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Best Mail Order Steaks? 8 for Quality, Variety & Value


Porter Road Online Butcher
Porter Road


Snake River Farms
Snake River


Gene & Georgetti Meats
Gene & Georgetti


Farm Foods online farm to table butcher
Farm Foods


Butcher Box online butcher
Butcher Box


Perdue Farms Box
Perdue Farms

Sick of the limited selection and quality of the steak on offer at your local?

In this day and age, your mailbox is by far the best way to get a good piece of meat!

Not only can you get a larger selection of freshly processed cuts. But, you’ve got SO MUCH choice when it comes to where your meat came from, what it was fed and how it was handled.

So, if you want your next steak to be grass fed, farm to table, or restaurant-grade, read on to find out favorite choices when it comes to the best mail order steaks.

If you’re looking for more than just steak, be sure to check out our review of the best places to buy meat online for smoking and barbecue. You’ll find a whole heap of different cuts there.

But, if an incredible steak is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place! Once you go online, you won’t go back. The stuff you can get is pretty incredible.

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How We Tested the Best Mail Order Steaks

If you’re new to Burning Brisket and haven’t heard our background, half of our time is barbecuing for for reviews, while the other half is spent managing our own boutique cattle ranch with our young kids.

Despite our passion for the art of cooking, we recognize that the foundation of exceptional barbecue lies in the quality of the meat. A well-raised animal is simply irreplaceable. So, you’re doing the absolute right thing in looking for great quality steak.

In this review we get to put our two passions together, trialing the best places to buy a steak online.

“Best” doesn’t always mean the most expensive. In selecting these retailers to recommend, we looked at the following factors:

A steak most definitely isn’t just a steak. There’s numerous factors that influence how well it tastes once it finally reaches your plate.

We’ve assessed what we got for it’s marbling, size, thickness, and quality of butchering to make sure you’re starting with the best.

Ordering a steak online gives you access to farms and ranches across the USA. You can choose to buy from a particular family, select grass-fed cuts, opt for organic, etc., so that you can get what you’d really like.

Whether you’re after sirloin, porterhouse, New York, or flank, we’ve considered whether these recommended retailers offer a wide selection of quality beef.

We’ve also made note of whether they sell other types of protein too just in case you want to be able to order your weeks worth of meat at the same time.

It’s all very well to have one great steak. To be named as one of the best mail delivery steaks, we had to try these retailers on at least 3 occasions to assess their consistency of quality (hard job, I know…).

In shopping with these online butchers over time, we’ve also been able to gauge whether their meat is available all the time or if they sell out of popular cuts.

Note that some of our favorite places to buy a steak online do sell out frequently. We’ve still rated them because they’re really good. And, as ranchers ourselves, we know that good beef that’s sustainably produced isn’t always available every day of the year.

A top quality steak from one of the best online retailers can set you back a fair amount of cash. And, if that’s in your budget, go for it.

But, we’ve also tried to select some great quality but more affordable options for anyone who’s looking for a value for money option.

Table of Contents

The Best Mail Order Steaks: Our Top Choices

Offering better quality, more choice, and the ability to shop farm to table, choose from one of these tested and approved places to buy the best mail order steaks online.


Porter Road


We’re starting our list of the best mail order steaks with this popular favorite – Porter Road.

At Porter Road you’ll find a huge selection of just about any type of steak you want. NY Strip, Filet Mignon, Sirloin, Ribeye, Flank, Hanger, Sierra, Denver, Bavette… you get the picture!

Everything’s clearly marked with what it is – dry aged, hormone-free, pasture-raised, no antibiotics. And, they also tell you how it’s best cooked.

You can order a single piece of steak by itself if you want. Or, create your own box. Porter Road is the ultimate if you like choice and flexibility.

They also have a full range of pork, chicken and sausage if you want to get all of your meat in one place.

For quality steaks without having to choose, simply grab one of their curated boxes. Porter Road have made it so easy to buy quality confidently. And, they love bbq as much as we all do!


Butcher Box


Butcher Box is one of the most well-known online butchers. And, it’s for a good reason.

Butcher Box has managed to balance quality with price so it’s perfectly reasonable to bring grass-fed beef, humanely raised pork, free-range organic chicken and wild caught seafood to the table every night.

