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MeatStick X Review: Range, Accuracy & Easy to Use?

Wireless really is the way to go. And, thanks to a growing number of options on the market, you’ve got choice when it comes to a fully wire-free meat thermometer.

The MeatStick has quickly become a fan favorite, offering a number of improvements over the original competition. But, how does it really perform? Is the app easy and intuitive to use? And, at the same price, which brand is the better buy?

You’re asking all the right questions and you’ll find these answers plus more here in our full MeatStick X review (yes, we’ve really used it!).

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The Quick Version of Our MeatStick X Review

Once you go wireless, you won’t go back.

But, a word of caution with the MeatStick, it’s just not that accurate.

In our tests, the internal meat temperature consistently reads about 10-15°F under what actually is. So, if you go by the MeatStick alone you’ll be pulling your meat out when it’s still a bit tough and underdone.

In saying that, we definitely don’t think this thing is useless.

The MeatStick X has a longer range than the competition, a slightly higher temperature tolerance and can also be used in the deep-fryer and for sous-vide too.

So, it’s got its benefits.

And, if you need the longer range, want to use it for frying as well as smoking, or simply want to be able to hook up more probes (it handles a max of 8), the MeatStick X will still work and do a decent job. You’ll just need to adjust your target temperature up a few degrees to account for the inaccuracy.

But, if you like preciseness, the MEATER will set you back a similar amount of cash. Just keep in mind it’s range isn’t quite as long and it’s not as versatile but it will give you an accurate reading.

We give you a full run-down of the MEATER vs MeatStick here.

A Bit About the MeatStick Company

The MeatStick was the second major brand to the market with a truely wireless meat thermometer product.

Going up against the original MEATER, the MeatStick brought to the market a number of improvements over the already available product.

With a slightly higher maximum temperature, an increased range and more modularity, the MeatStick has quickly become a popular alternative product.

On paper, it’s an impressive piece of technology. But, it’s real-user reviews still tend to sit a little below that of the MEATER. In our quest to find out why, we bought ourselves the MeatStick X to try, test and compare.

This MeatStick X review is what we found…

What Is The MeatStick X Wireless Thermometer?

The MeatStick X is the MeatStick Company’s bestselling wireless meat thermometer.

Instead of the traditional probe connected to a small device via a wire, the MeatStick X connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth for a completely wire-free experience.

In each probe, there’s actually two thermometers; the stainless steel one that measures the internal temerpature of your meat, and the smaller probe that sits at the end of the handle to read the ambient temperature inside your barbecue.

Using the free app, you set a target internal temperature and ambient temperature based on what you’re cooking and it’ll monitor both continuously.

You’ll be able to see the current internal and ambient temperatures through the app. Plus, it’ll give you a graph showing both readings for the duration of your cook.

But, you don’t have to sit there watching your phone. Simply set a notification to tell you when your ambient temperature drops (and you need to add more fuel), or your internal target is almost reached (and it’s time to eat).

It’s designed to make barbecuing a whole heap easier. And, that it truly does!

Features of the MeatStick X


  • Stainless steel probe with ceramic probe handle
  • Duo sensors – 1 for internal and one for ambient
  • Magnetic charging and storage dock (powered by 2 x AA batteries, not included)

Ease of use:

  • Guided cooks based on meat type (you can over-ride if you want to do your own thing)
  • Custom alerts based on internal and/or ambient temperatures
  • Good wireless range
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comparitively high temperature tolerance
  • Suitable for smoking, grilling, sous-vide and deep frying


  • Connectable with up to 8 probes
  • WiFi bridging port available to give unlimited range
  • The MeatStick range works together so you can buy and add-on what you need, when you need it

Unboxing and Setting Up The MeatStick X

There’s not much to setting up the MeatStick X.

It arrives in a neat little box with the probe already inserted into the storage and charging dock.

The batteries aren’t included. So, make sure you’ve got some AA’s on hand, insert them and let the probe charge for at least 4 hours before you turn it on and connect it to your phone.

