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Best Smoker Tube: Super Smoke or Cold Smoke on Demand


LIZZQ Premium Pellet Smoker Tube


Lanney Pellet Smoker Tube


Kona Pellet Smoke Tube


Carpathen Smoke Tube




BBQFAM EZ Smoker Tube 6 Inch



Hot smoking, cold smoking, converting a grill, or, amping up an existing smoker, these cheap little accessories are capable of quite a lot! Suitable for absolutely any type of grill or smoker, they’re also an ideal gift for the barbecue enthusiast who’s already kitted out with most of the gear.

But, with so many different types of smoking pellet tubes the market, it can be hard to know that the one you’re getting will a, work well, and, b, last a decent amount of time.

We’ve made your job easy by reviewing the best smoker tube options on the market today. Here, you’ll find quality options that are versatile, durable and inexpensive. It’s seriously a piece of kit that everyone could do with!

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How We Tested the Best Smoker Tubes

In writing this review, we rounded up a selection of the most popular, best rated, and widely available smoker tubes currently on the market. Then, after buying them, we set about to test each one of them in a number of situations.

These smoker tubes were tested in the following applications:

Not every pellet grill has super smoke mode. And, even if it does, you can normally only use it at a lower temperature.

But, because a smoker tube is completely separate to your smoker itself, you can boost the smoke levels and have your grill at whatever temperature you want.

We tested these smoker tubes in a Z Grills pellet smoker. But, the results are applicable to any brand of pellet smoker.

Turning a grill into a smoker is another popular thing to use a tube smoker for so, we tested it to see exactly how well these cheap gadgets work for doing just that.

We used a charcoal grill, setting the tube smoker down on the cooking grate and the food beside it. But, our results should be very similar to what anyone would get on a gas grill or other type of grill too.

We set up a single smoker tube in the firebox area of a smoker, left it turned off and cold smoked some cheese to test the effectiveness of using these smoker tubes to cold smoke.

Best smoker tube

Not every tube smoker we tested made this best of list.

We don’t like to name bash the ones that didn’t make our cut. So, instead we listed the very best ones we would buy again and use.

Table of Contents

The Best Smoker Tubes: Our Top Choices

Whether you’re planning on using it to create your own super smoke mode, hot smoke in a grill, or cold smoke, these are the best smoker tube options on the market.


LIZZQ Premium Pellet Smoker Tube


Length: 12 inches

Burn time: 5 hours

Capacity: 3 cups

Cheap, simple, and effective, the LIZZQ premium pellet smoker tube has been our go-to for years.

We love the hexagonal shape because it doesn’t roll around when you place it on a grate, it’s 304 grade stainless steel so it’s food-safe, strong, and rust-resistant, and the 12 inch length gives you a decent amount of smoke time from one fill.

Packed with high quality pellets, we get about 5 hours of smoking time from the LIZZQ.

The airflow is adequate to provide a proper burn, and the smoke itself diffuses really well to give plenty of the good stuff to your hot or cold smoked meats.

There’s a perforated cap at one end that makes it easy to load without the pellets just pushing out the other end. And, you can actually partially fill the tube if you’re smoking for less time so that you’re not wasting extra pellets.

Stored in a dry location, ours is still in great condition after a few years with semi-regular use.


Lanney Smoker Tube


Length: 12 inches

Burn time: 5 hours

Capacity: 3 cups

The Lanney Smoker Tube is the most affordable pellet tube on this list.

Loved by many including us, it’s made from high-quality 304 grade stainless steel, comes with a perforated cap to make loading easy, and is very effective at pumping the smoke out.

But, if you’ve ever tried to clean one, you’ll realise a smoker tube isn’t the easiest thing to get a brush into. So, the Lanney comes with a cleaning brush to make that job easier. You also get a silicone basting brush with it and a couple of hooks which we haven’t personally needed.

Like the LIZZQ reviewed above, the Lanney is a 12 inch tube which gives about 5 hours of smoking time when the tube is filled to the recommended 90%.

As one last bonus, Lanney give you a satisfaction guarantee so you can try this smoker tube for yourself if you’re still on the fence about it.


Kona Smoker Tube


Length: 12 inches

Burn time: 8 hours

Capacity: 3.5 cups

For an even longer smoke time, the patent-pending diamond shape air holes in the Kona Smoker Tube help to keep your pellets smoking for up to 8 hours.

Now, to get the full advertised 8 hours from this tube, Kona recommend you use their pellets. But, you can use any high quality smoker pellet as well. Then, you need to pack them in there pretty firmly, tapping the end of the tube to help the pellets settle tightly next to each other.

But, by doing this we were able to get a long enough smoke time to not have to refill it when smoking some cuts of meat like ribs and even a pulled pork. We did still need to refill the tube once for a longer smoked brisket though but that’s to be expected of any smoker tube you’d use for that.

The quality of the Kona stainless steel tube itself is really good. It definitely pumps out a good amount of smoke and we do see the value in the diamond shaped air holes over the regular round ones.


Carpathen Smoker Tube


Length: 12 inches

Burn time: 5 hours

Capacity: 3.5 cups

Slightly different in style, but, every bit just as good, the Carpathen Smoker Tube is another solid choice.

There’s lots of holes in this one so the airflow you get is really great and the smoke production is plentiful. Like the others on this list, the Carpathen Smoker Tube is stainless steel, giving it premium durability and protection from the heat and rust.

There’s a neat cap on the end for easy filling. And, it’s standard 12″ length should give you around 5 hours of smoking time before you need to refill.

