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Camp Chef vs Green Mountain: Which Is The Best Choice?

Whether you’re looking for a portable pellet smoker or a regular one for at-home use, both Camp Chef and Green Mountain Grills are two popular brands the choice often comes down to.

Sitting at a similar price point, both brands offer WiFi, more durable stainless steel components, and, a great reputation for building solid smokers for a great price.

So, which one’s the better choice?

In this comparison of Camp Chef vs Green Mountain, we look at the key components that make up a pellet smoker and discuss what both brands do.

If you’re after the quick version, you’ll find that right up top. Or, read on for all the details including a side by side of actual Camp Chef and Green Mountain Grills to see what your hard earned dollars actually get you.

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The Quick Version: Camp Chef vs Green Mountain

You’ve picked two very comparable options. Because, Camp Chef and Green Mountain are surprisingly similar with their stainless steel hoods and WiFi connectivity.

But, if we had to pick one (and that’s what you’re doing if you’re looking to buy one), we’d generally go with Camp Chef.

On most of Camp Chef’s range, you can grill over the open flame of the pellet fire thanks to their Slide and Grill drip plate. And, their upgraded models all use the newer PID-style temperature controller for more precise heat regulation which means you’ll have an easier time making that brisket that good again. We also love that they throw in a few more meat probes than Green Mountain, and, you’ve got more choice in sizes to suit your needs.

In saying that, Green Mountain is a solid brand that makes great smokers as well.

We do particularly like the newly updated GMG Trek. This portable model is very well built, has WiFi (Camp Chef’s portable doesn’t), and, has a 12V power connection so you don’t need a separate inverter to use it with your car.

But, either way, either brand, you’re making a good choice. Both Camp Chef and Green Mountain make great pellet smokers. So, if you’re leaning towards one, trust your gut and click on any of the links below to see the full Camp Chef or Green Mountain ranges.

A Bit About Camp Chef

Camp Chef are one of the leading brands in outdoor cooking equipment.

High-quality at a reasonable price, they sell all sorts of types of grills, not just pellet smokers. And, while a bit part of their range focuses on portable barbecues, Camp Chef have a solid range of at-home pellet smokers, that, while you could use on the go, aren’t your typical fold up and move setup.

Camp Chef’s range broken down includes their premium Woodwind series that comes with WiFi and Slide and Grill technology for open flame searing, and, their more basic SG, DLX and XL ranges. They also do a folding pellet smoker, the Pursuit Portable Grill, and, a very popular, XXL Pro Vertical Pellet Smoker, great for anyone who wants to smoke serious amounts of food.

Where are Camp Chef’s made?

Camp Chef pellet smokers are produced in China like most other manufacturers these days. Their headquarters are based in Utah. This is where all the designing and testing is done.

A Bit About Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills, also known as GMG, are one of the smaller pellet smoker manufacturers out there. But, smaller doesn’t mean not as good.

GMG have been a fan-favorite for years with their portable Davy Crockett model being a big part of building their name.

Green Mountain’s offerings are fully focused on pellet grills. They have a Prime range and a Choice range that all have WiFi. And, while GMG claim to be of the highest quality, their prices make them an affordable, mid-range option.

Currently, GMG are only sold through brick and mortar businesses. You can’t buy them directly through their website. But, a few of their pellet smokers are sold online at

Where are GMG made?

Green Mountain Grills are also produced in China.

Comparing Camp Chef vs Green Mountain Pellet Grills

Whether you’ve got your eye on a particular model, or, you want to compare brand to brand first, there’s a few major areas your research will be focused on. So, here we take a good look at how Camp Chef and Green Mountain compare in these critical areas.


Despite the lower than average prices, both Camp Chef and Green Mountain Grills make very well-built smokers.

Across their range, you’ll have a choice of either powder-coated steel, or that with stainless steel lids for added durability and rust-resistance.

They’re put together well for a reasonably solid feel, although the legs on the earlier portable GMG Davy Crockett do feel a little flimsy.

Inside, you’re looking at either porcelain-coated grates or stainless steel on some of Camp Chef’s models and most of GMG’s. Both are good and shouldn’t give you trouble in the years to come.

The bottom line – The quality between the two brands is quite similar. But, overall, we do feel like Camp Chef’s are built to last a little longer – CAMP CHEF.

Temperature Range

The Green Mountain Grills controller gives you a temperature range between 150°F and 550°F. The portable Davy Crockett is the exception to that rule and gets a little hotter, maxing out at 550°F. All can be adjusted in 5°F increments for really precise temperature setting.

On Camp Chef’s, the range is similar with a low of 160°F and a max of 500°F. But, their settings jump in 25°F increments so although you’re good for a standard 225 or 450, there’s not so much control there.

