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Best Kamado Joe Accessories: Top Choices

There’s A LOT of accessories you can get for the Kamado Joe, both branded and aftermarket. But, which are actually worth it?

In this review, we cover our recommendations for the best Kamado Joe accessories.

Here you’ll find our top choices plus who they’re idea for to help you decide which ones to spend the cash on.

Most of our recommendations are available for both the Classic and Big Joe models I, II and III. Some are also sold for the Joe Jr. Check out each section for the details.

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Table of Contents

The Main Add-Ons

The KJ accessories in this section are the larger, more expensive add-ons you can get for your Kamado Joe.

Whether you’re planning on buying them at the same time as your KJ, or adding them into the mix later, here’s the ones we recommend and what they’re ideal for.


Flame grilled chicken… need we say any more?!?

I don’t know about you but I can almost taste the tender, juicy perfection of that bird in KJ’s picture. And, cooking your own on your Classic or Big Joe is totally doable with the Kamado Joe JoeTisserie accessory.

This cast aluminum wedge-shaped attachment sits on the rim of your KJ, holding the stainless steel spit rod while still letting the lid close fully to maximize heat retention and keep all those juices right where you want them.

You’ll need to plug the JoeTisserie into a regular 120V power outlet. Then it’s quiet and powerful motor can turn up to 50 pounds of meat slowly and steadily creating that self-basting action you need for ridiculously moist and smoky meat.

Load up multiple chickens, a leg of lamb, turkey or a ham. The JoeTisserie is actually pretty versatile, easy to setup and the 304 grade rods are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup too.


The SloRoller is an upgrade that comes standard with the Kamado Joe Classic III and Big Joe III. But, if you’ve got the I or II series, you can buy this neat device to next-level your kamado smoking without having to upgrade your whole kamado.

Designed to be like a hyperbolic smoke chamber, the SloRoller replaces your Divide and Conquer rack. It essentially distributes the heat and smoke in rolling, recirculating waves to boost the smoky flavor and reduce hot spots that can cause drying and/or an uneven cook.

Using the SloRoller definitely boosts the smoke levels inside the kamado.

You’ll get a thicker smoke ring and great color. But, do be aware that it raises the height of the cooking grate so you can’t fit really tall cuts while the SloRoller is installed.

You’ve also got to be careful not to run the grill hotter than the recommended 500˚F or the paint will peel.

But, follow the instructions, clean with a cloth after each use and you can turn out some mighty fine smoked meats off the SloRoller.


Thinking of the DoJoe attachment to convert your KJ into a legit pizza oven?

We are here for it!

The DoJoe is a cast aluminum wedge-shaped insert that sits on the rim of your Kamado Joe. When you close the lid you’re left with an opening to launch and cook pizzas in without letting the heat out as you do when you open the lid with a regular setup.

With it you also get a ceramic pizza stone. So, you’ll have crispy, well-cooked bases while the heat retained in the top of your kamado will melt the cheese and cook your toppings perfectly.

Super easy to use, the DoJoe spaces everything out right for you and makes maintaining the right temperature for pizzas simple.

Yes, your pizzas will turn out even better. And, yes, it’s faster too.

Flame Boss 500

Keen on an even more hands-off way to kamado?

The Flame Boss 500 WiFi Smoke Controller uses a variable speed blower combined with their patented software to change and control the temperature precisely without doing a thing.

So, you set up this little device with the ambient temperature probe and included meat probe, use the WiFi app to select a target temperature and it’ll keep the heat steady for you.

It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can even control it with your voice. You’ll get graphs to monitor your pit and meat temperatures, grilling stats and notifications when it’s time to eat.

The Flame Boss 500 is our first choice when it comes to remote kamado control because it’s so intutive and easy to use.

You don’t even need to install an app. Simply connect to your Flame Boss with any device that’s got a web browser and go enjoy the socialising at your next party!

