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Best Luxury Smokers: We Review 6 Fav’s

If you’re in the market for the best of the best when it comes to smokers, you’ll find your match here. These high-end smokers are investments that’ll pay you back time after time as you whip up some of the finest barbecue you’ve ever laid eyes on. Whether it’s premium materials, wizard gadgetry, or, an array of extras, these luxury smokers work hard for every dollar. So, take your pick and prepare to have the neighbours queueing around the block as soon as they smell your ribs. 

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Kalamazoo Smoker Cabinet - Best High-End

The handmade Kalamazoo Freestanding Smoker Cabinet is an eye-wateringly high-end unit that really takes smoking to the next level.

This electric-powered, gravity-fed charcoal system is designed to manage heat and smoke output automatically. It can run for up to 16 hours at optimum smoking temperature from only 7 pounds of charcoal.

And, thanks to the computer-controlled blower system, temperature control is fool-proof.

Beautifully hand-crafted in Michigan from 304 grade stainless steel, this freestanding cabinet will be the centerpiece of any backyard or outdoor kitchen you’re designing.

If you live ocean-side and want extra protection from rust, Kalamazoo can build their smoker cabinet in marine grade stainless steel as well.

The Kalamazoo Freestanding Cabinet Smoker isn’t cheap!

But, if you want THE best with competition-grade performance and a stylish design, there’s no beating Kalamazoo.

Stats for the Kalamazoo Gourmet Smoker Cabinet

Fuel type: Charcoal

Barbecue material: 304 stainless steel

Grate material: 304 stainless steel

Cooking capacity: 3.86 cubic feet

Model: Freestanding Smoker Cabinet

Assembled size (in): 42(H) x 44(W) x 32(D)

Weight: Not specified

Warranty: 25 years

Pros of the Kalamazoo Gourmet Freestanding Smoker Cabinet:

  • Great looking cabinet smoker
  • Extremely efficient in charcoal usage which minimizes cost
  • Works as a freestanding unit, or, can easily be integrated into an outdoor kitchen setup
  • Large capacity to feed a crowd or make leftovers
  • The top of the cabinet doubles as a porcelain worktop
  • Temperature is precisely controlled via a computer-led blower
  • Runs off a standard power cord
  • Made from high-quality 304 grade stainless steel with upgrade available to marine grade steel if desired

Cons of the Kalamazoo Gourmet Freestanding Smoker Cabinet:

  • Nothing to note!

Blaze 20" Cast Aluminum Kamado - Best Kamado

The Blaze 20″ Cast Aluminum Kamado clearly isn’t your ordinary ceramic cooker! This ultramodern egg is actually formed with solid cast aluminum.

The walls are up to 1 1/4″ thick, creating heat retention that outshines their ceramic competitors. And, being aluminum, it’s non-porous so it can’t absorb any residue from using charcoal, wood or lighter fluid that would, over time, damage the surface.

But, the quality of the Blaze doesn’t just stop there!

The exhaust cap is molded into the body of the kamado too, preventing the common problem of it falling off and needing replacing. And, there’s no standard gasket to replace either. Instead, you’ll find a tight fitting tongue and groove lid that also does an exemplary job of minimizing heat loss.

When it comes to the actual cooking, you’ve got 314 square inches of space spread over graded, stainless steel. But, instead of being the standard round shape, the Blaze Kamado have added a 12mm hex-shaped design that improves heat retention and leaves sear marks like no other. They’re hinged too so adding more fuel to the fire can be done without moving everything out of your way first.

For flexibility, the Blaze comes with an extra 18″ cooking grate. This sits below the top 20″ so you can grill closer to the fire. But, it also lets you add a drip pan or heat deflector for smoking if you want to.

Available in a stand-alone model with optional add-on cart, the Blaze Cast Aluminum Kamado tops things off with a full lifetime warranty! That covers everything inside and out. They really stand by the fact that this is one quality, high-end barbecue.

Specs for the Blaze 20" Cast Aluminum Kamado

Fuel type: Charcoal

Barbecue material: Solid cast aluminum

Grate material: Stainless steel

Cooking capacity: 314 sq. in.


