stand by Ooni pizzas being way better than one cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven and I’m a bit of a pizza snob!

Overview of the Ooni Volt 12

The fully electric Ooni Volt 12 has been years in the making and marks the final (we think!) fuel type in Ooni’s pizza oven line up.

Unlike any other oven in Ooni’s range, the Volt 12 is suitable for indoor cooking as well as the regular outdoor.

Ooni Volt 12 Set up in Kitchen

This makes it possible for people who live in apartments or condos to cook incredible pizza at home. But, it’s equally as good for winter-time pizza parties in cold or wet climates where you don’t want to miss out on a slice of the good stuff just because the weather’s not so hot.

But, another appealing thing about the Ooni Volt 12 is that it’s the easiest of all of the Ooni pizza ovens to operate.

With a regular electric cord, you simply plug the oven in and away you go. Operating it’s digital controls is just like a regular oven with one major difference, this thing gets hotter which is the key to making average pizza outstanding.

Controls on the Ooni Volt 12

With two circular elements inside, the Ooni Volt 12 heats the stone from the bottom up and the toppings from the roof down for all round cooking. The elements can be adjusted separately to give you more control and there’s absolutely no fuel to buy!

When it comes to easy, the Ooni Volt nails it!

Features of the Ooni Volt 12 Gas-Powered Pizza Oven

It looks great, is durable, and holds the heat where you want it for maximum heat retention efficiency.

Not only can you clearly see what’s going on inside your Volt oven, the glass door is well-insulated for maximum efficiency.

Because it’s electric, you can safely use the Ooni Volt 12 indoors. It even fits on a standard kitchen countertop. But, it’s also designed for outdoor use

Cordierite is durable and very effective at cooking pizza bases from the bottom up for perfectly crispy bases.

I like to turn it on and set the timer for 20 minutes while I prep the toppings. The first pizza is usually ready to go in right about when that timer buzzes.

Pop it in, take a sip of that beer or wine and watch that cheese sizzle. It’ll be ready so quickly the kids almost don’t have time to ask ‘when’s the pizza ready?’.

Go easy and choose preset temperature balance based on what type of pizza you’re cooking. Or, take control by telling the Volt exactly what you want it to do.

This helps to bring the stone temperature up faster after you’ve had the door open for a while.

You’ve got 60 days to try the Ooni Volt 12. If you’re not making great pizza by the end of it, Ooni will buy back your oven, refunding you the purchase price.

They stand by their AMAZING pizza promise.

How Does the Ooni Volt 12 Work?

The Ooni Volt 12 is powered by electricity only.

That means it’s as easy as plugging it in, switching it on and setting your cooking temperature to preheat just as you would a regular oven.

The Volt 12 heats up to the 850 °F (450 °C) that’s ideal for pizza in just 20 minutes.

Once it’s hot enough, you launch your pizza in with a peel (sold separately) to place it on the stone. Rotate the pizza for an even cook and in another 90 seconds total, your pizza will be ready to take out and devour (because yes, it’s really that good).

Specs for the Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven

Barbecue type: Electric pizza oven

Barbecue material: Insulated, powder-coated carbon shell with stainless interior

Stone material: 10mm cordierite

Cooking capacity: 1 x 12″ pizza

Heat Range: Up to 850°F

Fuel type: Electricity

Price guide: $$

Model: Volt 12

Assembled size (in): 22 D x 21 W x 11 H

Weight: 39.2lbs (17.8kg)

Warranty: 1 year that can be extended to 2 with registration

Comparison With Similar Ooni Models

The Volt 12 is the only oven in Ooni’s range that can be used indoors.

But, if it’s the ease of use, not the indoor factor you’re after, the gas-powered Ooni Koda 12 is the next easiest to use.

The Volt 12 is also often compared to the multi-fuel Karu 16 simply because it’s the most similar in price.

Here’s how these three models compare.

Pros and Cons of the Ooni Volt 12



Our Experience Using the Ooni Volt 12

In this section we get into the nitty gritty on what the Ooni Volt 12 is really like to use.

