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BBQ Gift Ideas 2023 – 25 Ideas That Aren’t Gloves!

BBQ Gift Ideas

So, your bbq grilling, smoking enthusiast already has the heat resistant gloves, the meat claws, a thermometer, some fancy dancy spatula, and, multiple rib racks. Is there really anything left they need, want or could even use on the bbq?


In this list you’ll find 25 of the more unusual bbq gift ideas that’ll actually surprise the ‘I’ve got everything’ barbecue guy or gal in your life.

We’ve tried to cover a range of price points to fit your budget. Our stocking stuffer list gives you dedicated under $25 bbq gifts though.

The items on this list aren’t your standard essential accessories. Yes, they’re still useful. In fact, there’s a lot of new technology here that the pitmaster in your life might not have even heard of.

So, whether you’re looking for something you can wrap, a gift they can eat, or a subscription to last the year, you’re sure to find something they’ll love here.

Happy shopping!

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Table of Contents

Unique BBQ Tools

For the person who likes having something to open on Christmas day.


If you like good tasting barbecue then chemical-laden lighter fluid is not the place to start!

Enter, the Looftlighter!

This nifty tool uses super-heated air to ignite charcoal or kindling in just 60 seconds. There’s no mess and no nasty lighter fluid.

It’s a serious game-changer.

And, because it hasn’t been around for long, the pitmaster in your life probably doesn’t have one.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

Suitable for – anyone with a charcoal or wood-fired barbecue.


The MEATER isn’t any ordinary thermometer.

One, there’s absolutely no wires so you can use it anywhere without any annoying, messy cables. And, two, it’s a smart device that tracks both the internal meat temperature and ambient temperature, giving you precise feedback throughout your cook. More information means it’s much easier to nail that perfect brisket. And, do it just the same next week.

If you’re completely new to barbecue, there’s even guided programs that wall you through what to do based on what type of meat you’re cooking.

It’s dishwasher safe. And, unlike newer alternatives on the market, has a tried and well-refined app.

Available as the MEATER Plus single probe, or the MEATER Block with an extended range and 4 probes, it’s a handy addition to any pitmasters kit.

Cuisinart Propane Tank Gauge

Running out of propane mid-cook is a definite killjoy. But, this handy Propane Tank Gauge from Cuisinart can save you from eating half-done sausages or having to run to the store part way through the party.

Cheap, small and lightweight, it’s a good one to throw in a stocking, or do for Secret Santa.

It works on any 20 pound propane tank and doesn’t require any batteries.

Simply hook it on, lift it up and get an accurate measure of when it’s time to fill up.

Butchers Paper

If your significant other is still wrapping in foil, a roll of butchers paper might not seem like the most exciting gift. But, when they taste the improvement in their cooks after using it, they’re sure to be delighted!

This technique was made popular by Aaron Franklin who discovered that food-grade butchers paper lets the moisture out to prevent bark-ruining steaming while keeping the temperature more steady for a better cook.

We love this one by BBQ Butler because not only does it look great, it’s durable and is available in 2 different widths to suit what you’re cooking.

Hardcore Carnivore Pitmaster Logbook

I’m ALWAYS scribbling down rub recipes, cook times and temperatures in my quest to master everything I barbecue.

And, because I just use random bits of paper that I then lose, the Hardcore Carnivore Pitmaster Notebook is on my wish-list this year.

With 50 blank templates and space for all the right things you should be noting down, the stone paper is tear resistant, blood, grease, and sweat-proof. Plus, the faux leather hardcover makes this logbook look a little more hardcore than my wife’s diary.

A-MAZE-N Pellet Tube Smoker

Know someone who wants a smoker but don’t have the budget for it?

Well, the A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker Tube is the easiest and cheapest way to convert a gas grill to a smoker. Simply fill it with all-natural wood pellets, light at one end, set it down on the lower grate and close the lid.

They’re also ideal for cold smoking, or, are great to pop in any type of smoker to boost the overall smoke levels and create more flavor.

The A-MAZE-N Pellet Tube is expanding so it can smoke for between 4 and 6 hours. And, because it’s oval shaped, it won’t roll around inside your grill.