Assembled size (in): 22″ W x 34″ H x 28″ D (kamado only)

Weight: 161lbs

Warranty: Lifetime

Pros of the Blaze Cast Aluminum Kamado:

  • Solid cast aluminum gives excellent heat retention and efficient fuel usage
  • Non-porous aluminum can’t absorb damaging residue
  • Molded cast exhaust cap prevents breakage while making it easy to control the temperature
  • Stainless steel cooking grates with 12mm thick hex-shape sear to perfection
  • Gasket-less tongue and groove lid seal prevents heat and smoke loss
  • Cooking grates are hinged for easy access to add fuel
  • Extra 18″ cooking grate included for high-heat searing, or, to add a drip pan or heat diffuser
  • Easy clean up with a stainless steel ash pan
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts

Cons of the Blaze Cast Aluminum Kamado:

  • The handle does get hot, especially when cooking at high heat

KBQ C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit - Best Innovative

If you’ve always wanted to smoke over a traditional wood fire but never had the patience to master the old-style “stick burners” this top of the line smoker has your name on it. They are designed and made by a veteran US Navy Submariner, so you can bet he knows his way around a piece of metal.

But, the KBQ BBQ Smoker Pit wins our tick of approval as the most innovative luxury smoker because of its trademarked, inverted flame technology. What this does is the firebox which sits on top of the smoker, pulls heat and smoke from underneath the fire, instead of on top. It then passes through the fire, burning the heavy smoke and dangerous gases to send clean, thin blue smoke and heat into the thermostatically controlled cooking chamber. This means that even the most inexperienced of people can create total, real wood smoked perfection that’s free from any nasty creosote flavor.

As for the smoking box itself, it’s hand-made from 18-gauge 430 stainless steel so it’s strong and rust-resistant. Inside there’s four adjustable stainless steel racks to give you 960 square inches of cooking space. You can also swap out the racks for catering steam pans which is handy to keep food warm.

Keep in mind that the KBQ C-60 Pit isn’t a set and forget smoker. You will need a supply of logs a little smaller than a common brick. Then you simply feed them into the firebox every 30 minutes or so. Yes, it means you need to be nearby. But, keeping wood in the box is your only job, and, for your trouble, you’ll get some of the finest smoking action money can buy. Your results will be truly unbeatable!

Specs for the Karubecue C-60 Pit Smoker

Fuel type: Charocal and wood logs

Barbecue material: 18-gauge 430 stainless steel

Grate material: Stainless steel

Cooking capacity: 960 sq. in.

Model: C-60

Dimensions: 41.7(H) x 25.6(W) x 19.3(D)

Weight: 92lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Pros of the Karubecue C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit:

  • Winner of numerous awards for most innovative smoker
  • Hand-crafted from quality stainless steel for superior rust-resistance
  • Unique firebox design that creates blue smoke that’s absolutely perfect for smoking and free from creosote that damages flavor
  • Only smoker that truly makes it easy to create competition-level real wood fired smoked meats
  • Creates consistently great results every single time
  • Dual fans circulate heat and smoke for an even cook
  • High convection means brisket bark and crispy skinned chicken requires no effort
  • Large cooking capacity with removable racks for complete flexibility
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonably easy to throw on the back of a truck for use on the go
  • Competition approved – why not?!?

Cons of the Karubecue C-60 BBQ Smoker Pit:

  • It’s NOT a set and forget smoker – you will need to add more wood every 30 minutes
  • It uses an open flame so must be treated like a campfire – set up somewhere safe, keep kids and pets away from it and keep an eye on it at all times
  • Open flame means that it’s not great to use in windy and/or rainy conditions
  • You need to get logs that are bigger than a Red Bull can but smaller than a standard brick
  • Must be plugged in to run as electrical components are core
  • It is a dedicated smoker, you cannot grill on it and runs best at a low-and-slow temperature

The Good One Generation 3 Marshall Smoker - Best Offset

The Generation 3 Marshall Smoker from The Good One is our pick for offset smoking on a luxury budget. And, as they should be at this price, the materials and make really speak for themselves. 11-gauge steel to lock in heat, an internal damper to distribute heat and smoke evenly and banish those dreaded hot-spots, and twist-style air vents that make temperature adjustment stress a thing of the past.  

You’re investing in a huge 2849 square inches to grill on, including some space directly over the flames for your burgers or steaks. And, when the time comes to clear up and go to bed, the front drain plug will be your new best friend.  