In our testing of the Ooni Volt 12, we tried the oven in a variety of settings both indoor and outdoor.

We also used our experience on every other type of Ooni pizza oven to compare the Volt 12’s performance to the gas-based Koda, pellet-fired Fyra, and multi-fuel Karu to let you decide if this is the best Ooni for you.

Unboxing and Setting Up the Ooni Volt 12

We had the Volt 12 shipped to us and it arrived in great condition, double boxed.

Ooni Volt 12 in box

The packaging is beautiful. But, it doesn’t just look good.

Every part of the Ooni Volt 12 has been carefully packed to protect it during shipping. And, almost all of the packing materials are recyclable and made from renewable materials.

Ooni really do take their zero waste goal seriously. It’s nice to open an oven that’s not full of plastic and polystyrene.

Eco-friendly packaging of the Ooni Volt 12

In terms of setup, the Volt 12 basically comes good to go.

Simply whip the thing out of the box, carefully place the pizza stone inside the oven, plug it in, and it’s ready for it’s first use.

You will need to season the oven by running it at maximum temperature for 20 minutes. After that, let it cool down fully and wipe the stone down with a dry towel to remove any residue.

What Does the Ooni Volt 12 Come With?

When you buy the Ooni Volt 12 by itself, you’re getting the oven and the pizza stone.

Everything that comes with the Ooni Volt 12

You will need to buy a pizza peel to help you launch and remove your pizzas from the oven. These are available separately. Or, you can grab a Volt 12 Peel Bundle that includes this essential accessory as well.

Construction and Build Quality

Just like the rest of Ooni’s range, the Volt 12 is exceptionally well built.

Nothing feels poor quality about this pizza oven. Instead, every single aspect of the Volt 12 seems like it’s been carefully crafted to be durable, function well, and look great.

Volt 12 unboxed and ready to use

The outside shell is made from powder-coated, commercial grade, cold-rolled carbon stainless steel.

Although the Volt is a new oven so we haven’t had ours for long, the exterior is the same as the other Ooni’s and we’ve never had a problem with rusting or flaking of the shell. They look top notch even after years of outside use. Nevertheless, we will update this review if we do have any issues over time.

Although you can’t see it, the Volt’s shell is fully insulated. This makes the outside cool to touch even while it’s being used. But, it also reduces the strain on the electronics by keeping the heat in exactly where you need it for great pizza.

The insulation extends to the borosilicate glass door which is triple-paned for minimal heat loss, just like your indoor oven.

A gasket runs the entire way around the door too so that the oven is well sealed.

Ooni Volt 12 with door open showing full high-quality gasket

We have found that some condensation does form around the right bottom corner of the Volt 12’s door. I don’t think this is because of a bad seal. But, I do need to wipe up a little bit of liquid from this spot after cooking.

Liquid condensing and dripping out of the right bottom corner of Volt 12

The pizza stone itself is made from 10mm or 0.6″ thick cordierite. This durable stone is my favorite material for pizza and cooks the bases so nicely because no one likes a soggy base. It sits nicely inside the oven and does it’s job well.

Ooni Volt 12 10mm corderite pizza stone

Overall, the Ooni Volt 12 is really great quality.

Whether you want to keep your Volt set up indoors or outdoors, the sleek and stylish design will enhance any space from a high-end kitchen to a family-friendly backyard or a picnic table right next to your RV.


One thing I wanted to talk about separately is the size of the Ooni Volt 12.

It does fit on a standard kitchen countertop. But, it’s fairly wide and bulky.

Ooni Volt 12 Set up in Kitchen on regular countertop

If you’ve got a very small kitchen, it might not be the best fit because it does take up a considerable amount of space. In a larger kitchen, it would make a great feature appliance set up permanently.

Here’s the dimensions so you can check if it’ll fit in your home.

Ooni Volt 12 Dimensions

And, if it’s outside, I’ve got it comfortably on the large modular Ooni table instead of the medium that works for the other 12 inch Ooni pizza ovens.


