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Funny BBQ Gifts: 26 Grate & Grillarious Finds

Top 3 Funny BBQ Gifts

These are our 3 favorite bbq gag gifts at 3 different price points.

Don't Worry, I Watched a YouTube BBQ Apron
Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Love Meat Tender Rub
Snoop Dogg's from Crook to Cook Recipe Book

Welcome to our sizzling showcase of funny BBQ gifts.

We’ve scoured the grilling universe to bring you a collection that’s sure to spice up your barbecue game.

To make your gift hunt a breeze, we’ve neatly divided our finds into sections based on price, ensuring there’s something for every budget. But, remember to check the prices of items that look good in the bracket above in case they’re on sale!

Whether you’re searching for a laugh-out-loud White Elephant exchange gift or a thoughtful surprise for the ultimate grill enthusiast, our compilation not only promises humor but also ensures that each item is a blend of quality, flavor, and practicality.

From affordable chuckles to premium grins, we’ve got you covered, catering to the tastes of both him and her.

If you don’t find a gift you like here, or want to check out some less-funny but high-quality cheap bbq gifts, check out our favorite stocking stuffers for bbq lovers.

Otherwise, let the BBQ laughter and flavor festivities begin!

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Table of Contents

Under $10

In the under $10 section of our funny BBQ gifts article, you’ll find a sizzling selection of affordable and humorous options that are perfect for office gifts, white elephant, Secret Santa, stocking stuffers, or just a regular gift for a hilarious bbq enthusiast.

Now most of these are bacon related. But, we’ve tried to keep them useful as well as laughter-inducing to help create a grate mood next barbecue without burning a hole in your wallet.

Bacon Lip Balm

Bacon Lip Balm is the ultimate cheap and humorous gift that’s perfect for livening up White Elephant exchanges, or creating a good laugh during a Secret Santa gift swap.

This quirky lip balm lets you carry the savory scent of bacon with you wherever you go, turning your lips into a sizzling sensation. It’s a memorable addition to any BBQ-themed gift exchange. Great for kids too.

Could it also be a perfectly teasing gift for the vegetarian in your life? Or is that going too far?

Bacon Strips Bandages

Bacon Strips Bandages are the ultimate combination of practicality and humor, making them an ideal choice for funny BBQ gifts, stocking stuffers, or even as a gag gift.

These bandages not only provide a lighthearted touch to first aid, but they’re also genuinely functional. Shaped like delicious strips of bacon, they add a dash of amusement to those unexpected boo-boos and minor injuries, making them perfect for lightening the mood during any BBQ gathering or gift exchange.

So, whether you’re giving to a kid, a grillmaster, or any bacon enthusiast, these bandages are sure to bring a smile and a touch of sizzle to the medical kit.

If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Bacon Unisex Socks

The “If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Bacon” Unisex Socks are a delightful and funny BBQ gift that combines humor with high-quality comfort.

Designed  as a one size fits most for both men and women, these socks are not only a hilarious gift for the office, Secret Santa, Father’s Day, or to put in the stocking, they’re incredibly practical.

Made from the well-respected Lavley, and crafted from premium materials, they give a snug and cozy fit that should last for years to come while showing off a love for bacon.

I Like My Meat BBQ Recipe Notebook

Cheap, funny and practical, this ‘I Like My Meat Rubbed, Jerked and Pulled’ blank bbq recipe notebook isn’t lying.

In it there’s 120 pages to keep favorite recipes together and write notes on past cooks to improve upon and recreate during the next barbecue.

On the Grill Croc Charm

Buying for a Croc wearing bbq lover? If so, you can’t go past this cheap and cheerful grilling charm.

Featuring a miniature grill design, this Croc charm gives them a lighthearted way to express their love for outdoor cooking, easily attaching to the ventilation holes on their favorite pair of Crocs.

Help them share their enthusiasm for barbecue one step at a time!

Under $15

In the under $15 section of our funny BBQ gifts article, we’ve curated a selection that strikes the perfect balance between humor and quality.

