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9 of the Best Meat Subscription Boxes for Smoking

There’s a lot of companies offering meat subscription boxes these days. And, most are great quality. But, if you’re barbecuing, you’ll need one that’s going to include the right kind of cuts for smoking.

Instead of sifting through them all, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite meat subscription boxes for cooking on a smoker.

Here you’ll find fresh and frozen deliveries of all sorts of meats and seafoods including Wagyu brisket, Kurobuta pork and wild caught salmon. Most are raised free from anti-biotics and hormones. Some are farm to table.

There’s even some already cooked options for quick mid-week bbq dinners too.

If you’re looking for predominately steak options, this isn’t the right review. But, you’ll find our favorite mail order steaks right here.

Sign up, get excited and get your barbecue ready for delivery day!

These are the best meat subscription boxes for smoking out there. After all, great bbq starts with great quality and there ain’t no substitute for that!

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Table of Contents

Raw Meat Subscription Boxes

Delivered to your door fresh or frozen, these subscription boxes have options or include cuts of meat that are suitable for smoking.

Butcher Box

For options galore that are all 100% grass fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely-raised pork and wild-caught seafood, Butcher Box gives you the freedom to pick and choose the cuts you want, when you want, while swapping them up month to month.

Shipped frozen for free, you can choose an assorted Butchers Box based on meat type, or, create a custom box of your own choosing (best for smoking).

Ranging from your standards like ground beef and chicken thighs to more specialist cuts like St Louis ribs, pork butt, ground bison, tri-tip and sockeye salmon, there’s lots of options that are just begging to be smoked or grilled.

You can choose how often you’d like boxes to be delivered, change up what’s in them and cancel at any time. But, you can be confident that everything that arrives on your door will be high-quality and surprisingly good value for money.

Porter Road

If you love a good brisket like us, Porter Road is our go-to for getting high-quality meat for the smoker delivered.

Their base boxes like the ‘Best of Porter Road’ and ‘Beef and Pork Basics’, are usually more suited to the grill or week-night meals. But, they’ve got a great assortment of extas including tri-tip, whole beef briskets, spare ribs, pork brisket and pork butt that you can add-on for that weekend smoke.

Or, put through a one-off order of everything good for the smoker.

All of their beef is 100% grass-fed, their chicken is organic and free-range, pork is raised crate-free and their seafood is wild-caught. Nothing has been raised using antibiotics or hormones. And, it’s delivered fresh not frozen (except for some cuts). You’re really getting premium.

There’s even an extra discount for Military, First Responders, Teachers and Government Employees.

Snake River Farms

For unparralelled quality, Snake River Farms ranch to table subscription boxes include graded American Wagyu Beef and Kurobuta Pork.

Like most meat subscription boxes, Snake River gives you a varied assortment of cuts every month or 3 months.

Their selections usually focus on more grilling-based meats like high-quality steaks. But, you might snag yourself some bavette or flat iron steak in one of their beef boxes.

And, you can add on a whole heap of other luxury cuts like gold grade American Wagyu brisket or American Kurobuta baby back ribs.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to add-ons or one-off purchases.

It all ships frozen, except for dry-aged beef, in eco-friendly packaging direct from their Northwest farms.


Rastelli’s technically isn’t a meat subscription box because everything is sold individually.

But, we’ve included it as one of the best meat subscription boxes for smoking because you can sign up to get your brisket, ribs, sausages and steaks delivered regularly with a 5% off discount.

Rastelli’s was originally a small New Jersey butcher. But, they’ve grown into a large farm to butcher to table business that specialises in responsibly raised, well cut meats and seafoods.

You can practically get anything you want at Rastelli’s. There’s beef, chicken, pork, lamb, veal, seafood and even plant based hot-dogs.

Their meat and seafood is sourced from around the country with the requirement that there’s no hormones, steroids or antibiotics used in rasising the animals.

The quality is exceptional and we love the flexibility that they offer.

Rastelli’s ship frozen and it’s free for orders over a certain amount.


Grass-fed beef is pretty popular at the moment. But, there are advantages to good old grain fed, especially for barbecue. Agridime gives you the choice.

Selling a wide range of cuts from grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone free beef to steakhouse quality grain-fed cuts and pasture raised chicken and pork, there’s not much you can’t get from Agridime.

They’ve got one of the largest selections of box types and most include cuts that are suitable for smoking. You can even buy a partial or whole cow, prepped, cut, frozen and delivered farm to table. Add on individual cuts, or completely customise your order.

It’s all shipped frozen on dry ice.

Partnering with more than 200 farmers and ranchers across the USA, you won’t know exactly where your meat is coming from. But, Agridime have done the due-dilligance for you to make sure that it’s the best beef at the best price.

They even supply a lot of large barbecue chains across the country, and, if it’s good enough for them, you’ll be able to turn it into some great bbq too.

Cooked Barbecue Meat Subscriptions

Ideal for mid-week munching.

Monthly BBQ Box From Gold Belly

You know we’re here for smoking in the backyard ourselves. But, Gold Belly’s Monthly BBQ Subscription is actually the best meat box we’ve ever tasted!

So, this isn’t raw meat ready for you to smoke.

It’s brisket, pulled pork, ribs and anything and everything else delivered smoked and ready to eat from some of the USA’s best smokehouses.

Yep, you can eat from Memphis Central BBQ one month, New York City’s Mighty Quinn’s BBQ the next and North Carolina’s King’s BBQ after that. All in the comfort of your own home, without having to buy a plane ticket.

The box is designed to feed 4 quite generously. And, what you end up getting sent is a surprise.

If you love trying different types of barbecue and using it as inspiration for your own backyard game, your Gold Belly BBQ Box will be the highlight of your month.

We can’t get enough!

Cured Meat Subscription Boxes

Smoked flavors to snack on, delivered to your door.

Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club get how much we love meat. So, they put together a box of premium cured meats to get delivered to your door every month that’s both affordable and will get you trying a whole heap of new flavors.

From the on-the-go snack box or jerky box to the salamis, bacon and biltong of the classic box, their selection is spot on and in another league from what you get at your local grocery store.

Jerky Subscription

If you’re looking to compliment your love of all things barbecued with jerky delivered to your door, Jerky Subscription is where it’s at.

Just select how many bags per month you’d like, and you’ll get sent a selection of gourmet craft jerky to get you through the work week or to snack on while you’re waiting for that brisket.

Amazing variety, consistently great quality, and they support smaller artesian businesses that you probably won’t find during your regular shop.

Like the sound of aloha teriyaki? Sriracha honey? Or, smoky truffle? What will you find in your first box?

Jerk Dynasty

Like the sound of being able to try something a bit or maybe a lot different?

Jerk Dynasty’s subscription boxes come with bags, sticks, sausage, snacks and other goodies you won’t find in any store.

There’s gourmet treats and exotic boxes that include jerky you probably haven’t tasted before like kangaroo, snake, reindeer and alligator. It’s suprisingly good. And, an awesome gift idea too.

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