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Best Mail Order Steaks? Here’s 7 Quality, Variety & Value

Best Mail Order Steaks

Sick of the limited selection and quality of the steak on offer at your local?

In this day and age, your mailbox is by far the best way to get a good piece of meat!

Not only can you get a larger selection of freshly processed cuts. But, you’ve got SO MUCH choice when it comes to where your meat came from, what it was fed and how it was handled.

So, if you want your next steak to be grass fed, farm to table or restaurant-grade, read on to find out favorite choices when it comes to the best mail order steaks.

If you’re looking for more than just steak, be sure to check out our review of the best meat subscription boxes for smoking. You’ll find a whole heap of different cuts there.

But, if an incredible steak is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place!

For those asking, most meat you buy online will be shipped to your door frozen.

It still cooks well and tastes amazing if it’s thawed properly. So, follow the directions your meat comes with.

The best way to thaw frozen steaks is usually putting it in the fridge well in advance of when you want to cook it (how long depends on how large the piece of meat is). Most will then last at least a week in the fridge so you can order a box, store in the fridge and use it all week long.

Once you go online, you won’t go back. The stuff you can get is pretty incredible.

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Table of Contents

Porter Road

We’re starting our list of the best mail order steaks with this popular favorite – Porter Road.

At Porter Road you’ll find a huge selection of just about any type of steak you want. NY Strip, Filet Mignon, Sirloin, Ribeye, Flank, Hanger, Sierra, Denver, Bavette… you get the picture!

Everything’s clearly marked with what it is – dry aged, hormone-free, pasture-raised, no antibiotics. And, they also tell you how it’s best cooked.

You can order a single piece of steak by itself if you want. Or, create your own box.

Porter Road is the ultimate if you like choice and flexibility.

They also have a full range of pork, chicken and sausage if you want to get all of your meat in one place.

For quality steaks without having to choose, simply grab one of their curated boxes. Porter Road have made it so easy to buy quality confidently. And, they love bbq as much as we all do!

Butcher Box

Butcher Box is one of the most well-known online butchers. And, it’s for a good reason.

Butcher Box has managed to balance quality with price so it’s perfectly reasonable to bring grass-fed beef, humanely raised pork, free-range organic chicken and wild caught seafood to the table every night.

The reason they didn’t top this list of the best mail order steaks is that you can’t choose just one steak. Instead, you’ve got to grab a box, either curated or your own custom. It’s a monthly plan but you can cancel any time. And, there’s free shipping.

What sort of choice do you have in the custom box?

You’ll find cuts like NY Strip, Sirloin, Ranch and Flat Iron steaks.

You can go all beef if you’d like or mix it up. There’s even other member favorites like ground bison and gourmet sausages from time to time as a nice bit of variety.

If you’re happy to go a box for a flat monthly fee, Butcher Box is hard to beat. They do a great job of delivering quality at a reasonable cost.

Snake River Farms

Now if you’re after quality above all else, you absolutely must take a look at Snake River Farms.

Located in the Northwest, Snake River Farms is not only true farm to table, they actually pioneered Wagyu Beef in America, starting their own breeding program from this Japanese favorite.

At Snake River, every part of the process is meticulously managed with the highest quality controls. They focus on creating the calmest and most humane conditions for their animals because happy, relaxed cows mean exceptional meat.

And, it shows.

All of the meat sold by Snake River Farms doesn’t just meet USDA standards, it EXCEEDS them.

You’ll see Gold and Black grades on their steaks (that are all above the USDA’s Prime), adapted from the Japanese system that uses a more qualitatively accurate benchmark.

They’ve got an excellent selection of steaks, some are dry-aged. And, they do Korubuta Pork too.

Select exactly what you’d like. Or, go for one of their curated boxes.

Any way you go at Snake River, you can’t go wrong!

Perdue Farms

For anyone who likes the idea of graded steaks but perhaps doesn’t want to spend quite as much as at Snake River, Perdue Farms has an excellent selection of USDA graded meats.

Filter by Choice or Prime, values or dietary preference, you’ve got a lot of choice at Perdue.

Not only is there a wide range of steaks available, you can get almost any other type of meat on their website as well. Chicken, pork, turkey, lamb, seafood plus more, you can select meats individually or grab a bundle.

On the Perdue Farms website you’ll see a whole heap of different brands.

This fourth generation family-run business has now partnered with a number of other independent family farmers who share the same values and drive for quality.

Enter the code FLAVOR10 at the checkout for 10% off your order.


Rastelli’s is another of the major online meat retailers that’s got a really wide selection of very high quality products.

Originally a small New Jersey butcher, Rastelli’s has grown into a large farm to table business with partners right across the States, dedicated to providing fresher than fresh, top quality to you.

At Rastelli’s, you can get pretty much anything your taste buds are craving. There’s grass-fed steaks, pasture-raised, Wagyu and even private stock cuts where you can see exactly where the meat was raised.

Grab your seafood, poultry, pork and lamb with your order too.

Rastelli’s offer a 5% discount on regular deliveries as well.


Grass-fed is great but at Agridime, you’ve got the choice.

With a very extensive selection of both grass-fed and grain-finished steakhouse quality beef, you’ll find pretty much any cut here!

You can even find organ meats and larger primal cuts as well.

All of the meat sold by Agridime is produced by one of 200 US farmer partners.

Agridime is commited to selling the best beef at the best prices. There’s free shipping on orders over $175. And, good value for money boxes as well.

Farm Foods

If you’re on the fence about the idea of mail order steaks, Farm Foods have a ‘arrives frozen or money back’ guarantee.

But, that’s definitely not the only reason we love them!

Farm Foods have a great selection of grass-fed, grass-finished steaks. But, they’re also one of the only online companies to sell bones, grass-fed beef fat pieces and organ meats as well.

In addition to beef, you’ve also got a good range of pasture heritage pork, humanely raised chickens and wild caught fish.

There’s value packs, box plans and an option to subscribe and save.

You can also jump online and read about the individual farms that you’re buying from on Farm Foods. They’re 100% one of our favorites.