Broil King Keg

Is there anything better than taking a giant keg kamado barbecue tailgating hitched directly to the back of your truck? We don’t think so and that’s why we LOVE the Broil King Keg.

Made from insulated, porcelain-lined steel, this grill and smoker is lighter and less breakable than your standard kamado but still has all the features you need to turn out mouthwatering food while you’re at the game. With a two-tired cooking rack that rotates out of the way, there’s a tonne of space to cook with. Add to that quality cast-iron and aluminum dampers, a built-in temperature gauge and removable ash drawer to make clean-up quick, and you’ve definitely got yourself a winner.

Taking it’s place as one of the best tailgating grills and smokers, the Broil King Keg is a must-have for any barbecue and beer loving person.