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Best Home Smoker Reviews: We want all 7!

by Burning Brisket
Best Home Smoker

Dreaming of smoking your own meat in your backyard? These days, there’s an incredible range of smokers for home use. So, if you want to bring the latest episode of BBQ Pitmasters to your own yard, it’s really as easy as choosing your weapon, grabbing some fresh ribs and enjoying a cold one while you wait. But, before you wander the aisles of your local Home Hardware getting all confused about what each ‘cue does and which one is best for you, check out our compilation below. Here we’ll help you find the best home smoker for your space, cooking requirements, preferred style and budget. And, when you’ve found the one, simply click buy now and Amazon can have it shipped right to your door for you. Easy peasy, so you can get on with dreaming about what you’re going to cook!

Best Traditional Home Smoker:

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reverse Flow Offset Smoker

If you want to smoke meat in your own backyard and you want to learn how to do it right then you can’t go past the holy grail of smokers, an offset. It’s one of the most authentic ways to smoke meat, and, although it’s not the easiest, a bit of practice will see you turning out mouthwatering meals with smoke rings and crispy bark that belong at a top barbecue joint.

When it comes to our top pick of the best offset smoker for home use, the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse from Char Broil is it!

Made from quality painted steel that’s thick enough to hold heat even in cooler climates, the Highland Reverse is everything you need to smoke at home and it’s got a good price stamped on it. This baby is big enough to do a whole brisket plus a pork butt, but isn’t so big that you’re paying to heat extra space. With a baffle plate and two chimney position options, set it up in the reverse flow configuration for improved heat and smoke dispersion, making it easier to get consistently good results time and time again.

If you want to grill, simply throw some burgers over the firebox grate. Or, swap out the grates in the main cooking chamber for an extra large grill-off area. With cool-touch handles, a solid cart, a side-rack and built-in thermometer, the Highland Reverse Offset Smoker will take you from your beginner days to advanced and it totally looks the part.

Stats for the Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reverse Offset Smoker

Fuel type: Charcoal or wood

Barbecue material: Painted steel

Grate material: Porcelain-coated wire

Cooking capacity: 619 sq. in. primary, 281 sq. in. secondary

Model: 17202052

Assembled size (in): 53(H) x 57(W) x 33.5(D)

Weight: 180lbs

Warranty: 2 years

Pros of the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Offset Charcoal Smoker:

  • Reverse flow design creates even heat and smoke distribution making it simple to cook all your food thoroughly
  • Can also be configured as a traditional offset smoker
  • Cooking capacity is great for home use and has a bonus grilling area in the firebox
  • Comes with extra grates that can be used to convert the main cooking chamber into a charcoal grill
  • Made from reasonably thick steel that doesn’t warp even under high heats
  • Sturdy cart makes it easy to move around
  • Integrated storage racks
  • Comes with one temperature gauge but also has an additional bung if you want to install another for even greater monitoring

Cons of the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Offset Charcoal Smoker:

  • Leaks a bit of smoke around the doors. We haven’t found this to be a problem but you could always install a Lavalock gasket if you wanted a super tight fit
  • The paint will peel if you run the smoker too hot. But, it’s easily fixed by sanding back and respraying with high-heat barbecue paint

For more reviews of this type of smoker, read our full article on the best offset smokers.

Best Set and Forget Home Smoker:

Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill

For home smoked meat that’s almost easier than driving to your local BBQ restaurant, nothing compares to the Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill.

This ‘cue is designed to do it’s own thing without you having to add more fuel, make sure there’s enough wood chips and adjust the dampers throughout the cook. Instead, Traegers Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic takes 60 temperature readings per second and adjusts the settings for you so that the unit stays within 15 degrees of your target temperature. And, with a 18 pound pellet hopper, simply fill it up, turn it on, load the meat and enjoy a cold one. It’s so simple that you’ll be putting your hand up to cook instead of the Mrs.

In terms of build, the Traeger Pro 34 is made from powder-coated stainless steel to resist rust. There’s a generous 884 square inches to cook on which is enough to invite your mates around or make enough leftovers for the week. An all-terrain, wheeled cart makes it easy to move this baby around. And, it’s super easy to clean. Pellets don’t create as much ash as charcoal so sweep it out, wipe the porcelain cooking racks and clean the removable drip tray.

The Traeger Pro makes smoking at home easy and simple. Who wouldn’t want a taste of that?!?