The Ooni Volt 12 makes, you guessed it, 12 inch pizzas. And, while Ooni have larger, 16 inch pizza ovens in the multi-fueled Karu oven and the gas-fired Koda, there’s no extra large option for the Volt.

A 12 inch pizza is about equivalent to a medium at most pizza places. So, while it’s not huge, they’re still a good size.

When I’m cooking for my family or entertaining, 12 inch pizzas are big enough to share but small enough to do an individual topping request if people prefer.

The dough is also a little easier to work with than Ooni’s larger 16 models, a pizza fits on a standard sized cutting board, and you can also slide one quite nicely onto a large plate without having to buy bigger serving sets.

12 inch pizza cooked in the Ooni Volt 12 sliced and on a cutting board

So, while bigger might be better for very large families or those who invite a lot of guests over, the 12″ should be big enough for most users.

If you’re following Ooni’s dough recipes, most make enough to do 6 x 12″ pizzas.

That amount of pizza for us can feed up to 4 adults and 3 kids who eat a lot. With 2 adults and 3 kids, there’s usually enough leftovers for a light lunch the next day. And, if we’re inviting more people around I’ll just double or even triple the dough quantity so I can just keep pumping them out.

Cooking Pizzas on the Ooni Volt 12

We’ve got a lot of pizza making experience under our belt now. But, we remember our first go on the Ooni Koda 12. It was a bit to get used to but didn’t take long before we were turning out pizzas better than anything we could buy from a local restaurant.

And, the Ooni Volt 12 is even easier to use.

With absolutely no fire to have to light or tend to, no gas line to hook up, and digital controls that can be automatically set or manually chosen, cooking on the Volt 12 is as easy as using your regular kitchen oven.

It’s okay if you have never made pizza before, you can absolutely make delicious pizza on this oven.

Here’s a full run-down of how it goes…

Making Your Pizza Dough

You can buy pre-made bases to top and cook in the Volt. And, you can even cook a frozen pizza in this oven.

But, you’ll save a lot of money and turn pretty good results into the best pizza in town by making your own dough or at least buying a fresh dough like Ooni’s and stretching it out.

Our go-to recipe is Ooni’s Quick Dough because with 4 kids under 5, I’m pretty short on time. Plus, the ingredient list is minimal, it takes about an hour to make including rising time, and it’s a legit Neopolitan pizza base that takes like you’re in Italy.

The video below walks you through Ooni’s Classic Dough recipe that takes 4 hours to prep (it’s rising time, not all work time). You don’t even need a mixer. We love how simple Ooni make things.

So yeah, choose a dough recipe, Ooni have so many different styles to choose from but you can use any dough recipe. Then, you’re up to stretching it out to form your base.

Here’s a video that shows you exactly how to do it. There’s a written guide on the 4 easy dough stretching steps if you prefer to read it.

Then, get into it. If watched lots of people become dough stretching experts in hardly any time at all. You can too!

Starting the Ooni Volt 12

Getting the electric Ooni Koda 12 going is as simple as turning the oven on and selecting your cooking temperature.

Ooni Volt 12 Control Dials

For Neapolitan-style pizza, crank the Volt straight up to it’s max of 850 °F (450 °C). Ooni give you other recommended temperatures in their Volt 12 Essentials Guide that comes with the oven.

It takes about 20 minutes for the Volt to heat up to it’s max of 850 °F.

The balance between the top and bottom dials is automatically set for you. But, you can adjust it before or during your cook if you want more or less heat on the bottom or top elements.

It is best practice to check the temperature of the stone with an infrared thermometer before cooking. You want the temperature of the stone to match the ambient temperature in the oven. But, as long as you give your oven and stone enough time to heat up, I wouldn’t say it’s an essential accessory to get.

Launching Your Pizza In the Ooni Volt 12

After you’ve made your dough, got your oven on, and topped your pizzas with sauce, cheese and whatever toppings float your boat, it’s time to get your first pizza in the oven.