Kitchen Accessories

Good barbecue starts in the kitchen after all…

Victorinox Fibrox Pro 12" Slicing Knife with Granton Blade

The last thing you want is for your meat to mush apart after carefully smoking it for hours on end.

And, this Victorinox Professional Quality 12 inch Slicing Knife with Granton Blade is the perfect tool for getting those precise cuts in even the softest of cooked meats.

Victorinox has been a leading knife manufacturer since the 1800’s and once you’ve used one, you’ll never go back!

The straight blade gives a neat cut without tearing the meat apart while the grooves prevent the meat from sticking to the metal. It’s 12 inch length is actually long enough to slice through a whole brisket effortlessly. But, the Victorinox Fibrox Slicing Knife is equally as good to use on firmer meats including roasts and ribs. You can even use it to slice watermelon.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6" Boning Knife

Another knife that, in my opinion, should be in every bbq enthusiasts kitchen is a quality boning knife.

These shorter, finer 6″ knives are ideal for trimming and prepping meat or fish before barbecuing.

This one, the Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6″ Boning Knife, is one of the best around. Made from high carbon stainless steel, it’ll last years and years. And, for it’s quality, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Gift it by itself, or paired with the Granton Blade above.

Greener Chef XXXL Bamboo Cutting Board

For anyone who cooks large cuts of meat like brisket, ribs, or pork butt, a high-quality butchers block makes light work of trimming, prepping and cutting.

We love the Greener Chef XXXL Bamboo Cutting Board.

Beware, this thing isn’t your standard cutting board. It’s huge!

Perfect for barbecue with drip grooves and handles, it’s durable, won’t dull knives and even looks great for serving up straight on the table.

ALTRA Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

Ideal for the health-conscious cook who wants to avoid the additives and know exactly what’s in their sausages and burger patties. Or, the avid hunter looking for an easy way to process their catch.

The ALTRA Electric Meat Grinder is powerful, made of quality stainless steel, and, isn’t as expensive as you’d think.

It comes with 3 differently sized cutting plates for fine, medium and course grinding. Plus, a sausage stuffer and kubbe kit. It’s also ideal for mincing vegetables like carrots, garlic and peppers as well.

Potane Precision Vacuum Sealer Machine

When you barbecue, there’s almost always leftovers. It’s one of the best things about it, as long as you can keep it fresh or keep freezer burn away.

And, vacuum sealing leftovers that can then be thrown in the freezer is the best way to do just that.

Which to get? We like the Potane Precision Vacuum Sealer Machine.

It’s professional quality with high suction power, there’s built-in bag storage, and, it’s 5 year warranty is one of the longest on the market.

It’s also suitable for sous vide so your bbq-loving giftee can give that a go too.

BBQ Meat Boxes

There’s some unique BBQ gift ideas on this list. But, if the person you’re shopping for really has it all or is very particular with what they want (we get it!), there’s always meat.

Here’s some of the really good quality stuff…

But, for a deeper dive, check out our top selection of meat subscription boxes for smoking and our best mail order steaks.

Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef

If the person you’re shopping for has pretty much every gadget, there’s no way you can go wrong with a slab of meat they can cook up.

And, anyone who’s into meat will appreciate the Michelin Starred quality of Snake River Farms Wagyu beef. Here, you can get pretty much any cut from steaks and roasts to burgers, dogs and whole briskets.

Snake River Farms is a family-owned business that aims to produce the highest quality meats in the whole of the United States. Impeccable detail is paid to every part of their sustainable farming and the result is meat that exceeds the USDA Prime standards.

Pick your own cuts to be delivered fresh, choose from their popular gift packs, or really get in their good books with a Snake River Farms subscription box.

Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be quite a treat!

Porter Road Fresh Meat

If you like the idea of gifting meat for smoking or grilling, Porter Road is another incredible option.

You can get practically any cut of meat here. Sourced from farms in Kentucky, Tennessee and Pennsylvania, dry-aged and hand-cut at the Porter Road facility, all their meat is pasture-raised with no hormones and no antibiotics.

After all, you can’t make great barbecue if you start with average meat.

Available in single cuts you can mix and match, curated boxes and subscriptions, there’s a Porter Road option to suit any and every budget.