But, Camp Chef’s Woodwind, SG and Pursuit Portable smokers all have what they call Slide and Grill technology for direct flame cooking. By sliding the lever across, you’ll open up slits in the heat deflector plate to reveal the pellet fire below and boost the temperature up to an estimated 650°F.

If you want to grill regularly on your pellet smoker, the Slide and Grill really does take your results to the next level. Otherwise, it’s a bit like trying to grill or sear in a really hot oven with the indirect heat.

The bottom line – GMG give you more adjustment settings. But, there’s no beating Camp Chef’s Slide and Grill for better open flame grilling – CAMP CHEF.

Temperature Control

When all you want to do is be able to turn your smoker on, add the meat and come back hours later for a legendary meal, temperature control counts! Consistency makes it a whole heap easier to get the same results every time you use it, so, it’s a pretty important buying factor.

The whole Camp Chef range feature the newer, more precise PID-based controllers that reduce temperature fluctuations for more consistent results. So, once you set the temperature, it should only vary by about 5°F either side of your target.

But, another awesome feature of Camp Chef is that you can actually set how smoky you want it independently of the temperature. Simply set the dial anywhere between 1 and 10 and you can change the flavor of your meat for more flexibility and control.

Green Mountain currently use regular temperature controllers, not a PID-based system. So, you’re going to see the temperature fluctuate much more either side of your target. +/-25°F isn’t unusual.

It won’t ruin your food! One good thing about non-PID-based systems are that they’re naturally more smoky. Some people even prefer them over the newer type.

The bottom line – We do like PID-based temperature controllers. And, Camp Chef’s separate smoke settings let you boost the smoke if you want to. So, this one’s all them – CAMP CHEF.


If you like to do things digitally, whether your smoker can be controlled through your WiFi might be a huge factor in your decision making.

But, whether you go Camp Chef or Green Mountain, you can get it!

In fact, both of these brands are some of the only companies to offer WiFi-enabled controllers in this price bracket.

While all of Green Mountain’s smokers, including the portable ones, have WiFi, some of Camp Chef’s cheaper models don’t. Their most popular Woodwind Series all do. But, the portable Pursuit doesn’t and that might be the big one you’re comparing with the Green Mountains.

The bottom line – There’s WiFi options with both Camp Chef and Green Mountain. But, Camp Chef’s portable model doesn’t have it while GMG’s portable does. A lot of people looking at these two brands will be looking for portable. So, we’re giving this one to – GREEN MOUNTAIN GRILLS.

Cooking Space

Green Mountain Grills have a much smaller range size than Camp Chef. So, there’s not quite as much choice in sizes.

You’re looking at 219 square inches in the portable model up to 658 square inches in their largest. But, their peaked lid design means you’ve got extra height that’s useful for larger cuts like whole turkeys or even small whole hogs.

If that’s not big enough, Camp Chef’s portable model starts at 501 square inches on 2 racks and their regular range extends up to 1,200 square inches. There’s even the XXL Pro Vertical with a whopping 2,400 square inches that’s ideal for hunters, huge families, or even someone with a healthy appetite.

The bottom line – Camp Chef give you more choice of sizes to suit your needs. And, their portable model is larger – CAMP CHEF.

Pellet Hopper Size

If you’re considering these two brands for a portable smoker, you’re looking at either a 9 pound hopper on the GMG Trek, or, a 10 pound hopper on the Camp Chef Pursuit.

Generally, you get about an hour of low and slow cooking time out of one pound of pellets. So, either of these are going to give you around about the same amount of smoke time before you need to add more pellets.

In terms of their larger smokers, Camp Chef usually gives you an 18 or 22 pound hopper capacity depending on the grill size. GMG has either 17 or 18 pound capacities. All do give decently long unassisted cook times.

The bottom line – You can get slightly larger pellet hoppers by going with – CAMP CHEF.


Both Camp Chef and Green Mountain Grills are covered by a 3 year warranty. There’s exceptions of course. But, both appear pretty decent on the surface.

The bottom line – Both have pretty standard 3 year warranties – CAMP CHEF and GREEN MOUNTAIN.

Extra Features

Most Camp Chef smokers come with between 2 and 4 meat probes. These plug in directly to the control panel so you can see your real-time internal meat temperature to know when it’s perfectly done without opening the lid.

They also have awesome Ash Cleanout Systems where you simply pull the lever to empty the majority of the ash. Plus, if you’re serious about grilling on your pellet smoker, you can get propane-powered add-ons that replace the side shelf on any of their 24 or 36″ models.

There’s the Sidekick for a versatile single burner. Or, the Sear Box which holds a cast iron grate for even better grilling.