These budget-friendly options are designed to elicit laughter while offering lasting value, ensuring they’re not just fleeting gag gifts but enduring additions to any barbecue enthusiast’s collection. These affordable gems prove that humor and high quality can go hand in hand without breaking the bank.

Don't Worry, I Watched a YouTube BBQ Apron

This “Don’t Worry, I Can Do This, I Watched a YouTube” BBQ Apron is the ultimate funny gift for the aspiring grillmaster who’s honed their skills through the vast world of instructional cooking videos available online.

But, it also makes an equally as good gift for the pitmaster who’s learned an old school way and doesn’t have respect for YouTube-acquired BBQ skills.

Made for both practicality and laughs, this apron is surprisingly well made, especially for it’s price. The deep pockets hold large bbq utensils easily. And, it cleans up well in the washing machine.

Practical and funny, it’s a great choice for Secret Santa, White Elephant, Father’s Day, birthdays or absolutely any other occasion.

Sir Perky Novelty Condiment Bottle Topper

As a dad of three boys, I’m not sure you can ever go wrong with toilet humor. I mean, look at that mustard :/

In their words, not mine, it arrives perky and ready to pop and plop. Sir Perky adds a hilarious twist to any BBQ, as he cheerfully dispenses your favorite sauces with a wink and a smile.

This bottle topper is a standard size to fit as many different sauces as possible. It’s dishwasher safe and really nicely packaged making it the ultimate bbq gag gift that guarantees laughter.

There’s even a plug to keep it in… and you know where that goes.

Burger Wrapping Paper Set

This one isn’t a gift on it’s own. But, if the budget allows for it wrapping their bbq gift in this Burger Wrapping Paper Set adds an extra layer to the humor and style.

One set comes with 6 pieces of large 90gsm 27″ x 19″ paper and 6 matching gift tags too.

Sustainably sourced, it’s perfect for reusing in the kids’ craft too.

And, there’s a raw steak on a cutting board design too.

Under $20

In the under $20 section of our funny BBQ gifts article, you’ll discover an array of budget-friendly and amusing choices to delight any BBQ enthusiast.

From comical grill-themed clothing to delicious rubs, and entertaining beverage holders, these affordable options are sure to bring a smile to the grillmaster’s face without breaking the bank.

Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Love Meat Tender Rub

Slap Yo Daddy BBQ’s “Love Meat Tender” All-Purpose Championship Rub is crafted with a playful spirit and a serious commitment to taste, making it an ideal gift for both the seasoned pitmaster and the weekend barbecue enthusiast.

Created by the award winning pitmaster Harry Soo, this artisanal small batch seasoning is made in the USA with absolutely no MSG or gluten containing additives.

It’s every bit as good as it’s made out to be so you’re not just gifting a laugh, you’re starting a love affair with this awesome range of rubs.

May I Sugget the Sausage Apron

Give the girls a laugh and do your mate a favor with this novelty bbq apron for men.

Made from 100% cotton to keep your meat safe with large pockets and an adjustable buckle neck hoop, it’ll fit your grill lover with a sense of humor. And, it’s every bit as useful as it is funny.

I Like My Butt Rubbed and My Pork Pulled BBQ Apron

There’s nothing truer than this saying and if you know someone who’d agree, you’ve got the perfect funny bbq gift for that’s not just there for a laugh.

Made from high-quality, water resistant, and durable material, with an adjustable neck strap and long ties, it’s sized to fit any BBQ lover, chef, smoked meat lover, dad, husband, boyfriend, fiancé, or brother, just to name a few, who has a sense of humor and loves to smoke.

There’s 3 large pockets that can fit anything and everything from long bbq utensils to a phone, meat thermometer, and a bottle of sauce.

I Like My Butt Rubbed and My Pork Pulled T-Shirt

If you can’t go past the funny quote above but they just won’t wear an apron, there’s this stylish t-shirt.

Custom printed by Amazon on a nice quality fabric, and available for both men and women in a range of cool colors, this shirt is a perfect way to showcase a true passion for BBQ with a playful twist.

It’s an excellent conversation starter at BBQ gatherings and makes for a memorable gift for anyone who takes their grilling seriously while maintaining a sense of fun.