Stats for the Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill

Barbecue material: Powder-coated stainless steel

Grate material: Porcelain

Cooking capacity: 884 square inches

Pellet hopper capacity: 18 lbs

Temperature range: 160°F – 475°F

Fuel type: Wood pellets

Model: TFB88PZB

Dimensions: 53″ W x 49″ H x 27″ D

Weight: 136lbs

Warranty: 3 years

Pros of the Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill:

  • Makes incredible food!
  • So easy to use
  • Well-built smoker from the industry leader in pellet grills
  • Cooking capacity is large enough to cater for home entertaining
  • Automated temperature control keeps an even cooking environment, even in cooler weather
  • Comes with two meat probes to ensure meat is safely cooked but not overdone
  • You can change the wood pellets at any time by using the Hopper Clean Out feature
  • Easy to clean
  • Decent warranty
  • Excellent customer service
  • Use it with Traegers Apple and Android app to access their impressive range of recipes

Cons of the Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill:

  • Not suitable for high-temperature grilling as this smoker maxes out at about 425 degrees

For more reviews of this type of smoker, read our full article on the best pellet smokers.

Best Smoke and Grill Home Smoker:

Kamado Joe Classic II

There’s a lot of things that make the Kamado Joe an incredible barbecue. But, when it comes to one unit that can do it all, the Classic II is our top pick. Retailing for a very reasonable price, the Kamado Joe Classic II comes with everything you need to smoke, grill, braise, sear and even bake mouthwatering meals in your own backyard. So, smoked pork butt? Wood-fired pizza? Reverse seared tri-tip? Grilled burgers? Pumpkin pie? Why, yes, sir!

Before you go asking why isn’t the Big Green Egg rated as our best kamado home smoker, check out the innovative features that Kamado Joe offers for a fraction of the price!

Firstly, there’s the fiberglass gasket that’s guaranteed to keep your smoker sealed for 10 years longer than any other kamado on the market. Then, there’s the Kontrol Tower which is a rust-proof, aluminum vent that keeps the weather out while making it easy to take precise control of your temperature. The Air Lift Hinge means being able to lift the heavy ceramic lid with your pinky. The Divide and Conquer cooking system gives you the flexibility to cook in a whole heap of different configurations. And, the unique six-piece firebox won’t just crack if you accidentally run the unit too hot.

It’s the result of many, many years of barbecuing and is undoubtedly one of the best smokers on the market today. For all the deets, read our full review of the Kamado Joe Classic II or, to shop, click the Amazon link below.

Stats for the Kamado Joe Classic II

Fuel type: Charcoal

Barbecue material: Glazed ceramic

Grate material: 304 stainless steel

Cooking capacity: 256 sq. in. in basic setup, 407 sq. in. with grill expander, 508 sq. in. with 2 sets of grates or 660 sq. in. with 2 sets of grates and expander

Heat Range: 225°F-750°F

Model: Classic II

Assembled size (in): 46.5″ W x 48″ H x 28″ D

Weight: 188lbs

Warranty: Lifetime on ceramics, 5 years on metal parts, 3 years on heat deflector and pizza stone, 1 year on thermometer and gasket

Pros of the Kamado Joe Classic II:

  • Does everything barbecue including smoking, searing, grilling and baking
  • Cool-touch, thick ceramic shell offers excellent heat retention that’s ideal for cooking in cooler climates
  • Stainless steel cooking racks are rust-resistance and long-lasting
  • Fiberglass gasket with stainless steel latch is incredibly effective at sealing the heat and smoke into this kamado
  • Air Lift Hinge makes it effortless and safe to lift the heavy lid
  • Kontrol Tower enables precise control of the temperature while keeping the weather out
  • Divide and Conquer cooking system allows you to create a cooking space that’s perfect for all the parts of your meal
  • Six-piece firebox lasts longer as it won’t crack under high heat
  • Easy to clean, slide out ash draw
  • Excellent warranty
  • Excellent price

Cons of the Kamado Joe Classic II:

  • Not a large capacity smoker. But, it’s still big enough to cook for a large family and quick to turn out pizzas one by one

For more reviews of this type of smoker, read our full article on the best kamado grills.

Best Built-In Home Smoker:

Louisiana Grills Estate Series Built-In Pellet Grill

The Louisiana Grills Built-In Estate Pellet Grill won’t just look the part in your backyard, it’ll be the life of the party. With plenty of power and a large cooking capacity, this barbecue can smoke, roast and grill, powered by all-natural wood pellets.