It’s called launching your pizza and it’s easier than you’d think if you’ve got the right tool, a peel.

A pizza peel which is basically a big flat paddle is the only accessory that’s an absolute must-have for any Ooni pizza oven, including the Volt 12.

Our favorite for the Volt 12 is the 12″ perforated peel. It’s a little more expensive than the standard 12″ peel. But, the pizza slides off easier and doesn’t stick as much.

Ooni 12 inch perforated pizza peel

So, you make your pizza on a bench with a little flour or semolina under it then slide the peel underneath the whole thing.

Then, take your pizza over to your oven, open the door, insert the peel and sort of fling your pizza in there so it’s onto the stone.

Launching a pizza into the Ooni Volt 12 using perforted peel

Hahaha, it sounds so much more difficult than it really is! Ooni show it better in the video below.

Turning Your Volt 12 Pizza

Because the Volt 12 has a circular heating element on top, I thought the pizza wouldn’t need turning like you have to do in every other Ooni oven.

But, Ooni do recommend turning your pizza as needed and to get the best results, they’re 100% right.

To turn your pizza there’s a couple of options. First, you can simply grab your peel again, take the pizza out, use your fingers to rotate it and pop it back in there again.

Or, use Ooni’s turning peel so that you can move your base around without having to take your pizza out. That’s what we do and our next most recommended Ooni accessory is the turning peel. But, if you want to keep costs down, you can get by without it.

Turning a pizza in the Ooni Volt 12 using turning peel

How frequently you need to turn your pizza while it’s cooking does depend on how the balance is set up Ooni have a chart in the Essentials Guide. But, just watch your pizza while it’s cooking. If one side is browning too much, turn it.

When cooking Neopolitan pizzas, we usually do one turn every 30 seconds for a total of 2 turns and a 90 second cook time.

Then, grab your peel and get that pizza out. It’s time to eat!

Double cheese pizza cooked in Ooni Volt 12

The Balance Dial and Boost Mode

With a separate top and bottom element helping to heat the Volt 12, Ooni have given you the power to shift how much heat is put out by both elements.

Adjustable top and bottom elements inside the Ooni Volt 12

This is done with the balance dial and changes the way your pizza will cook.

After the oven heats up, the balance is set automatically based on how hot you’ve got the oven. But, you can shift it by turning the balance dial to the right or left.

We have occasionally used this feature to help cook the topping more, or to ease off on the heat if we’ve got something that burns quickly. I feel like it gives you the flexibility that cooking with a real flame would naturally have without having to reduce or increase the temperature of the oven as a whole.

There’s also a boost mode which is activated by turning the balance dial counterclockwise as far as it goes.

This temporarily increases the bottom element’s temperature to recharge the stone. And, while it sounds helpful to get the stone up to temp between pizzas, we haven’t found we have had to use it. Nevertheless, it’s there and you might find it helpful.

What Does Ooni Volt 12 Pizza Taste Like?

Before I answer the question, what does Ooni Volt 12 pizza taste like I want to say that I have high expectations when it comes to pizza. It’s actually one of my favorite foods (yes, I like it even more than brisket. But, a brisket pizza is ooh, really up there!).

Despite that, the pizza’s got to be really good otherwise I’m not interested. And, Ooni pizza, well I could and have eaten that every day for a good long while at least.

A Neopolitan-style base hot off the Ooni Volt 12 is perfectly crisped and light without being like a cracker. The toppings are grilled to perfection and the cheese is well, as melted as you like it because you’re in control.

Pizza hot off the Ooni Volt 12

Because it’s electric, there’s obviously no wood-fired taste. But, an Ooni Volt 12 pizza is pretty darn legit.

I would be very happy with a Volt 12 pizza served up to me at a restaurant.

To compare a Volt pizza to one off other Ooni pizzas, I’d say it’s fractionally not quite as good.

Volt 12 pizza next to pizza off Ooni Karu

In saying that, I am convinced that we should keep the Volt 12 set up permanently in our kitchen as well as having a Karu 16 outside for summer nights and bigger pizza parties.

