Caliber Pro Kamado Grill

Taking the title of the best luxury kamado smoker, the Caliber Pro Kamado truly is worthy of it’s price tag.

Made from dual layered, ceramic insulated stainless steel, this ‘cue weighs a fraction of what a ceramic kamado does, won’t rust and uses way less fuel. But, it’s also been upgraded with these features:

  • Patent pending flue-way design to re-circulate heat for a consistent cook
  • Top of the line air vents that allow for precise control of temperature, smoke and moisture
  • An included as standard, patent-pending rotisserie system that’ll cook a chicken in one hour with minimal flare-ups
  • An optional Step Up rack upgrade to almost double the cooking
  • Heavy duty cart with casters

Versatile and long-lasting, there’s no denying that the Caliber Pro Kamado is built for your smoking and grilling pleasure for years and years to come. There’s even a lifetime warranty on the body to back it.