Simply load up the huge pellet hopper, press the one-touch auto start button and prep your meat while this ‘cue does the rest for you. Great quality, great smoke levels, a simple design and a generous 860 square inches of cooking space make the Estate a total pleasure to cook on. From low and slow temperatures to high-heat searing, the Estate offers the versatility you want from a smoker that you’re going to build into your outdoor kitchen.

In terms of installation, the Louisiana Grills Built-In Pellet Smoker has neat front vents so you can put this baby where you want to rather than where it needs to go. There’s also one drawer in the front to keep basic utensils, or, a whole host of storage in the Estate Cart Model.

Included in the package price is also a meat probe. Louisiana Grills make one of the best meat probes on the market and this one is dead on accurate. Set your cooking temperature and your target internal meat temperature and this smoker will automatically adjust down to 180 degrees to keep your meal warm and stop it from over-cooking.

Neat, simple and effective, the Louisiana Grills Estate Pellet Smoker is an awesome option for a one-stop barbecue to be the feature of your backyard.

Stats for the Louisiana Grills Estate Built-In Pellet Grill and Smoker

Barbecue material: Stainless steel

Grate material: Cast iron

Cooking capacity: 860 square inches

Pellet hopper capacity: 28lbs

Heat Range: 180-600°F

Fuel type: Wood pellet

Model: Estate 860BI

Assembled size (in): 33.2(H) x 45.6(W) x 22.6(D)

Weight: 168lbs

Warranty: 5 years on steel, 3 years on electronics

Pros of the Louisiana Grills 860BI Estate Built-In Pellet Grill:

  • 100% stainless steel body won’t rust or leave you with flaked paint
  • Cast-iron cooking grates are long lasting and leave sexy sear marks
  • Large pellet hopper featured to the side of the cooking chamber creates a neat, streamlined look
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Comes with a meat probe for very accurate internal temperature monitoring for perfectly cooked meals
  • Automatically lowers temperature once meat is cooked (when using the included meat probe)
  • Conveniently situated front vents so you can install it anywhere
  • Highly versatile, does it all barbecue that will smoke low and slow or sear at high temperatures
  • Good warranty
  • One-touch start up

Cons of the Louisiana Grills 860BI Estate Built-In Pellet Grill:

  • The design of the pellet hopper means that when it’s levels get low, it doesn’t feed in very effectively so you need to keep it from getting too low

For more reviews of this type of smoker, read our full article on the best built-in smokers for outdoor kitchens.

Best Compact Home Smoker:

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

Looking for a smoker but don’t have a large space to house it? If so, the Weber Smokey Mountain might just be the best home smoker for you.

Designed to look similar to Weber’s iconic kettle grills, this vertical smoking tower gives you an impressive 726 square inches of cooking space but only takes up a fraction of this room on the ground.

And, as you’d expect from Weber, the household name of barbecues, every bit of this charcoal smoker has been carefully constructed with one purpose in mind, mouthwateringly good results. With a durable porcelain-enameled exterior, quality dampers, a built-in temperature gauge and removable fuel door for easy access, achieving competition-grade smoked meats at home is definitely doable.

The Smokey Mountain is also compatible with the iGrill 2 meat thermometers that are sold separately and are a worthwhile addition. These nifty things let you monitor the internal temperature of your meat on your phone without having to open the meat, letting precious heat and smoke out.

Available in three different sizes to suit your backyard, the Weber Smokey Mountain is a top choice for any home smoker.

Stats for the Weber Smokey Mountain Charcoal Cooker 22"

Fuel type: Charocal

Barbecue material: Porcelain-enameled steel

Grate material: Plated steel

Cooking capacity: 726 sq. in.

Model: 731001

Dimensions: 48.5(H) x 23(W) x 24(D)

Weight: 68lbs

Warranty: 10 years on bowl and lid, 5 years on plastics and cleaning system, 2 years on remaining parts

Pros of the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker:

  • Space saving vertical design is ideal for anyone who still wants a large cooking capacity but doesn’t have a big yard
  • Capable of creating competition-worthy meats
  • Quality construction from household name
  • Removable fuel door makes it easy to add charcoal while cooking without having to move the goods
  • Dual dampers result in excellent temperature control
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Compatible with iGrill 2 for accurate meat temperature monitoring
  • Great warranty

Cons of the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker:

  • Unlike other Weber’s, there’s no hook to hang the lid on the side so you do need to find somewhere to put it while you take meat on or off
  • Expect some smoke to leak around the door. But, in our opinion, it’s not significant enough to affect your results

For more reviews of this type of smoker, read our full article on the best small smokers.