Rubs and Sauces

A little something sweet or spicy as a gift in itself or to bulk out a bigger surprise.

Hardcore Carnivore

If you haven’t tired Hardcore Carnivore before I’ll let you in on a little secret… I literally put one of these babies in every barbecue lovers gift I make up, even if they’ve had it before. That’s just how good these premium rubs are.

There’s a flavor for everyone here from the not too sweet, not too spicy, I simply can’t get enough of Red, to the bold, medium spiced flavor of Tex Mex, and the dramatic look of the activated charcoal Black beef seasoning.

All Hardcore Carnivore rubs are made in Texas and don’t contain any MSG or gluten. They’re keto-friendly, and they’re good not just for bbq, you can literally throw them on anything. One jar goes a long way too.


Another rub brand we just can’t get enough of is the chef-blended Spiceology.

With over 400 combinations of handpicked raw ingredients, ground in small batches and shipped direct to your door, you can see their appreciation for freshness, quality and creativity and we are here for it!

There’s so many options, where to start?

Check out their Ultimate Rub Collection, Derek Wolf Beer Rub Sampler, or, the lower priced 6-Pack Mini Barbecue Seasoning Set.

There’s seriously something that’s going to appeal to every taste bud.

Grill Masters Club

For a little bit of everything that’s already proven itself good, head to the Grill Masters Club.

Here you can buy one-off or subscription boxes that include one bbq sauce, bbq rub, wood chips and recipe alongside a Chef’s Select surprise item.

They mix up what’s in the boxes nicely so you get to try a whole range of flavors from different regions boasting different types of barbecue. And, most are award-winning.

It’s a great way buy for someone when you’re not quite sure what their taste in bbq is like. And, it’s sure to spark their cooking creativity, letting them try a whole heap of new products without them having to do the research and go out and grab them all individually.

And, if you or your recipient does like what’s in the box, they usually offer a discount to buy more of your favorite brands making it a win-win.


Give the gift of great barbecue memories with these experience-centered gift ideas.

Southside Market Smoked Meats

Thinking you like the meat idea but want to give your special someone a break from cooking? You can do that too…

Southside Market, one of the most historic barbecue restaurants in the country let you send the taste of Texas anywhere in the United States.

Start with their famed Sausage Slammers, add a smoked brisket and a side of ribs. Or, grab a gift set for even better value.

All of their cooked meats are shipped frozen on dry ice. They’ll keep for about 6 months in the freezer and taste like you’re sitting in one of their Texas joints by simply following their detailed reheating instructions that vary depending on the cut of meat.

Southside Market also sell their seasoning and sauces that are perfect for the person who wants to recreate restaurant quality bbq right at home.

BBQ Delivered From Gold Belly

Can’t actually fly your someone special to Franklin BBQ, Joe’s KC or Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q for a night they won’t forget?

Well you can fly the barbecue to them with Gold Belly.

Choose from a huge number of dream bbq joints and get their most popular meats sent direct to US doors as these top-rated barbecue restaurants package up the goods and send it chilled and ready to enjoy.

Most packages come with free shipping and everything you need to serve it as it comes.

And, if you can’t choose, there’s Gold Belly gift cards so your giftee can choose the time and the place. Just make sure you’re invited!

Carnivore Club Subscription

For something that compliments their love of barbecue and everything meat without stepping on their pitmaster toes, there’s Carnivore Club.

Well priced for gifts, at Carnivore Club you can get one-off or regular subscription boxes filled with quality artesian meats you simply won’t find at the grocery store.

Every box is unique. In the past they’ve been filled with things like French Charcuterie, South African Biltong and Italian Salami. It’s friggin’ delicious and quite a treat to open!

Ideal for meat-loving snackers or for entertaining, check out the options below.

Barbecue Books

Recipes and references to learn more about the art and hone barbecuing skills, these books are all staples in any barbecue-enthusiasts collection.

These are our top 3 picks. But, for more variety read our full review of the best smoker cookbooks here.

Franklin Barbecue

This New York Times bestseller is my all-time personal favorite smoking book pick.

Written by Aaron Franklin, the man himself who started this top 10 barbecue restaurant by the same name, Franklin Barbecue isn’t so much about the recipes themselves and is more focused on the teachings behind what he does.

