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Z Grills 11002B Review [Multitasker]: New Features Worth It?

The one we’ve been waiting for is finally here!

Z Grills has always impressed us with their ability to deliver impressively good quality, even temperature distribution and a sturdy carts at what’s a very competitive price. Pretty much the only thing it was missing was WiFi, until now that is…

Introducing the Z Grills 11002B, a.k.a., the MULTITASKER.

It looks a bit like Traeger’s top of the line Timberline series. But, the price sits at around about half of what one of those will set you back.

So, how good is the new Multitasker? In this Z Grills 11002B review, we dive into the features, specs, and, most importantly, how this big, bold and upgraded pellet smoker really performs.

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The Skinny on the Z Grills 11002B

If you’re looking for an exclusive and automated smoker that ticks all the boxes including coming in at a red hot price, the Z Grills 11002B is it.

With a very large, fully insulated cooking capacity of 1068 square inches, solid porcelain-coated grates, a quality controller that gives you impressively uniform temperatures throughout, and, WiFi for complete remote control, we have no complaints about the performance, results or how easy the MULTITASKER is to use.

Like seriously… It doesn’t have a low pellet sensor. But, the 28 pounds of pellets that it holds is going to give you more than enough smoke time to create competition-worthy smoked meats with so little fuss it feels like cheating!

Yep, we love it.

The Z Grills 11002B is perfect for anyone looking for features at a fair price. Whether you’re an absolute novice, or an experienced pitmaster who just wants to sit back and sip a beer, the meat you can cook on this smoker will impress time and time again.

Features of the Z Grills MULTITASKER 11002B


  • Powder-coated steel body
  • Full insulation
  • Porcelain-coated steel cooking grates
  • Large 1,068 square inch cooking capacity split over 2 racks
  • Huge 28 pound hopper


Ease of use:

  • Automatic temperature regulation sticks within +/- 10°F of your target
  • Max temperature of 500°F which can be used to grill
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to manage your cook from your smartphone
  • Super Smoke mode
  • Hopper clean out door


Included extras:

  • Bamboo cutting board
  • Front shelf
  • Two meat probes
  • 100% money back guarantee

In-Depth Review of the Z Grills 11002B

Z Grills launched the 11002B towards the end of 2021, bringing with it a lot of firsts.

Also known as the Multitasker, the 11002B is the first smoker in the Z Grills range to feature WiFi. It’s also the first insulated model, introduces Super Smoke mode, and, is decked out with a front shelf and side bamboo cutting board. At the time of writing this, it’s also Z Grills’ largest pellet grill.

So, you’re looking at the most feature-filled smoker from a brand that delivers exceptionally good performance, packed into a very competitive price.

In this review, you’ll find the extra, practical info you need to decide if it’s the right smoker for you.


The Z Grills Multitasker is made from fully-insulated powder-coated steel. And, while it’s not the thickest, best quality steel out there, it definitely feels solid and all of the parts fit and move well together.

The added insulation not only helps the unit maintain an even temperature, it also boosts fuel efficiency because it holds the heat in, reducing pellet consumption. So, while the insulation is a bonus money-saving addition in more temperate climates, it’s pretty much an essential if you plan on smoking in cold or snowy conditions.

The cart’s basic but sturdy. There’s lockable castors for wheeling it around. And, the large side handle makes lifting one end easy.

We appreciate the addition of the front shelf!

Loading, wrapping and having somewhere to leave utensils and put a beer down is a must-have on our list. And, although we don’t usually prep food outside, the cutting board would be handy for sides, or simply cutting and buttering a bun before you grab the pulled pork off the ‘cue.

Inside you’ve got fairly standard but nothing to complain about, porcelain-coated grates. They’re rust-resistant, easy to clean and very durable.

Overall, the 11002B’s build looks and feels much more high-end than the very reasonable price tag on it.


The Z Grills 11002B Multitasker gives you a huge 1,068 square inches of cooking space. 693 square inches of that is on the main bottom rack while the top half rack gives you another 375.

What that looks like in terms of meat is 2 smaller briskets, 4 chickens, 5 racks of ribs laid flat or 24 burger patties.

So, it’s enough space even for larger families to entertain. But, it’s equally as good for the couple who likes to smoke extras. Or, to smoke your latest catch.

The Multitasker’s pellet hopper fits 28 pounds of pellets. You can empty a whole bag and then some and you should get a maximum of about 28 hours of unassisted low and slow time depending on your temperature.

There is also a door on the back of the pellet hopper for you to empty unused pellets or swap flavors easily.

Smoking Performance

Here at Burning Brisket, we love Z Grills. Their performance compared to their price is unbelievable. We’ve smoked some of our best meats on Z Grills smokers. And, the 11002B steps this up even more!

With full insulation and a very precise Intelligent Digital Controller, the temperature stays within about 10 degrees F of your target throughout your cook.

We don’t get major hot spots that throw off your cook times either.

The new rear exhaust system improves the smoke distribution over the usual chimney style. You’ve still got the Fan-Forced Convection Airflow Technology and with both, the heat and smoke flow is remarkably even and reliable, exactly what you want from a set and forget smoker.

Set your temperature, let it heat up, put your meat in and leave it to do it’s thing.

You can check how your meat’s going using the included meat probes that display the internal temperature on the control panel. Or, use the WiFi app to check, change, start or stop the Multitasker from your smartphone. You can even set alarms based on the meat or ambient temperature so you never accidently overcook your meal again.

We literally only open the lid to wrap, unwrap and then pull the brisket off the barbecue. It doesn’t get any easier and the results are better than we’ve eaten at some bbq joints.