Best Home Smoker for Apartments:

Bradley Digital Electric Smoker

Electric smoking is the way to go if you live in an apartment or condo where the neighbors won’t appreciate smoke billowing through their outdoor areas. Okay, maybe billowing is a bit of an exaggeration, but still, electric smokers are the way to go (and often the only permitted option) for high-density urban living.

And, the Bradley Digital Electric Smoker is our top pick as the best smoker for home use in apartments. Why? This mid-priced electric cabinet smoker not only makes your cook easy by automatically keeping the temperature stable. But, it’s also got a neat automatic feeding system that pushes wood bisquettes into the smoker when needed so that if you’ve got 99 problems, smoking ain’t one.

It’s perfect for anyone who’d rather be focused on entertaining or watching the game and can even be controlled via the Bradley smartphone app. When the food’s done, there’s even an automatic-off feature to make overcooking your meat a thing of the past. Just set the app to alert your phone and you’ll know exactly when it’s time to eat.

Made from stainless steel with commercial grade silicone, the Bradley Digital Smoker does a great job of holding the heat at smoke well. There’s also two heating elements, as opposed to the usual one, so that one looks after the cooking temperature while the other solely regulates the smoke for the ultimate control.

Stats for the Bradley Digital Electric 4-Rack Smoker

Barbecue material: Stainless steel

Grate material: Coated wire

Cooking capacity: 520 sq. in.

Fuel type: Digital electric

Wattage: 500 watt cooking element + 125 watt smoking element

Temperature range: Up to 320F

Model: BTDS76P

Assembled size (in): 24(W) x 14(D) x 39(H)

Weight: 57.5lbs

Warranty: 1 year

Pros of the Bradley Digital Electric Smoker:

  • Ideal for home use where having a smoky smoker isn’t permitted or favored
  • Set and forget smoker with automated smoke and temperature control
  • Can be controlled via the app for hands-free smoking
  • Auto-off feature for safety and to prevent overcooked meat
  • Quality build holds the heat and smoke well for efficient electricity and fuel consumption
  • Features two heating elements; one to control the cooking temperature and the other to control the release of smoke for perfect results
  • Easy clean-up with the removable ash catcher
  • Bradley real wood bisquettes are available in more than 16 flavors so you’ll be spoilt for choice

Cons of the Bradley Digital Electric Smoker:

  • Doesn’t work as well at higher temperatures – it’s a true smoker
  • You’ll need to keep buying the Bradley bisquettes to run this smoker as it’s designed to be used. But, they are pretty darn good!

For more reviews of this type of smoker, read our full article on the best electric smokers.

Best Portable Home Smoker:

Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill and Smoker

If you’re looking for a smoker you can use at home but also pack into the car or truck to go tailgating, camping or to the beach, the Traeger Tailgater is a must-see. Solid, high-quality and compact, simply fold down the legs and throw in Traeger’s power inverter and you’re good to go.

Featuring Traeger’s popular Arc Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic, this unit gives you hands-off smoking that’s 100% wood fired for unbeatable taste.

Inside you’ve got 300 square inches of cooking space. And, there’s a meat probe included so you’ll know exactly when your meat’s cooked to perfection.

In terms of grilling, the Traeger Tailgater maxes out at about 400°F which, in our opinion, isn’t really hot enough for high-heat searing. But, in terms of being able to quickly cook up some burgers or sausages, it definitely does the trick.

Stats for the Traeger Tailgater Pellet Smoker

Barbecue material: Stainless steel

Grate material: Porcelain-coated steel

Cooking capacity: 300 sq in

Pellet hopper capacity: 8lbs

Heat range: 160°F – 400°F

Fuel type: Wood pellets


Assembled size (in): 36(H) x 37(W) x 18(D)

Weight: 62lbs

Warranty: 3 years

Pros of the Traeger Tailgater Pellet Smoker:

  • High-quality stainless steel build
  • Gives excellent hands-off temperature control
  • Decent capacity for a portable smoker
  • Offers the versatility to smoke, grill, bake or braise
  • EZ folding legs make it quick to pack into the car
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 year warranty

Cons of the Traeger Tailgater Pellet Smoker:

  • You’ll need access to power or to take an inverter to plug into your car
  • The pellet hopper is reasonably small so you’ll need to top up on long cooks

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