Red Cup Reusable Plastic Wine Cups

Feeling a little fancy? Why not have them (and you) sipping wine from a reusable red cup wine glass at their next barbecue?

Break-resistance, BPA-free and dishwasher safe, they’re perfect for ‘classy’ barbecues where you know what’s good!

12 Pack Can Holster Vest & 6 Pack Belt

If wine isn’t their thing then maybe this 12 Pack Can Holster Vest & 6 Pack Belt is what will get them through 12 hours smokes?

It’d also be perfect for tailgating, fishing, Christmas or having the inlaws over too and is sure to get a few laughs as a funny gift for bbq lovers, white elephant or Secret Santa.

Each pack comes with a 6 pack belt and a separate 12 pack vest so it can handle a hefty 18 cans or bottles of your favorite drink.

Function Steak Socks

These socks are really a bit well, disgusting. But, as a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift for someone who really loves meat and a good laugh, they’re perfect for slipping under the office suit or wearing around the backyard.

This brand, Function, is one of the most popular for funny socks and the breathable polyester fabric does keep your feet cool while the all over sublimation print makes sure that meat keeps shocking wash after wash.

Give them as a gift by themselves, throw them in a Santa stocking, or wrap them with a corn pair below…

Function Corn on the Cob Socks

A bit corny? Maybe so, but we love these hot, corn on the cob socks!

Great as an amusing gift for the dedicated griller who likes to add a touch of fun to their casual barbecue or workplace attire, they’re pretty good quality, comfy, and the all over sublimation print promises not to fade or crack over time.

Perfect for both men and women, they’re a unique and funny gift that brings a kernel of laughter to every grilling occasion.

Under $30

In our under $30 section of the funny BBQ gifts article, we’ve carefully curated a collection that strikes the perfect balance between humor and utility.

We’ve prioritized quality items that are not only amusing but also practical, ensuring that they won’t end up gathering dust.

From a hillarious cookbook to stylish clothing, and your typical bacon attire, these gifts are bound to provide lasting enjoyment and make your barbecues even more memorable.

Perfect for the Secret Santa or White Elephant gift with a sightly higher budget or as a standalone present for your bbq lover with a great sense of humor.

Snoop Dogg's From Crook to Cook

This book ain’t a joke and the recipies inside aren’t bad either. But, this completely unexpected bbq white elephant gift is sure to get a good laugh or two.

Although the recipes aren’t all for the grill or smoker, things like the ‘Billionaires Bacon’ and baked mac & cheese can be done on the barbecue. Plus, there’s other great Southern style foods like ‘OG Chicken and Waffles’. And, of course they didn’t skip the ‘Go Shorty, It’s Your Birthday Cake’.

It’s hillariously done. But, actually a great read and we’re always here for funny bbq gifts that are practical and good quality too.

I'd Smoke That Trucker Hat

The “I’d Smoke That” Trucker Hat is the ideal gift for your stylish someone who loves smoking meat and appreciates a good laugh.

This hat not only adds a touch of humor to the BBQ scene but is also really great quality.

Crafted with premium materials, it’s comfortable, practical, and a good-looking, long-lasting accessory that can be worn absolutely anywhere.

Available in a few different colours, it’s got a moisture wicking pad, as well as the triple-quilted sweatband. Plus there’s a 10 year print quality guarantee of every trucker cup.

Suitable for both men and women with a snap back closure means that’ll fit almost any head size, it’s a stylish and actually useful funny gift for bbq lovers that’ll definitely get some good use.

Dancing Pickle

The Gagster Dancing Pickle is the ultimate funny gift for pickle loving bbq enthusiasts and fans of quirky gag gifts.

This electronic marvel is not your ordinary pickle; it sings, repeats what you say, and even tells jokes in a hilarious yodeling fashion. With its zany personality and playful antics, the Gagster Dancing Pickle is sure to bring joy and amusement to any setting.

Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind novelty gift or something that will crack your kid up all day, this dancing and singing pickle is here to deliver non-stop entertainment.

