Louisiana Grills Super Hog

Got a really big appetite? Or, maybe you’re a hunter? Whatever motivates you, we’re fully supportive of the idea of smoking a whole hog and here’s how you do it… the Louisiana Grills Super Hog Pellet Grill and Smoker!

Taking the title of the best supersized pellet smoker, this commerical-grade pellet smoker houses a whopping 3,105 square inches of cooking space. And, yes, that’s too big for one motor. Instead, the Louisiana Grills Super Hog Pellet Smoker is split in two with two separate cooking chambers, two pellet hoppers and dual convection fans to power this absolute beast of a unit.

So, for large cooks, use as it comes. Or, if you’re having a more moderate get-together, simply insert the included divider so you don’t need to use as much fuel to power your cook.

With a sliding section that allows you to grill directly over the flame, there’s not much that this ‘cue can’t do. Epic and impressive. It’s definitely one everyone will remember!