It’s fair to say that because it’s a traditional offset smoker, The Marshall comes with a bit of a learning curve. But, once you’ve mastered those spinner vents you’ll be planning your next cook-out before the embers of the last one have died out.

Specs for The Good One Marshall Generation 3 Smoker

Fuel type: Charcoal and wood

Barbecue material: Painted 11-gauge steel

Grate material: Expanded steel

Cooking capacity: 2,849 sq in

Model: The Marshall Generation III

Assembled size (in): 55(H) x 38(W) x 46(D)

Weight: 497lbs

Warranty: 10 years

Pros of The Marshall Gen III from The Good One:

  • Heavy duty, large offset smoker for true barbecue
  • Made from thick 11-gauge steel with 14-gauge lid to hold heat without warping
  • 2,124 square inches of smoking space spread over 4 racks
  • Can be used to simultaneously grill on the 609 square inches of grilling space in the firebox
  • ‘Spinner’ air vents that allow for precise control of airflow, heat and smoke
  • Internal damper to allow greater control over heat and smoke flow from firebox
  • Large wheels with casters to make it easy to move
  • Removable drip pan
  • Removable ash pan
  • Suitable for competitions or even light commercial use
  • Great warranty

Cons of The Marshall Gen III from The Good One:

  • Offset smokers do require a bit of practice to get good at using
  • Very heavy which indicates good quality but makes it harder to move
  • Powder coated paint may flake if you run it too hot. But, this can easily be repaired by sanding and respraying
  • The design means you really need to have access to both sides of the unit to open the cooking chamber and firebox doors

Memphis Grills Pro Wood Fired Pellet Smoker and Grill - Best Pellet

If you’re in the market for a set and forget smoker that’s easy to use, good quality to last for years to come and is powerful enough to grill too, check out the Pro Smoke and Grill from Memphis Grills. We LOVE this smoker and can’t get enough of it because every single inch of this baby has been perfectly designed to make getting incredible smoked results simple.

Double layered, high-quality stainless steel insulates the cooking space of the Memphis Grills Pro while dual fans circulate the heat inside. This, coupled with an oven grade gasket, form an even and efficient cooking environment that can run on it’s own for up to 62 hours without having to add more wood pellets. Simply download the WiFi-enabled app for complete control of your cook right from your smart phone.

But, if you don’t have the time to wait for a brisket to smoke, simply add the perforated insert that’s included as standard, and grill directly over the pellet fire for all the convenience of gas cooking but with that delicious wood fired smokiness.

The Memphis Grills Pro simply gives you all the features you need to get incredible barbecue results at home without any fuss. And, it’s all wrapped up in a sleek looking design that’s perfect for any outdoor space.

Specs for the Memphis Pro Freestanding Pellet Grill and Smoker

Barbecue material: Double walled stainless steel (#430 model available or #340 upgrade for coastal areas)

Grate material: #340 stainless steel

Cooking capacity: 4,230 cubic inches

Pellet hopper capacity: 18lbs

Heat Range: Up to 600°F

Fuel type: Wood pellet

Model: VG0001S4 (#430 stainless steel) and VG000S2 (#340 stainless steel)

Assembled size (in): 47(H) x 57(W) x 29(D)

Weight: 213lbs

Warranty: 30 days on meat probe, 3 years on electronics, 7 years on remaining parts

Pros of the Memphis Pro Pellet Smoker and Grill:

  • 100% stainless steel design eliminates flaking paint, rust and burn spots
  • Well-insulated, double walled design with an oven-grade gasket and dual convection fans for even and efficient heat and smoke circulation
  • Large pellet hopper so you can cook for up to 62 hours without having to add more fuel
  • Dual pellet hopper design makes it easy to experiment with different mixes of smoky flavor
  • Comes with a perforated insert so you can grill directly over the pellet fire for a quick, smoky meal
  • WiFi enabled for complete control from your smart phone
  • Comes with a meat probe for accurate internal temperature monitoring
  • Plenty of closed in storage space in the cart to keep pellets and utensils
  • Also available in a model without the cart so that you can install into an outdoor kitchen
  • Great warranty

Cons of the Memphis Pro Pellet Grill and Smoker:

  • Some complaints about that the WiFi app is hard to use. But, upgrades should make this better all the time

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