Green Mountain pellet smokers come with one or two meat probes depending on the size of the model you’re looking at. They also use the newer 12V direct power connection which might be easier for you with outdoor use. And, with the exception of the portable Trek model, GMG’s have a USB charging port built into the control panel.

The bottom line – Camp Chef have more probes and more probe ports. Plus, their propane add-ons are well worth it if you don’t want to have two barbecues – CAMP CHEF.


Both Camp Chef and GMG’s are well-priced for what they are.

Green Mountain have a slightly lower price point if you’re looking purely at dollars. But, Camp Chef gives you more space for the price so we feel like there’s a plus of both and it really depends on your budget.

The bottom line – Green Mountain’s portable model is cheaper than Camp Chef’s. But, if you’re considering price per square inch, Camp Chef is better so we’ll give this one to both – CAMP CHEF and GREEN MOUNTAIN.

So, Is One Best? Our Camp Chef vs Green Mountain Decision

Camp Chef and Green Mountain sell surprisingly similar pellet smokers. Priced very competitively, you can get quality stainless steel components and WiFi with either of these brands.

But, because we do like Camp Chef’s Slide and Grill technology that takes grilling on a pellet smoker to the next level, plus their precise PID temperature controllers, in general, looking brand to brand, we would go with Camp Chef.

But, that’s not to say that Green Mountain isn’t a great option.

Especially if you’re after a portable model, the newer GMG Trek is durable and sturdy, has WiFi vs not having it on the Camp Chef Pursuit, and, the 12V power connection means you don’t need to buy or carry an inverter to hook it up to your car. Handy!

But, if you’re looking for a smoker for your backyard, Camp Chef offer such a good range of sizes, models to suit your budget, and, the optional add-on of a propane powered side burner for a complete all-in-one solution.

If you haven’t got to looking at actual models yet, the links below will take you straight to check out Camp Chef and Green Mountain (we do earn a small commission from any purchases you make, thank-you for your support).

Or, scroll down to see how some of Camp Chef and Green Mountain’s most popular models stack up against each other.

Camp Chef vs Green Mountain Real Grill Comparisons

If seeing what your actual dollar can get you is more your style, check out these comparisons of Camp Chef and Green Mountain models below.

Camp Chef vs Green Mountain - Portable Options

Camp Chef Pursuit Portable Pellet Grill
Green Mountain Grills Trek



Powder-coated steel with stainless steel lid and porcelain-coated steel grates

Powder-coated steel with stainless steel lid and grates

160 - 500°F (up to 650°F with Slide n Grill)

150 - 550°F

501 square inches of cooking space

219 square inches of cooking space

10 pound hopper

9 pound hopper

3 year warranty

3 year warranty

  • PID temperature controller

  • Adjustable smoke setting

  • 2 meat probes

  • Locking chamber and hopper lids

  • Folding legs for easy moving

  • WiFi

  • 1 meat probe

  • 12V direct power cord included

  • Runs on 120AC as well

Pit Boss vs Camp Chef - Mid-Size and Mid-Range Options

Green Mountain Ledge Stainless Steel



Powder-coated steel with stainless steel firebox and porcelain-coated steel grates

Powder-coated steel with stainless steel lid and grates

150 - 500°F (or 650°F with Slide and Grill)

150 - 550°F

800 square inches of cooking space

458 square inches of cooking space

22 pound hopper

18 pound hopper

3 year warranty

3 year warranty

  • PID temperature controller

  • WiFi

  • 4 meat probes

  • Slide n Grill function allows open flame, high heat grilling

  • Adjustable smoke levels

  • Pellet purge system

  • Searbox and sidekick compatible

  • WiFi

  • 2 meat probes

  • Interior grill light

  • Grill and pellet view windows

  • Collapsible front shelf

  • Peaked lid for extra height

Pit Boss vs Camp Chef - Larger, Top of the Line Options

Camp Chef Woodwind 36 with Sidekick
Green Mountain Peak SS



Powder-coated steel with stainless steel firebox and porcelain-coated steel grates

Powder-coated steel with stainless steel lid and grates

180 - 500°F (or 650°F using Slide n Grill)

150 - 550°F

1,236 square inches of cooking space + 231 square inches in sidekick

658 square inches of cooking space

22 pound hopper

18 pound hopper

3 year warranty

3 year warranty

  • PID temperature controller

  • WiFi

  • Slide n Grill for direct flame, high heat grilling

  • 4 stainless steel meat probes

  • Adjustable smoke levels

  • Pellet purge system

  • WiFi

  • 2 meat probes

  • Front and side shelves

  • Chamber and hopper windows

  • Peaked lid for greater height

  • Keep warm mode

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