Cookshack SmartSmoker

Regardless of your pit-master aspirations, if you’re serious about getting seriously good results, the Cookshack SmartSmoker Commerical Electric Smoker is a true beast!

It’s quite a step up from Cookshack’s semi-pro model, the Smokette Elite. You get a very powerful 1,500 watt heating element to power the huge 1,620 square inches of cooking space that’s fully insulated with double walled stainless steel and spin-glass in between. Then, there’s the upgraded electronic timer and temperature gauge that comes with easy to use presets. You can even download a detailed record of your cook times and temperatures via a USB port so you 100% know why THIS brisket was THE brisket to die for! And, can do it again.

Because it’s commercial grade, you’ll also get NSF and USDA approval. So, if you decide you want to start that barbecue restaurant or have a go at hitting the competitive circuit, go right on ahead.