The reason they didn’t top this list of the best mail order steaks is that you can’t choose just one steak. Instead, you’ve got to grab a box, either curated or your own custom. It’s a monthly plan but you can cancel any time. And, there’s free shipping.

What sort of choice do you have in the custom box?

You’ll find cuts like NY Strip, Sirloin, Ranch and Flat Iron steaks.

Steak from ButcherBox

You can go all beef if you’d like or mix it up. There’s even other member favorites like ground bison and gourmet sausages from time to time as a nice bit of variety.

If you’re happy to go a box for a flat monthly fee, Butcher Box is hard to beat. They do a great job of delivering quality at a reasonable cost.


Snake River Farms


Now if you’re after quality above all else, you absolutely must take a look at Snake River Farms.

Located in the Northwest, Snake River Farms is not only true farm to table, they actually pioneered Wagyu Beef in America, starting their own breeding program from this Japanese favorite.

At Snake River, every part of the process is meticulously managed with the highest quality controls. They focus on creating the calmest and most humane conditions for their animals because happy, relaxed cows mean exceptional meat.

And, it shows.

All of the meat sold by Snake River Farms doesn’t just meet USDA standards, it EXCEEDS them.

You’ll see Gold and Black grades on their steaks (that are all above the USDA’s Prime), adapted from the Japanese system that uses a more qualitatively accurate benchmark.

They’ve got an excellent selection of steaks, some are dry-aged. And, they do Korubuta pork too which is like the Wagyu equivalent of pork.

Cowboy steak from Snake River Farms

Select exactly what you’d like. Or, go for one of their curated boxes.

Any way you go at Snake River, you can’t go wrong!


Gene & Georgetti Meats


For restaurant-quality steaks, there’s one simple solution, buy direct from the steakhouse itself. And, Gene & Georgetti, a long-time standing Chicago favorite, lets you do just that.

The quality of the meats you can buy here is truly incredible. You can’t get as much information about where the steak comes from as you do from the other best mail order steak suppliers. But, the marbling and butchering is top notch. It’s guaranteed to be a good meal!

Box of steaks from Gene & Georgetti's

You also can’t buy an individual steak, Gene & Georgetti sell everything in at least a 4 pack. And, they focus on their favorites. You can’t get chicken, pork, or seafood as well. But, when you’re after a really great steak, a box of these is sure to impress.


Perdue Farms


For anyone who likes the idea of graded steaks but perhaps doesn’t want to spend quite as much as at Snake River, Perdue Farms has an excellent selection of USDA graded meats.

Filter by Choice or Prime, values or dietary preference, you’ve got a lot of choice at Perdue. What we love almost as much as their quality, is that they make it so easy for you to refine your selection based on your preference for organic, grass-fed, certified angus, etc.

Not only is there a wide range of steaks available, you can get almost any other type of meat on their website as well. Chicken, pork, turkey, lamb, seafood plus more, you can select meats individually or grab a bundle.

Perdue Farms NY Strip Steak Cooked

On the Perdue Farms website you’ll see a whole heap of different brands.

This fourth generation family-run business has now partnered with a number of other independent family farmers who share the same values and drive for quality.


Farm Foods


If you’re on the fence about the idea of mail order steaks, Farm Foods guarantee all shipments with FedEx and UPS. They will refund or replace your meat if it doesn’t arrive with enough dry ice to last 12 hours after delivery.

But, that’s definitely not the only reason we love them!

Farm Foods have a great selection of grass-fed, grass-finished steaks. But, they’re also one of the only online companies to sell bones, grass-fed beef fat pieces and organ meats as well. You can even buy a 1/4 or 1/8th of a pig or cow. It’s awesome value and great variety.

In addition to beef, you’ve also got a good range of pasture heritage pork, humanely raised chickens and wild caught fish as well.

There’s value packs, box plans and an option to subscribe and save.

You can also jump online and read about the individual farms that you’re buying from on Farm Foods. As an owner and operator of our own boutique cattle ranch, we love to support other families to ethically raise animals.


Good Ranchers


If you’re looking for a meat subscription that’s good for steaks but prefer to steer away from the larger ones, Good Ranchers is a quality, family-run business that gives you easy access to independent farms across the USA.

They’ve got a good selection of boxes available from the family-style weekly essentials to larger prepper prepper packs. And, you’ll occassionally find limited edition boxes for events like game day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

They don’t tell you exactly which ranch each steak is coming from although the steaks are USDA Prime or Upper choice that’s pasture-raised with no antibiotics or hormones.