When it’s time to get it going, download the app, sign up for a free account and simply follow the instructions on screen to set up your first cook.

Just be sure to keep the probe in the port until after it’s turned on and connected. It doesn’t like being taken out early!

And, you’ll probably have to update the software version (although you can choose not to just yet). That’ll take a few minutes to do so.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that to use the MeatStick X, you’ll have to turn location services on to ‘Always’. Not, ‘allow while the app is open’ but ‘always’.

I personally use location as little as possible so find it a bit annoying (and invasive) to have to manually change my phone settings to turn it on and off again when I’ve finished using it.

But, if you use yours anyway, you won’t even notice it.

Probe Accuracy and Speed

The MeatStick gives you a temperature reading fast. Absolutely no complaints there.

In our first time using the MeatStick X we smoked brisket to our usual 203°F. It didn’t take as long as it usually does and we were in a hurry so, “Great, it’s ready early”… but no… it was tough and definitely needed quite a bit longer in the smoker.

After that start, we tested the MeatStick X against some thermometers we’ve measured for accuracy before.

In our tests, at about the 200°F mark, the MeatStick X consistently measured about 10-15°F under what we know to be true. At a lower temperature, it was more accurate, but the gap grew as the heat went up.

Yes, it absolutely should be accurate. But, we’ve bought it so the inaccuracy doesn’t mean we don’t use it though. We simply adjust our target that much higher and end up with beautifully cooked meat again.

In terms of the ambient temperature measurement, whether it’s the MeatStick, MEATER, or another similar thermometer, don’t expect 100% accuracy.

The ambient temperature probe sits about an inch out from the meat itself. And, especially while the meat is cold, it’ll read lower than the temperature on your smoker because the space surrounding your meat will be cooler.

We use the ambient probe to show us the bigger picture stuff.

It’ll still register and alert your when it’s time to add more fuel. Just trust the gauge on your smoker over the ambient reading on your MeatStick.

Temperature Range

The MeatStick X can withstand an internal temperature of up to 212ºF/100ºC. And, the external probe can handle up to 572°F/300°C. That’s hot enough for most things you’ll smoke or grill.

When you insert the probe, you do need to make sure the stainless steel part is completely inside of the meat so that it doesn’t get too hot.

Check that the pointed end isn’t sticking right through either.

Signal Range

The range on the MeatStick X is impressive.

The Bluetooth alone will give you up to 260ft which is significantly more than the competition.

If you’re using it through walls, especially brick or concrete, the range will reduce. But, for most people setup in the backyard, the MeatStick X will be perfectly adequate.

If you’ve got a larger property, or you want to go out and still be able to see what’s going on in your smoker, you’ll need the MeatStick WiFi Bridge.

This small device lets you link up to 8 probes to the cloud via your WiFi internet connection.

If you buy the WiFi Bridge set to start with, you actually get 1 extra probe plus the device so the Bridge part is pretty much free.

You can also grab the Bridge only separately if you find yourself needing it later on.

The MeatStick App

When it comes to the MeatStick app, we feel like it lets the whole thing down a bit.

Now, it’s not THAT bad.

It works, it doesn’t crash and everything loads quickly and easily.

But, it takes quite a while to get your probe set up and ready to go into your meat. It’s more of an inconvenience than anything else. And, if you’ve never used another wireless meat thermometer, it’s probably not going to even bother you that much.

When you open the app for the first time, it’ll guide you through what to do. We feel like it’s just more complicated than it needs to be.

And, if you want to change your target temperature, you’ll need to delete and setup the probe again. You can’t quickly change that setting as of yet.

But, you can see past cooks, set alarms, see all your probes, and, use the guidance of their presets.


The MeatStick X charges any time it’s in the dock. There’s 2 x AA batteries and it’ll power off of those to give you about 24 hours of use per charge.

How long do the batteries last?

We don’t know yet. Our first set of AA’s are still going strong and we’ve used it consistently over at least 6 months so you shouldn’t be flying through the batteries either.