And, as for if you should just try to perfect your oven pizza, I don’t believe it’s possible to cook pizzas as good as this in your regular kitchen oven. A Volt pizza simply tastes so much better!

What Else Can You Cook in the Ooni Volt 12?

While other Ooni pizza ovens are great for searing things like steak or salmon in a cast iron pan, the Volt 12 is not recommended for cooking fatty meats or oil-heavy foods.

But, the Volt 12 can cook some things other than pizza.

Any flat breads like focaccia or croissants are delicious cooked in here.

Here’s a picture of a brisket burger calzone we cooked in the Volt. It tasted incredible! I will be doing that again.

Brisket burger calzone cooked in the Ooni Volt 12

With a cast iron pan, you can also grill vegetables. But, you do need the pan because it’s important not to get excess moisture in your pizza stone. It can crack if you do.

Some desserts post-pizza would also be easy in the Volt 12.


Although Ooni’s other 12 inch pizza ovens are portable, the Volt 12 with it’s power cord and more bulky size isn’t advertised as such.

Ooni make a regular cover for it but not one with handles. Although, with it’s built in handles, the Volt 12 is pretty easy to pick up and move.

If you’re taking it to a friends place or want to use it with your RV, or somewhere else that’s got power, I’d say why not. The Volt isn’t that hard to move.

But, if you want to use the Ooni Volt 12 off grid, it is power hungry.

If you do want to run the Volt 12 somewhere without power, have a read of our power options for portable pellet grills article. It was written in conjunction with an electrician and most of the information directly translates to the Ooni Volt too.

But, with a 1020Wh usage running at maximum temperature, you’ll need quite a bit of portable power too.

The Jackery 1000 should run the Volt for about 1 hour at it’s highest heat.

Cleaning the Ooni Koda 12

With no soot or ash to clean up, the Volt 12 is the fastest Ooni to clean up.

You can simply run the oven at it’s maximum temperature to burn off any food stuck on there. But, if it’s set up inside and you don’t want to risk it smoking, we prefer to use Ooni’s cleaning brush to give the stone a little scrub then simply vacuum up anything loose when the stone is fully cold.

Cleaning the Ooni Volt 12 with Ooni Cleaning Brush

It’s been working well for us. We’ve never had any smoking issues when using the Ooni inside. And, it’s quick and easy.

Remember that you want to keep your stone dry so never use a wet cloth to clean your Ooni stone or submerge it in water.

You can wipe down the outside of the Volt with a damp or dry cloth when needed. And, clean the glass door just like you would your regular oven door as well.

Optional Extras Available for the Ooni Volt 12

If you’re an accessory person, eat your heart out! There’s a lot of great quality and useful accessories you can get for your pizza nights.

But, if you want to keep it cheap, the only accessory you’ll absolutely need for the Volt 12 is a 12″ pizza peel or a 12″ perforated peel (your choice but we do prefer the latter).


Other than that, if you’re setting your oven up outside, the large Ooni modular table will fit the Volt 12. And, the Volt 12 cover will give you better weather protection.

When it comes to using your Volt 12, the infrared thermometer will  let you check exactly when the pizza stone is hot enough. I’d grab an accessory to cut pizzas because it’s faster than a knife. And, the cleaning brush is really good.

The cost of Ooni accessories can really add up. But, individually they do make a good gift items so you can always add to your collection later.


The Ooni Volt comes with a 1 year warranty when you buy it through the Ooni website. But, if you register online you do get that extended to 2 years.

It’s a shorter warranty period than Ooni’s other ovens which give you 5 years. And, while with the electrical components, it makes sense the coverage period is shorter, it’s the most expensive oven in Ooni’s range so it’d be nice to have the same level of reassurance that any issues will be covered for as long as possible.

As for Ooni’s customer service itself, we have had one warranty claim (not on this oven). It was dealt with very quickly and easily. Ooni sent us a replacement part and we’ve had no further issues.