Cowboy Box from Good Ranchers

After trying them, we can confirm that the quality is really good. The steaks aren’t as thickly cut as they are from somewhere more expensive like Gene & Georgetti or Snake River Farms. But, to feed our family, we feel like they’re a great mix of quality and affordability.

There’s a discount with every box, a bonus cut of meat with every third box ordered, and free shipping making Good Ranchers very good value for money.

We also love to support Good Ranchers because they donate meals to US Food Banks. There really is a lot of good going on.




Rastelli’s is another of the major online meat retailers that’s got a really wide selection of very high quality products.

Originally a small New Jersey butcher, Rastelli’s has grown into a large farm to table business with partners right across the States, dedicated to providing fresher than fresh, top quality to you.

At Rastelli’s, you can get pretty much anything your taste buds are craving. There’s grass-fed steaks, pasture-raised, Wagyu and even private stock cuts where you can see exactly where the meat was raised.

Rastelli's Steaks

Grab your seafood, poultry, pork and lamb with your order too.

Rastelli’s offer a 5% discount on regular deliveries as well.


Why Should I Buy a Steak Online?

While you might have your own reasons, these are some of the advantages to buying a mail order steak:

Save yourself some time, order it online and get high quality steak delivered to your door. You can even set up a recurring subscription so you know you’ll always have a good meal on hand.

You can get ANYTHING online and there’s no better place to get absolutely any type of steak you’re after. If one of these top meat retailers is out of stock of what you want, try another and they might have some on hand to send out.

Average quality meat often gets sent to large grocery stores and small local ones.

Online you’ve got accesses to the kind of quality you’re after whether that be something that could be sold to a restaurant, or a less expensive but still very well-raised piece of meat.

As family ranchers ourselves, we love that a lot of the best online meat retailers are choosing smaller, family-run operations to support. It’s these same businesses that often produce their meat in the most ethical way possible, looking after their animals and the land as best as they can.

By shopping around online or signing up for a subscription, you can often save a decent amount of money while still getting top quality by buying your steaks online.

Scroll up to read the reviews of our favorite places to buy a steak online. And, remember to take into account the shipping costs of the final product. But, a lot of the websites that we’ve recommended here offer free shipping over a certain order value.

FAQs About the Best Mail Order Steaks

These days, online meat delivery is so common-place that the processes around delivering fresh produce has become very good. Personally, we’ve never had an issue with the safety of the meat delivered to us and we do buy online almost all of the time.

Most meat including mail order steaks are shipped frozen in insulated boxes with dry ice inside to keep the temperature down, even once it’s waiting on your doorstep.

And, a lot of companies are using biodegradable packaging to minimize the environmental impact too.

We do try to time our meat to be delivered when we are home so that we can put it in the fridge or freezer as soon as possible but you don’t have to be home to accept a mail order steak. It will more than likely be just fine.

Most meat you buy online will be shipped to your door frozen.

It still cooks well and tastes amazing if it’s thawed properly. So, follow the directions your meat comes with.

Thawing your frozen steaks is usually as simple as putting them in the fridge well in advance of when you want to cook. How long this will take exactly does depend on how big the piece of meat is.

Most pieces of meat should at least last a week in the fridge so I personally like to get a full weeks worth of meat defrosting every weekend so I know there’s definitely meat ready to go.

The top USDA grades are Prime and Choice. These are both available at a lot of the best mail order steak retailers.

But, Snake River Farms have created their own grading levels because they’re meat is even better than the standard USDA grades. There you’ll find Gold and Black for that extra premium experience.

Generally, it’s more expensive to buy a steak online than at your local grocery store.

But, most of the time, you’re also getting much better quality with a greater choice of cuts. And, by taking advantage of deals and subscription savings, you can usually get a pretty good price at the end of the day too.


Kate Brown, the founder and voice behind Burning Brisket, is not your typical pitmaster or restaurateur. Her expertise in barbecue grew from a humble desire to cook exceptional meals for her family. From overcoming burnt brisket mishaps to establishing her boutique cattle ranch, Kate shares her passion to help 'ordinary' individuals cook extraordinary barbecue, believing that simplicity often yields the best flavors. Kate is committed to making great barbecue accessible to all with the right resources and some tasty practice.

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