Cleaning the MeatStick X Probes

Cleaning meat thermometer cables is never a fun job. But, no cables and the dishwasher safe probe on the MeatStick X mean cleaning takes a couple of seconds to throw it on the rack.

Warranty and Customer Service

The MeatStick X comes with a 1 year warranty. It’s on par with any other wireless meat thermometer.

You’re also covered by a 30 day great steak guaranteed so you’ve got peace of mind when you buy.

What's The Difference Between The MeatStick, MeatStick X and WiFi Bridget Set?

Signal range.

The MeatStick gives you a 33 ft range.

The MeatStick X ups it to 260 ft.

And, the MeatStick WiFi Bridge Set gives you an unlimited range when using your internet connection.

What We Like About the MeatStick X

  • Absolutely no wires to have to mess around with
  • One probe measures both your internal and external temperatures
  • Set notifications on your phone so you don’t need to keep checking on the barbecue
  • Impressive signal range on the X version, or, WiFi option
  • Very sharp point on the probe is easier than competitors to insert
  • Clean up is easy in the dishwasher
  • Suitable for grilling, smoking, sous-vide and using in a deep-fryer
  • Use with up to 8 probes
  • Compatible with the rest of the MeatStick range

What We Don't Like About the MeatStick X

  • Not as accurate as we’d like. You need to get to know your probe and adjust target tempertures accordingly
  • App isn’t super intuitive. But, does work without connectivity issues

The MeatStick X Specs

Materials: Stainless steel and ceramic

Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth

Battery life: 24 hours, rechargeable

Dishwasher safe? Yes

Internal temperature max: 212°F

Ambient temperature max: 572°F

Probe size: 6 x 135 mm

Warranty: 1 year

FAQs About the MeatStick X

Q. Can I use The MeatStick X in a deep fryer?

Yes. It’s made for use in a deep fryer. You can use it in an air fryer as well.

Q. Does the MeatStick X use WiFi?

The MeatStick X by itself uses a Bluetooth connection to give you range of up to 260 ft. You can use it with the WiFi Bridge if you want an unlimited range via the internet.

Q. Can you use the MeatStick in a smoker?

It’s ideal. With a battery life of 24 hours plus suitable maximum temperature thresholds, the MeatStick is a great option for long smoking sessions.

Q. Is the MeatStick waterproof?

The MeatStick was designed to be used in sous-vide applications and in the deep-fryer. It’s also dishwasher safe.

Q. How accurate is the MeatStick?

In our testing we found that the MeatStick X reads about 10-15°F over the actual temperature.

Q. How do you use a MeatStick X?

Install and open the app on your smartphone. Follow the instructions to set up a probe including turing it on, inserting it fully into the meat and selecting your target temperatures.

It’ll then display the internal and ambient temperature of what you’re cooking throughout your cook and notify you when it’s perfectly cooked.

Q. Is the MeatStick better than the MEATER?

There are some things about the MeatStick that are better than the MEATER (like the range and the fact it does sous-vide). But, if you look at accuracy alone, the MEATER is much more accurate than the MeatStick.

For a full comparison of how these two popular wireless meat thermometers work, check out our MEATER Plus vs MeatStick X review.

Our Verdict on the MeatStick X

As a major competitor with the original wireless meat theremometer, MEATER, the MeatStick has done a great job of improving on what they’ve already done.

But, in a meat thermometer you really want reliability and accuracy. And, when we’ve found that the stick consistently measures 10-15°F under the actual internal meat temperature, we can’t say whole-heartedly it’s an awesome product.

If you need the higher range of 260ft, want to be able to connect up to 8 probes, or want something that can handle the deep-fryer and sous-vide too, go for it.

Just be aware that it’ll probably undershoot the actual internal meat temperature and give it an ‘extra’ few degrees.

But, if you’re a stickler for accuracy, the MeatStick X is unfortunately not it. Read our full review of the MEATER instead.

And, read our MEATER Plus vs MeatStick X comparison.

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