Smaller KJ Accessories

Ideal as gifts or to make grilling and smoking on your Kamado Joe that much easier, this section includes the smaller accessories we recommend using with the Kamado Joe.


If you don’t want to go as far as the temperature control of the Flame Boss 500 mentioned above, the MEATER Plus is cheaper and gives you that essential feedback on when your meat is cooked to perfection.

The MEATER Plus is essentially a completely wireless meat probe. Insert it into any piece of meat and it’ll give you two readings, one for the ambient temperature through the end and another for the inside of the meat.

It connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. So, it doesn’t have a huge range. But, can be extended with another WiFi device if needed.

You get graphs, guides, an estimated remaining cook time, notifications and it saves a full history so you can learn from what is and isn’t working for you.

The MEATER Plus is the original and one of the few absolutely wirefree meat thermometer options and it’s so much easier to use than having to sit cords through the Divide and Conquer and gasket.

It’s equally as good on any other barbecue or in the kitchen too.


Unless you haven’t got your Kamado Joe yet, you’ll know that you can’t use lighter fluid in them. And, if you’re like us and aren’t really a fan of chemical-laden firelighters either, this tool is your solution.

The Looftlighter is completely clean. There’s nothing toxic and no Co2 emissions. It simply uses electricity to super heat air up to 1100°F to get your charcoal glowing in 60 seconds. We get a few points of lump charcoal burning well within about 3-4 minutes total.

There’s no gas, no flame, nothing so it’s a safer way to get your KJ going. The only downside to the Looftlighter is that it is electrical so you’ll need a plug or extension cord within reach.

If you don’t have access to power, we’d at least recommend using Grill Trade Firestarters. They’re 100% natural, made from pine shavings and food-grade wax so you’re again minimizing anything toxic from soaking into the ceramic sides of you kamado.

Kamado Joe Charcoal Basket

Another of the best Kamado Joe accessories that comes with the the Series III but is worth buying for the I and II is a charcoal basket.

Basically it’s got a few benefits…

Firstly, the basket creates some gaps around the base and side of the charcoal, improving airflow so your coals can get up to temperature faster and maintain a steadier temperature as well.

Secondly, as your charcoal is burning, the basket lets the ash fall through the grate, keeping the fire clear and making it easier to clean and separate any unsued charcoal for the next cook.

And thirdly, the KJ charcoal basket also comes with a thick divider allowing you to use the Divide and Conquer even better by creating two distinct cooking zones with different amounts of charcoal (or none at all one side).

Made of quality 304 stainless steel, it’s durable enough to handle the high heat you’ll be subjecting it to and a nice add-on that improves the ease of use of the kamado.

Kamado Joe Half Moons

The Kamado Joe comes with standard half grates for the Divide and Conquer cooking system. But, to really make the most of this split system, you’ll want to create a bit of a collection of different KJ half moon cooking surfaces.

You can get a reversible cast iron griddle to create a flat or ridged surface with improved heat retention for grilling anything from steaks to finely chopped vegetables. Or, the perforated stainless steel surface for fish and vegetables.

There’s the regular cast iron grate for the perfect sear. And, our favorite, the soapstone. This Canadian non-porous surface is ideal for grilling more tender meats, fish and vegetables that you really don’t want to stick to the surface.

Because it’s a solid stone, you won’t get flare-ups that would burn these more delicate foods. But, the soapstone also distributes heat really evenly for a tender, well-cooked meal.

Pick and choose the surfaces you need based on what you like to cook. Then, set them side by side or at different levels to create a totally custom cooking experience specially designed for your needs.

Kamado Joe Rib Rack

Even with the Divide and Conquer, you just can’t fit that many racks of ribs on the KJ. But, they’re so darn good and always a hit when you’re entertaining. So, a rib rack solves this problem.

The Kamado Joe stainless steel rib rack fits 4 or 5 racks standing up in the Classic or Big Joe.

It’s durable and dishwasher safe, the perfect add-on for any rib lover.

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