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Funny Barbecue Accessories and Gifts

These funny barbecue accessories and gifts are perfect for any meat lover!

Barbecues are all about fun times, right?!? If it’s HELL YEAH you say, then you’ll love these funny barbecue accessories! Perfect as a unique gift for your smoking or grill loving friend, they’re also great items to grab yourself to impress your guests.

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Changeable Branding IronPersonalise your barbecue with this customisable branding iron

Surprise your guests with a customization message left right on their steak! With 55 changeable letters, you and your guests will have lots of fun creating funny, sweet and/or downright inappropriate personalized meatssages.

Suprise your guests with a sneezing pepper grinderA-Choo Pepper Grinder

The kids will love this one and might end up putting on too much from this nose-shaped pepper grinder.

Get a shit load of great flavor with this 5 pack of seasoningShit Load Barbecue Seasonings

Bull shit! Aw shit! Chicken shit! Good shit! Special shit! This stuff is good shit! Made by Big Cock Ranch in Austin, Texas, these guys know how to make a dry rub to amp up your next barbecue. Grab the 5-pack and chuck it on everything that’s getting eaten!

Why use a steak knife when you could use a steak saw?!?Steak Saws

For the times when an extra-large barbecued steak means an ordinary knife won’t do, grab a set of these steak saws! With ultra-sharp serrated stainless-steel blades, they’re the perfect way to get the conversation started as your guests saw through a perfectly grilled steak.

Breakable, BPA free, red cup style wine cups perfect for any barbecueRed Cup Wine Glass

Feeling a little fancy? Why not sip wine from a reusable red cup wine glass at your next barbecue? Break-resistance, BPA-free and dishwasher safe, they’re perfect for ‘classy’ barbecues where you know what’s good!

Let your guests know what's good!May I Suggest the Sausage Barbecue Apron

Send a message about what’s good at your barbecue with this novelty apron for men! Made from 100% cotton to keep your meat safe and colored black to not show up any dirty fingers, this apron is as useful as it is funny.

Let the meat do the talking - rare, medium, well-done or veggieFunny Pig-Face Meat Markers

Let the meat do the talking with these graphic, rare, medium, well-done and veggie meat markers. The smiling pigs will ensure your guests are smiling too when their food comes out just right!

Let your funny barbecue accessories do the talking!I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie Barbecue Trivets

Set your barbecue table with a truthful trivet! Perfect for setting the pulled pork or any other hot dish down, they’ll keep your table safe while making your guests laugh. Made from 100% bamboo, they’re easy to clean but also make for a great home decoration.

Perfect for both alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages at your next barbecueFruit Keg Tapping Kit

How cool is this little kit? With it, you can turn a watermelon into a keg simply by hollowing it out and filling it with your favorite beverage. Perfect for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks just don’t forget to clearly mark which one’s for the kids!

Barbecue entertainment at it's finest!Bacon-opoly

Break the ice and start the fun with this barbecue-themed version of Monopoly! Suitable for 2-6 players, it’s the ideal way to kill some time while the food’s smoking or, use it to conveniently keep the kids entertained. Either way, you can’t go wrong with more bacon.

Start the baby early with these baby-q teething ribsBaby-Q Ribs

Know a teething baby who could use some training on the fact that barbecue is GOOD?!? Chew on this regulated, BPA, PVC and phthalate free food grade silicone baby rib teething toy. There’s never been a more appropriate way to soothe your baby’s sore gums and keep them happy while you’re barbecuing.

Perfect for a barbecue first-aid kit!Bacon Bandages

We know that the last thing you want is for anyone to get hurt at your barbecue. But, when good times, heat and perhaps a bit of alcohol is involved, better to be prepared with a pack of these bacon shaped adhesive bandages that even the manliest men will want to wear!

Show 'em what you're rooting for!Meat Socks

What’s barbecue all about? Well… the meat of course! So why not reinforce what you’re all about with these sweet, athletic-style M-E-A-T socks? Extra tall to cover your ‘meaty’ calves, they’re also super comfortable with a cushioned food. Grab them for the barbecue lovin’ girl or guy in your life and throw in the beer and bacon pairs while you’re at it too!

A bit corny? Maybe, but when you love barbecue...Corn on the Cob Socks

A bit corny? Maybe so, but we love these hot, corn on the cob socks! With an all over print that supposedly won’t fade or crack, they’re the perfect accessory to strut your stuff at your next barbecue.

Keep your meat in your pants with these bacon briefsMens Bacon Briefs

Now, depending on what kinda barbecue you’re having, you might or might not get the opportunity to show off these great bacon briefs! But, even if this meat is staying in your pants, you’ll know what’s going down. And, in case you get lucky, who wouldn’t be impressed by some long rashers of streaky bacon!

How many kisses could you get on your bacon smelling lips?Bacon Lip Balm

Know a woman who just can’t get enough bacon? Or, perhaps you’d like an extra, bacon-on-top incentive to giving your woman one on the lips… Either way, bacon flavored lip balm. Because, why not? Plus, it’s healing!