Aaron terms his barbecue practice as ‘loosey goosey’ and doesn’t just preach that there’s one magic formula to producing the most mouthwatering meats.

Instead, he guides you along with the general knowledge and tips and tricks you need to be able to trust your intuition and master the variables that is barbecue.

Don’t worry, there are still recipes in here. But the whole first half of the book is more of a reference guide, and, is one that doesn’t tell you that you just need all the gadgets.

Ideal for anyone who wants to truly grow their understanding of food, fire , flavor and time, Franklin Barbecue is a read they won’t want to put down!

Smokin' with Myron Mixon

If you haven’t heard of Myron Mixon before, it’s without a doubt easy to see that this guy has the expertise needed to write one of the best barbecue books in town.

Before he wrote this, Myron had already won 3 world championships, over 180 grand championships, and, earned the title of ‘breakout star’ in the TV series, BBQ Pitmasters.

And, what’s inside Smokin’ with Myron Mixon might surprise you.

Like Aaron Franklin, Myron tasks a ‘keep it simple’ mantra that’s applied throughout the whole book. Instead of focusing on competition cooking or cooking large quantities (which he sure can do), Myron tells you how he does barbecue in his own backyard so you can take what he’s said and apply it straight away.

Regardless of what type of barbecue your book recipient is using, Myron will show them how to adapt his recipes to suit, without having to stress about exact quantities, precise temperatures and regimented cook-times.

Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling

For a read that covers grilling a bit more, we can’t go past Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling.

Written by the very well-respected Meathead Goldwyn (founder of, this cookbook is suitable for anyone from beginner to the more experienced pitmaster.

Meathead is meticulous in his teachings of the why, how, when and where of barbecue, again arming you with the knowledge you need to be able to produce great barbecue yourself, not just follow a recipe or two.

But, in Meathead, you’ll also find more than 100 recipes from basic to highly creative that can be worked on all types of grills and smokers.

Outdoor Entertaining

Extras that will add to the ambience and enjoyment of cooking and eating outdoors.

Ooni Pizza Oven

If you’ve got a pizza lover on your hands, Ooni has brought affordable, high-heat, restaurant-quality pizza cooking to the backyard. But, they’ve also one-upped it by making pizza night easy, fast and mess-free with their wood pellet or gas fired options.

No more splitting wood and stoking the fire. No more huge, purpose-built pizza ovens.

Ooni’s are small enough and light enough to be classified as portable while still being strong and sturdy enough if your person wants to make theirs a permanent backyard feature.

Starting with the Frya, this gravity-fed pellet-fired oven gets up to 950°F in just 15 minutes and then stone-cooks a single pizza in just 60 seconds.

But, there’s also the gas-powered Koda and the multi-fuel Karu if you prefer their styles.

Any way, an Ooni is the perfect gift to compliment a gas or charcoal grill, pellet smoker or electric set-up. And, if it’s a little out of your budget, could it be worth splitting it with the rest of the family?

JBL FLIP 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Ideal for parties, sitting alone by the smoker and everything in between, a portable Bluetooth speaker might not have been your first idea when you thought barbecue, but, it’s a darn good one!

The sound quality that can pump from the JBL FLIP 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is seriously impressive and surprisingly affordable.

It’s strong enough to handle some rough and tough and plays whatever you want for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Stream straight from your smartphone and don’t even blink an eye if it starts raining or one of the kids grabs it and runs off to the pool. With IPX7 waterproof rating, it’ll have some mood-boosting tunes playing even if the brisket isn’t going how you planned!

Check out the range of colors it’s available in on Amazon by clicking the link below.

YETI Tundra 45

A good-sized cooler from the leading brand, YETI, is a must-have for summer grill and smoke-outs. And, the Tundra 45 is a great balance between size and price.

In it you’ll fit 28 cans of beer and enough ice to keep it cold.

The insulation is top-notch 3 inch permafrost and the patented T-Rex lid latches make broken latches a thing of the past. They’re even certified bear-resistant, they’re that good.

And, because the Tundra 45 is virtually indestructible and not overly large, it’s also suitable for taking hunting, fishing and/or camping. It’s a gift that’s going to last a long time and gets to come on all the great adventures!