Pellet smokers generally create a lighter smoky flavor than you’d get on something like an offset smoker. But, if you a bolder smoky flavor, the 11002B also has Super Smoke mode that you can use to bump up the smoke levels to maximum.

It’s best used in the first couple of hours when the meat absorbs the most smoke. You can really see the difference in the size of the smoke ring when using Super Smoke vs without it.

Grilling Performance

To grill on the Z Grills 11002B Multitasker, you can set the temperature anywhere up to 500°F. Let the grill heat up with the lid on, place your food on the grate and put the hood back down.

We’ve done patties, sausages, chicken thighs and a butterflied chicken and they all turn out pretty decently.

Just keep in mind that grilling on the 11002B uses INDIRECT heat only. There’s no open flame. It’s more like cooking inside a really hot oven. And, it uses pellets fast to get to and maintain such a high heat.

So, while you can grill and it works reasonably well, we wouldn’t recommend buying the Multitasker if grilling is the main thing you want to do. It’s definitely a smoker first. But, if you want to do some beef burgers occasionally, it is doable, and, they’ll end up pretty tasty.

We’ll also point out that if you’re grilling, you’re limited to the bottom rack to get closer to the heat. So, it’ll only hold the 693 square inches, not the full capacity.

Included Extras

The 11002B comes with 2 stainless steel meat probes that plug directly into the control panel. You can read the internal meat temperature on the control panel itself or via the smartphone app.

There’s also a bamboo cutting board that sits over the pellet hopper and a front shelf that come standard with the Multitasker.


The 11002B is covered by Z Grills’ 3 year warranty.

It’s pretty standard and gives you confidence you shouldn’t have any problems. Or, if you do within that time, they’ll be sorted out.

Z Grills has a decent reputation for good customer service.

Optional Extras

Unlike a lot of Z Grills smokers, the 11002B doesn’t come with a cover. It’s the only thing you’ll really need if you’re storing your smoker outdoors.

You can grab one here on the Z Grills website.

Other than that, you’re covered for meat probes, and the full body insulation means you shouldn’t need a thermal blanket. So, stock up on pellets (Z Grills do buy 5 get 1 free), buy some meat and you’re good to go.

Cleaning the Z Grills 11002B

Cleaning the 11002B is pretty standard for a pellet smoker.

Scrape the grates down after each use (we like using timber).

The grease tray and ash pot should need a scrape down and vacuum out every 3-4 cooks. But, you can save yourself a bit of time by covering the drip tray with aluminum foil so you just need to replace it instead of getting down and dirty.

To empty the pellet hopper, there’s a trap door that’s as simple as opening with a bag or bucket underneath.

Check out the video below to watch another model being cleaned in more detail.

Pros of the Z Grills 11002B

  • Very accurate temperature control
  • WiFi enabled for remote control from your smartphone
  • Full body insulation reduces running costs
  • Quality build with a sturdy feel
  • Very large cooking capacity
  • Rear exhaust helps distribute the smoke more evenly for superior flavor
  • Super Smoke mode gives you more control of the flavor
  • Huge pellet hopper
  • Door to empty hopper
  • Includes 2 meat probes to monitor doneness through the control panel or the app
  • Front shelf and side cutting board give lots of prep space

Cons of the Z Grills 11002B

  • Unlike a lot of Z Grills smokers, it doesn’t come with a cover
  • Grilling is indirect heat and isn’t as good as direct heat options

Specs for the Z Grills 11002B Pellet Smoker

Barbecue type: Wood pellet grill and smoker

Barbecue material: Powder-coated steel

Grate material: Porcelain-coated steel

Cooking capacity: 1,068 sq. in.

Pellet hopper capacity: 28 lbs

Heat Range: 160-500°F

WiFi: Yes

Fuel type: Wood pellets

Price guide: $$$$

Model: Multitasker 11002B

Assembled size (in): 57 L × 32 W × 47 H

Weight: 192 lbs

Warranty: 3 years

FAQs About the Z Grills 11002B

Q. Does the Z Grills 11002B have WiFi?

Yes. It’s WiFi enabled so you can operate the smoker and read the temperature probes through the Z Grills smartphone app.

Q. Is there a hopper cleanout?

Yes. Simply twist the trapdoor and the pellets will fall into a bucket or bag.

Q. Is the Z Grills 11002B a grill as well?

You can grill on the 11002B Multitasker by setting the temperature at or near it’s max of 500°F. But, just be aware that because there’s a baffle plate to diffuse the heat for smoking, it’s indirect heat you’ll be grilling over. There’s no open flame option. So, it does get the job done and it’s a bit different from what you’re probably imagining.

Q. Do I have to use Z Grills pellets in the Z Grills Multitasker?

No you don’t. Any brand of cooking pellets will work. Check out our review of the best smoking pellet brands for the top quality picks.

Our Verdict on the Z Grills 11002B Review

With a host of new features including WiFi control, full body insulation and Super Smoke mode, the Z Grills 11002B Multitasker has pretty much eliminated any objections you might have had when it comes to this already top performing brand.

It’s big, it’s so simple to use, and, it’s 100% capable of turning out some incredible barbecue.

So, if you’re in the market for a natural wood smoker, the 11002B is seriously good value for money!

The impressively even temperature distribution coupled with the newly improved rear-exhausted smoke flow gives you the consistency you need for effortlessly repeatable results.

The Multitasker definitely outperforms it’s price tag and is a great option for anyone who wants a well-priced, large-sized pellet smoker that’s solid and reliable.

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