Other people have had great things to say about Ooni’s customer service too so I’d have confidence in the company’s claims.

Check Ooni’s warranty page for full details.

Our Verdict on the Ooni Volt 12 Review

Ooni Koda 12 with Brisket Pizza

It’s really cool having a pizza oven permanently set up in our kitchen. And, it smells so great while it’s cooking indoors.

But, whether you plan to use the Ooni Volt 12 inside or outside, it’s very easy to use, is flexible in terms of cooking temperatures, and most importantly, makes excellent pizza.

Although it does take a little longer than Ooni’s other ovens to cook because the temperature doesn’t go quite as high, the pizza tastes legit and is so much better than I’ve ever made in my regular kitchen oven.

The Volt is only available in the 12 inch size and while the pizzas aren’t huge, they’re fine to serve for sharing and are a good size for individual pizzas too.

Is Electric The Best Fuel Choice For Me?

The electric Ooni Volt is great if you:

  • Want the very easiest Ooni to operate;
  • Plan to use your pizza oven inside;
  • Value that it has no emissions;
  • Like the idea of less to clean up; and
  • Always have access to electricity to run it

What Other Pizza Ovens Should I Consider?

If you’re after an indoor pizza oven, there aren’t a lot of other options on the market, but here’s the top Ooni Volt 12 Alternatives.

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

  • Lower maximum temperature
  • Comes with peel and pizza pan
  • Same sized pizzas
  • Preset pizza profiles
  • More expensive than Ooni Volt

Cuisinart Indoor Pizza Oven

  • Not as hot as Ooni Volt
  • Longer preheat and cook time
  • Includes peel and pizza pan
  • Same 12″ size
  • Cheaper price

Out of all the indoor pizza ovens on the market at the moment, the Ooni Volt 12 without a doubt makes the best pizza and is a pretty reasonable price for the quality of the oven.

But, if you’re not set on an INDOOR pizza oven then the propane-fired Ooni Koda 12 and the pellet-fired Ooni Fyra 12 are cheaper alternatives.

Ooni Koda 12

  • Fast and convenient propane gas fired
  • Hotter than Volt 12
  • Faster cook time
  • Portable
  • Cheaper

Read our review of the Ooni Koda 12.

Ooni Fyra 12

  • Easiest way to make real wood-fired pizza
  • Hotter than Volt
  • Cooks faster
  • Same size
  • Cheaper

Read our review of the Ooni Fyra 12.

FAQs About the Electric Ooni Volt 12

Ooni Volt 12 pizza is far tastier than you’ll ever make in your regular oven. It’s also the easiest outdoor pizza cooking method, has zero emissions, and is very low maintenance.

With a really high quality build and very user-friendly controls, we do feel the Ooni Volt 12 is worth it compared to other indoor pizza ovens. You can get slightly better results on the also easy and cheaper Ooni Koda and Fyra ovens.

Unlike the rest of the Ooni pizza oven range, you can’t cook foods that are very high in fat that will spit all over the electric element.

You can, however, cook vegetables, other breads, and desserts in the Ooni Volt. You do need a cast iron pan to cook anything other than bread in the Volt as liquid can damage and crack the pizza stone.

It takes around 20 minutes to heat the Ooni Volt 12 up to it’s maximum temperature of 850°F.

Yes, you can cook frozen, premade pizza in the Ooni Volt 12. Ooni recommends following the instructions on the pizza you’re cooking.

The Ooni Volt draws 1600 kW of power when running at full power. Running at it’s maximum temperature, you would use about 1.02kWh of electricity. In this time you could heat the pizza oven up and cook up to 10 Neopolitan pizzas.

Yes. Because the Ooni Volt 12 is run off of electricity, there’s no combustion and no dangerous gases making it safe to use inside.

Yes, the Ooni Volt 12 is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

No. In the Ooni Volt 12 box is the pizza oven and stone. You will at least need to grab a pizza peel to take your pizzas in and out of the oven.


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