We do like that this one comes with a neat storage bag. It’s not the best quality but we pop ours in there to keep any dust out of the tiny holes while it’s in the garage between uses.


BBQFAM 6" EZ Smoker Tube


Length: 6 inches

Burn time: 2 hours

Capacity: 1.5 cups

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. And, when it comes to smoker tubes, the 6″ varieties can be really handy.

Yes, they hold less fuel so they don’t smoke for as long. But, when you’re trying to do a quick smoke on a gas grill, or, just want the maximum smoke absorption you get from the first couple of hours only, a 6″ tube will give you just that without accidentally overfilling the tube, wasting pellets.

Made from stainless steel with excellent hole distribution, the 6″ EZ Smoker Tube is both durable and effective. The hexagonal shape sits well on any barbecue while getting maximum smoke flow through to your food.

And, as a bonus, BBQFAM donate a portion of all sales to the National Humane Society.

They do also do a 12″ model if you like the look of this one but do want the larger size.


What Is A Smoker Tube?

A smoker tube is a small, perforated metal tube that’s designed to be filled with hardwood smoking pellets, lit, and placed inside a grill or smoker to produce smoke for flavor and/or cooking.

Pellet tube smokers don’t put out a lot of heat so they’re a great option for cold smoking foods like cheeses and nuts. But, they’re also great for boosting the overall smokiness of electric, propane or regular pellet smokers.

Tube smokers can also be used to convert a grill into a smoker without having to buy a whole new barbecue.

What is a Tube Smoker Used For?

A tube smoker’s primary job is to be a source of smoke. Although the pellets inside it are burning slowly, they’re not burning at an intensity that’s strong enough to produce a real heat.

So, you can use a tube smoker to:

If you like a stronger smoked flavor and don’t have a super smoke model as some pellet smokers do, simply place a lit tube smoker full of pellets on one of the lower cooking grates for extra smoke.

If you’ve got a grill but don’t want to fork out the cash to buy a smoker as well, one of these cheap accessories can do the job for you.

Simply set your grill to a low and slow temperature, and place a lit smoker tube on the cooking grate, close the bbq’s lid and you’ve got wooded flavor without having to spend more than $20.

Because tube smokers don’t put out much heat, a single tube provides enough smoke to cold smoke cheese, salmon, nuts, or anything else you want to experiment with.

If you’ve got a regular, hot smoker, we prefer to sit the tube smoker in the firebox so that the smoke can filter through the barbecue like a hot smoke would. But, you can also just sit the tube smoker on a lower cooking grate to cold smoke in an electric smoker, gas grill, or similar.

How Do I Use A Tube Smoker?

  1. Fill the pellet tube smoker up to about 90% with quality smoking pellets
  2. Light it at one end (using a propane blow torch is by far the easiest way)
  3. Let it burn for about 5 minutes to really get going
  4. Gently blow out the flame
  5. Place the tube on the cooking grate next to the food you’re cooking or inside the unlit firebox when cold smoking

What to Look for When Buying a Tube Smoker

Tube smokers are cheap to buy and while you don’t need the most expensive one out there, buy one of the tested and approved smoker tubes on this list, or look for the following features:

A tube smoker has to be able to house a fairly hot fire so look for a quality stainless steel tube. This will help it to last longer as it will be durable and rust-resistant.

A fairly standard 12″ tube size should burn for up to 5 hours when filled with good quality smoking pellets.

If you’re grilling, you’ll most probably be alright with a 6″ tube to give you up to 2 hours of burn time. But, you can just partially fill a 12″ tube as well.

If you’re cooking low and slow for more than 5 hours, check out the Kona Smoker Tube, reviewed above that can smoke away for up to 8 hours when done right. Or, expect that it’ll need a refill mid-cook.

A tube smoker isn’t an expensive piece of kit. Even something cheap like the Lanney Smoker Tube will do a good job and you’ll save yourself some cash to buy good pellets and, of course, some tasty meat.

FAQ's About the Best Smoker Tubes

Literally, any type of barbecue can work with a pellet tube smoker.

Whether you want to hot smoke on your gas grill, cold smoke on your charcoal offset, or, get a stronger smoky flavor out of your pellet, electric or propane smoker, it’ll work well.

You can use wood chips or hardwood smoking pellets in a smoke tube.

From my experience, pellet tube smokers work best with what they were designed for, smoking pellets. But, plenty of people do use wood chips too.

If you want to use wood chips, look for a medium sized wood chip that’s small enough to easily fit into the tube but large enough to leave enough space between the chips themselves for good airflow.

A 12 inch smoker will give you up to 5 hours of quality smoke.

But, to get near that maximum time you’ll need to start with good quality pellets, pack them nice and tightly by tapping the bottom of the tube to let them settle, and then gently blow the flame out once they’re going well so that they smoulder rather than burn hotly.

If you’re not happy with how much smoke your smoker is producing, using a smoke tube to pump out more of the good stuff is a great way to do it. It’s also way cheaper than buying a new pellet smoker with super smoke mode. They are very effective. And, some people do use two for twice the goodness as well.

Smoke tubes can really amplify the flavor you get in your meat.

Whether you’re grilling or smoking, the extra wood smoke generated by a single tube provides a noticeable taste difference.

If your smoker has a ‘smoke’ mode or ‘super smoke’ mode, use that to make it burn pellets at a lower temperature to produce more smoke.

But, if your smoker doesn’t have either of these smoke boosting modes, simply grab yourself a cheap smoke tube.

Using one of the best smoker tubes listed here is the cheapest and easiest way to get more of the good stuff pumping through your barbecue.

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