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Memphis Grills Pro Wood Fired Pellet Smoker

For a premium pellet smoker and grill, look no further than the Memphis Grills Pro.

Everything about this barbecue has been created for durable quality, ease of use and exceptional results. And, that it delivers. You can expect:

  • High quality 304 stainless steel for maximum rust-resistance
  • Insulated, double walled design for impressive heat retention
  • Oven grade gasket
  • Dual convection fans for an even cook
  • Extra large pellet hopper with efficient pellet usage
  • Perforated insert so you can grill directly over the pellet fire
  • WiFi control through the smartphone app
  • Includes a meat probe for accurate and easy temperature monitoring

Named as the best high-end pellet grill and best luxury pellet smoker, it’s also a great choice as a beginner smoker for anyone who wants to grill and smoke without the huge learning curve.