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DEAL ALERT! Z Grills Blind Boxes – All 2021 New Models

If you’ve been interested in getting a pellet smoker but haven’t pulled the pin yet, this might be the deal for you…

Z Grills have just launched their 2021 Z Grills Blind Boxes. It’s limited edition, and, for $399 you get one of 5 of their newly released 2021 grills.

So yes, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. That’s half the fun of it! But, every grill that’s included is a deal. You can save you anywhere from 17% to 43% off their recommended retail price depending on how lucky you get.

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What Are They Giving Away In Z Grills Blind Boxes?

The Z Grills smokers that are included in this years’ Blind Boxes are:

  • THE BBQ MAVEN 550C (5502G) Worth $479 with 553 square inches of cooking space, a new PID temperature controller and awesome timber front table

  • THE SMOKE ENGINE 550B2 (5502H) – Also worth $479 and giving you 553 square inches of cooking space, a PID temperature controller and all-terrain wheels

  • THE FIRE BEAST (BRONZE) 6002B2 – Not yet publicly available, but, will retail for $499 with open flame grilling as well as PID controlled smoking on around about 600 square inches of cooking space

  • THE FIRE BEAST (BLUE) 6002B3 – Same precise smoking and open-flame grilling as the 6002B2 but in blue. Also, not yet available through anything but the Blind Boxes

  • THE BACKYARD WARRIOR 7002C2E – The jackpot largest smoker included that’s worth $699 with a PID temperature controller, 697 square inches of cooking space, stainless steel lid, pellet hopper window, cleanout, 2 meat probes, etc., etc.

But, every Z Grills Blind Box also comes with a 5 pack of their disposable grease bucket liners, a BBQ sticker pack, and, a mission card that, if you follow, will earn you a free cover for your new ‘cue as well.

If you’re not sold a particular model of Z Grills (or don’t want to do the research for a gift), it’s an awesome deal and a bit of fun.

You still get the full 3 year Z Grills warranty and free shipping, so, you’re really only winning.

Check Out The Reviews

If you want to check out reviews of the included Z Grills smokers, click here to see our full range review (N.B. the unreleased models haven’t been reviewed yet but are similar to the older 600 series with the added new PID controller).

Here at, we’re big fans of Z Grills! They might have a low price compared to some pellet smokers, but, you’ll be impressed at the quality and reliability of the gear they make. They’re one of our favorite pellet smoker manufacturers. And, their updated 2021 models are even better.

Grab Your Z Grills Blind Box Now!

Click here to order your Z Grills Blind Box before it’s too late!

There’s only 5000 units available at this price, they ship from 1st July 2021, and, no matter what, you’re going to save yourself some money while getting a hands down awesome grill!

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