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Where to Buy a Smoker?

Where's the Best Place to Buy a Smoker?

Buying a smoker is a pretty big deal. It’s not the kind of thing you buy every day and it’s quite a specialist product so you shouldn’t listen to just anyone when it comes to recommendations. So, where’s the best place to buy a smoker?

These days, it’s without a doubt exactly where you are right now, ONLINE! And, where’s the largest online marketplace for buying barbecues?! So, it makes sense to sit on your couch and shop rather than hauling yourself and the family around the shops. Here, we look at where to buy a smoker and why Amazon is our go-to for smoker shopping…

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Why Buy a Smoker on Amazon?

1. Largest selection

Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace. So, not only do they sell all types of smokers, they’ve also got a good selection of the best smokers from each of these categories.

2. Best prices

As the largest retailer of barbecues and everything else, Amazon offer very competitive prices that are usually the cheapest that are currently available anywhere. Smokers often go on sale as well so keep an eye out for further discounts.

3. Free shipping direct to your door

Many smoker sellers on Amazon offer free shipping on your purchase. Also keep an eye out for FREE 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime. But regardless, having a huge new smoker brought right to your doorstep rather than having to load it in the back of your truck yourself is always a bonus!

4. User reviews

Don’t just take the salespersons word for it! Most of the smokers sold on Amazon have a tonne of reviews written by people who actually own that specific barbecue. So, it’s easy to see what they loved, what’s not to love and if they’d recommend the product to others.

5. Access to smokers not available locally

Even if you live in a major city, your nearest barbecue retailer probably doesn’t have all smokers in stock all of the time. But, Amazon lets you source exactly what you want and get it shipped to you, even if you live in the middle of nowhere.

6. Availability of extras and accessories

Don’t forget to grab a matching cover to protect your new smoker from the elements. Or, the charcoal and wood chips you need for your first smoke! Amazon have a great range of extras and accessories to add to your purchase so that you’re 100% ready to barbecue as soon as your order arrives. Rotisseries, gasket tape, high-heat silicone, it’s all there!

7. You can also buy anything else you need

Need a new pair of undies to wear on barbecue day? How about some meat socks? A manpron or your regular groceries for that matter? Amazon sell pretty much everything under the sun. So, make it easy on yourself and do the rest of the shopping while you’re picking out that new ‘cue. Might as well grab the Mrs some flower to sweeten the deal while you’re at it!

8. It’s easy to find the best smoker for you

Shopping online means you can take your time, read reviews and do all the research you need to feel that you’ve made the best decision based on your needs. You also won’t be swayed by sales representatives who are only pushing a particular ‘cue because that’s their target for the day.

3 Ways to Shop for a Smoker on Amazon

1. Check out our reviews

If you simply don’t know where to start when it comes to buying a smoker, start by reading our reviews. We’ve got articles on everything from what’s the best type of smoker, to the top rated smokers, the best of each type articles, individual product reviews, and, versus articles that compare one type of smoker to another.

Each of these reviews is packed full of details about the features of each ‘cue, the pros and cons, specs and what each one is like to use.

Check out our review section to start reading and click on any of the links included in the article to take you right to the Amazon product page. It’s that easy!

2. Shop direct from our Amazon Affiliate Store

If you want to jump straight to the good stuff without the information overload, you can shop direct for smokers on our Amazon affiliate store. Here, you’ll find links to only the best of the best smokers. Every smoker listed in our store has been reviewed and recommended by us. Shop by category and click on each barbecue for our quick two cents before hitting the link to buy now on Amazon.

3. Click on the banner below

Already have a good idea about what you want? Simply click on the banner below and start shopping the best smokers on Amazon right now.

Shopping for a Smoker on Amazon with Burning Brisket

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