It’s absolutely hillarious. And I do have one in my house!

BRIEF INSANITY Premium Quality Meat Boxer Shorts

Of course no funny bbq gift list could be complete without a good meat brief so here it is.

These BRIEF INSANITY Premium Quality Meat Boxer Shorts might or might not get the opportunity to be shown off, depending on what kind of barbecue is being had. But, even if this meat is staying in your pants, you’re giftee will know what’s going down.

Comfortable and lightweight with a high-quality print, these unisex shorts are sure to impress when they’re unwrapped the first, second, third and subsequent times…

Fleece Bacon Blanket

Who doesn’t need a bacon blanket?

Whether you’re snuggling up around the fire pit or taking a break from grilling, this bacon blanket is the perfect gift to keep you warm and entertained during chilly BBQ nights.

The high-quality image looks like crispy bacon strips and is available in a variety of sizes from a kid sized throw to a full sized king bed. And, whichever size you go for, this affordable bbq-related gift is really soft and really warm, made from air-fiber premium flannel.

It’s a sizzling addition to any BBQ enthusiast’s collection of gear and a humorous reminder that bacon makes everything better – even blankets!

Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

This Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit is a unique and refreshing cheap gift for BBQ lovers that adds a delightful twist to the traditional meat-centric fare.

Boxed up with a coring tool too, this kit transforms a simple watermelon into a fun and functional drink dispenser, allowing you to serve up delicious and hydrating drinks with style. And, it works on pumpkins for halloween too.

Stand out from the crowd and surprise your BBQ loving friend with something a little different.

Over $30

In the over $30 section of our funny BBQ gifts article, you’ll find premium selections that are a cut above the rest.

These gifts are all about blending humor with high-quality craftsmanship, making them more than just novelty items. These offerings are sure to delight serious grillmasters who appreciate both a good laugh and exceptional BBQ accessories, essentials and extras.

BBQ Butler Butchers Paper

Pink butchers paper better than your typical aluminum foil for wrapping. It lets some moisture out, stopping meat from getting mushy, and it lets the smoke in and for better flavor and a nicer smoke ring.

And, this food printed design by BBQ Butler is both practical and funny.

With sayings like ‘I heart a good butt rub’, ‘I like pig butts and I cannot lie’ and ‘my butt is smoking hot’, it also makes for a fun way to serve up your latest cook, giving it a professional look to match it’s professional quality taste.

Slap Yo Daddy Rub Pack

Grab a single like we mentioned above, or, get a better deal with this 3 pack of delicious, artisanal, small batch Slap Yo Daddy Rubs.

This pack here covers all your bases with the award winning and all-purpose ‘Love Meat Tender’, ‘Jailbird Chicken’, and ‘Moola Beef Rub’.

But, whichever they use first, they’re getting a top quality seasoning that’s MSG and gluten free. There’s nothing but great tasting, well-balanced flavor in a humerous and out there package.

Hot Dog Roaster

Need we say anything about this one? The picture really tells all…

Here you can grab your special someone a hilarious and entertaining BBQ accessory that’s both practical and playful.

With a choice between the single-man or three-man stick figure design, the top quality stainless steel design can hold a hot dog up to 4 inches long.

Whether it’s to take camping, tailgating, or for a backyard BBQ, will get the girls giggling.

But hey, it’s not just a hot dog roaster. You could load it up with mashmallows, shrimp, or sliced vegetables with a nice round mushroom right on the tip too.


Bacon-Opoly is the perfect funny BBQ gift for the bacon aficionado in your life.

This board game takes the classic Monopoly and gives it a delicious twist, replacing properties with different bacon-related items and themes. From the Sizzle and Out spaces to the mouthwatering bacon-themed game pieces, Bacon-Opoly offers a delightful and entertaining way to bond with friends and family during BBQ gatherings.

It’s a lighthearted and tasty journey through the world of bacon, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate both humor and good food. So, roll the dice, buy your favorite bacon properties, and sizzle your way to victory with Bacon-Opoly!

Just one word of warning though, playing this game will make you hungry.

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